Kitchen and Dining Area with a Middle Eastern Twist

Middle eastern twistA Middle Eastern theme for your kitchen and dining area presents a plethora of opportunities to be imaginative and colourful, combining ideas that make the entire space a true work of art. Multiple influences in styles of architecture and interior décor comes into play, and your personal touch will make the entire theme as your own.

Here are some innovative ways to implement this kind of touch if you decide to remodel:

Geometric Patterns Create that Extra Touch

Geometric patterns are probably the most recognisable artistic trait of the Middle Eastern designs. You can incorporate this feature to your area rugs or tiles. This could also be a great choice for framed wall art to create that welcoming feel for your kitchen and dining area.

Splashes of Colour Make All the Difference

When it comes to colour, you’ll never run out of choices for your Middle Eastern theme. Like the ones you see in the draped doorways of busy outdoor markets or a belly dancer’s costume, colours bring the life to the entire design. Splashes of colours work best with exceptional Dubai lighting design. Complement these bright lights with colourful sheer curtains or tables and chairs.

Ornate Carved Metals Provide Room Accents

Gold and silver metal furnishings have the Middle Eastern vibe that is perfect for your kitchen design. This serves as a throwback to the earlier Arabian eras, while giving your kitchen a traditional twist. You can buy elaborately designed candleholders for your dining table’s centrepiece.

Floor Seating Add a Different Vibe

Why not build a pallet draped in pillows and soft carpets to make your dining area cosier? This is specifically great for social gatherings and dinner parties. Choose a low table and surround it with a ring of cushions. In addition, have a traditional hookah pipe in the centre for a genuine Middle Eastern experience.

Make your kitchen and dining area more stunning by incorporating elements of Middle Eastern art and innovative interior design ideas. When the remodelling is complete, invite your closest friends for a grand Arabian party.

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