How Much Enrichment Can Our Kids Take?

Enriching the kidsSome child psychologists say that enrichment classes can help a child gain confidence and do well in school. However, others state that it would be better for the kids to spend time with their families rather than in enrichment classes.

Which view is right? The fact is, both are, as the Heguru Education Centre explains below.

Moderation is the X-Factor

It would be so easy for parents to let their kids loose after school to spend their time as they want. These days, that usually means playing a computer game or watching TV. There is nothing wrong with that unless that is all they do.

Enrichment classes provide a chance for kids to explore other interests, and to help them find their focus. On the other hand, cramming in so many classes that the kid becomes too tired is not good as well.

The key word here is moderation. A little unstructured time every day and a few enrichment classes a week should be just about right.

The Right Perspective

It is important to remember that enrichment classes are for the kids, not the parents. The purpose of enrichment classes is to give a kid a boost. It is not a substitute for parenting.

Most parents nowadays are so busy with work and other things that they have little time to spend with their kids. Many try to make up for this lack of attention by sending their kids off to as many enrichment classes as they can without regard for the kid’s interest. On the other hand, parents may be choosing enrichment classes in hopes of pushing their child to overachieve.

Either of these motivations can make the kid feel stressed and unwanted. Parents should consult with their kids about what enrichment classes they want to join, and limit it to a few hours a week.

Enrichment classes can help Singapore parents help their children become more confident and accomplished. However, overdoing it can do more harm than good. The best way to go with enrichment classes is to find the middle ground.

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