It’s Time: Choose the Timepiece that Fits Your Style

watchesThe process of buying a watch may look simple, but it is actually overwhelming, especially if you are willing to spend a certain amount of money. With plenty of choices, you might buy the wrong one. Follow this easy guide on how to find the right watch for you.

1. Does it fit?

To find the right watch, the first thing you need to do is to look at the size of your wrist. Whether you’re buying an Apple Watch or an Emporio Armani Classic, look for watches with longer straps if you have a large wrist. Picking a smaller watch for a big wrist will look awkward—if the timepiece fits at all.

2. How much are you willing to spend?

One important factor in watch hunting is the amount of money you are willing to spend. If you think spending too much on a watch and reselling can give back the value of your money, think again. Spend what you can afford and buy them because you love and want to wear them.

3. Do you like the style?

In general, you can find watches that are flexible and can be used on any occasion. If you want a watch that will never go out of style then go for classic or minimalist designs. On the other hand, stylish watches are perfect for special and formal occasions.

4. What type of watch do you want?

There are three types of watches. Quartz watches, which are analogue, are the most accurate. For example, one of the items in NZ Watch Store, Armani Exchange Black SS watch, features the Japanese-quartz movement. Digital watches work with the help of a small battery.

Mechanical watches are much more complex than the quartz and digital types because they involve a lot of springs and gears. They are also the least accurate.

It should not be difficult to buy luxury watches if you know what to consider. Determine the fit, style and budget so you can make a better choice.

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