Giants-Redskins Game Ends In Confusion

Referee Jeff Triplette acknowledged that the down marker had not been moved correctly on the last possession of the Washington Redskins which lost 24-17 to the New York Giants on Sunday night. However, Triplette said that had he called for a halt in play to fix the mistake, ‘it would have given an unfair advantage’.

Washington Coach Unhappy

giantsWashington coach, Mike Shanahan was clearly unhappy about being told that a measurement was unnecessary despite him pointing out to the concerned authorities that it was close enough.

According to Shanahan, the confusion was Triplette’s creation who said that it was a first down, although the coach could see that it was fourth down. Triplette later told a pool reporter that they had signaled a third down on the field and said that the stakes had ‘got moved incorrectly’.

Shanahan and Redskins quarterback, Robert Griffin III felt that it was the confusion over the proper down that affected their play and had everything gone on fairly, the scoreboard might have read differently at the end of play.

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