Interior Design Strategies That Make Your Small Granny Flat Look Bigger

living roomGranny flats are smaller than the regular home, but they do not need to feel cramped and claustrophobic. Even if it’s not as big as the full-sized home you’ve always dreamed of, you can always do something to make your tiny pad feel like a palace.

With these easy space-expanding tricks, you can modify your granny flat intelligently, maximise your square footage, and open up a vast range of possibilities for the space:

Pull the Furniture off the Wall

Pushing the furniture up against the wall makes everything look and feel cramped. Try angling your bed, or “float” the sofa with a thin console behind it. The breathing room around your furniture can make the space look more open.

Use Mirrors and other interior design experts agree that using mirrors is the quickest and easiest way to make your granny flat space look larger. Place them across a window, as this can reflect light and makes it look like a whole other space is behind it.

Use Multi-Functional Items

Don’t waste precious inches of space to accommodate something that does not contribute to the function of your granny flat. Invest in furniture that serves many functions instead, as this is a simple way to restructure and streamline your space. Try getting an ottoman with built-in storage or a vintage steamer trunk to tuck away all your books and other items.

Let There Be Light

The golden rule is to use the three point lighting technique. For example, get an overhead fixture and two table lamps. This will illuminate the entire space in your bedroom, for example. This is important because any space that’s in a shadow is space you do not have. You may also ditch the dark-inducing window treatments and leave your windows open to let in more light.

Hang Large Works of Art

Hang large and bold art pieces, instead of opting for a gallery wall. One interesting advice is to start on the floor and measure 69 inches up. The centre of the art should hang on that mark. Why does this work? 69 inches is the average height of most Australians. This opens up more space above the work, making the space appear taller.

Living in a modern granny flat means you need to be really organised, make compromises in your decorating plans, and adjust your lifestyle so you won’t feel cramped. Remember that it’s not the size that matters; it is how you make the most of it.

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