In Need of Container Transport? Here are 4 Things to Consider

Container TransportAre you moving out or simply needs temporary storage for your items?  What should you first consider before buying or hiring the container or storage provider that is best for you?, a provider of sea container transport services, shares a brief guideline below:

Size Always Matters

The size you need will depend on the items you wish to store.  Here’s a guide to help you determine the right container size:

Size Recommended for:
1.5 x 1.5 Good for small furniture and boxes or approximately 80 archive boxes for document storage
2 x 3 Best recommended to fit an average one bedroom apartment
3 x 3 Good for contents of an average two bedroom unit
4.5 x 3 Can accommodate the contents of an average 3-bedroom home, including refrigerator, washing machine, and small items
6 x 3 Can hold the contents of up to four bedroom home; recommended for secure storage of a car, utility or boat
8 x 3 Best fit for contents as large as four of five bedroom home or a car, utility or a combination of these

Is it safe to transport containers by sea?

Company service providers for sea transport are bound by the ‘Safe Transport of Containers by Sea: Guidelines on Industry Best Practices’ which was published by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the World Shipping Council (WSC).  The guidelines were based on the international regulations and best practice procedures established by the industry to ensure the safety of customers’ cargo.

A good service provider makes you confident that your cargo are handled with care. They are also placed in right-sized containers that fit your budget. If you’re using the services for storage, make sure to discuss how long you’ll have the items in their warehouse. It’s better if they offer you keys, so you can access the items any time.

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