Home Improvements and Building Extensions

home extensionsYou may feel the need for a major change in your Perth home, but you are not exactly ready to build a new one. A good alternative to a new is to plan building extensions.

A building extension is different from a regular reno because you are adding floor space to an existing structure. As such, you will need to consult with your local council for the permits you will need. Before you get to that, decide on what kind of extension works the best for you. In most cases, you will want the extension to blend naturally into the overall look of your home. Otherwise, it might look a little off.

Room Extension

The easiest extension you can do is to open up a wall and construct an extra room. It can be as a sunroom for your living area, an extension of your kitchen, or greenhouse for your indoor garden.


You can choose to make a separate building from the house and use it as a rec room or a granny flat, suggests Granny Flats WA. You can simply repurpose an unused garage or shed and expand it a little to make it more presentable. You can put in a game room, or even a spa.

Extra Bathroom

You might feel the need to add another bathroom to the existing ones just to keep the peace! With a growing family, bathroom time can become a major issue. You can add it to the back of your house, or convert a part or the whole of an existing room. Your major costs will be in putting in the plumbing.

Another Floor

You may also dare to add another story to your home, provided the foundation can take it, of course. It will be a major undertaking, but it is a good way to expand your living space without eating up your yard space. It is also ideal when you have very little open space to work with. An additional floor will certainly increase space as well as your home’s market value.

Whatever building extensions you decide on for your home, make sure that you take the time to seek out the best architects and builders you can afford. It will save you many headaches later on.

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