Geek but Dashing: Fashion Inspired by the Big Bang Theory

Big Bang TheoryThe popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” is arguably one of the most-watched TV series today. Even in the UK, the ratings of this comedy show have been pretty impressive in its current six-season run. The series even broke ratings records with its immense popularity.

Beyond Sheldon’s quirks, another interesting aspect of The Big Bang Theory is the characters’ fashion tastes. What’s better is that you can make a statement with a style based on this humorous and influential show. Inspire your fashion sense with these styles from the lads of TBBT.

The Sheldon Look

Sheldon’s fashion style is quite simple. After all, he is a scientist who cares more about the way the universe functions. To recreate this style, simply wear your favourite graphic tee (your best choice would be a superhero-themed one) with a long-sleeved shirt underneath. Top it off with a plaid or striped cardigan and you’re good to go. You can also incorporate plaids on your trousers.

After that, all that’s left to do is say, “Bazinga!”

The Leonard Look

Leonard has a more low-key take on fashion than Sheldon, albeit with a few more layers than usual. Wear a simple graphic tee, jeans and sneakers. For extra comfort, suggests wearing a Crooks and Castles hoodie underneath Leonard’s trademark cargo jacket. The ensemble is almost always like this, so you can play around with the colours, especially with the pieces you have on.

The Howard Look

If you can pull off coloured trousers, Howard is the man of your style. The engineer-turned-astronaut has a clear-cut fashion sense: plaid shirts, flashy belt buckles and turtlenecks. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to look like Steve Jobs. Howard plays it cool, so let the bright trousers take the spotlight and add a dash of fun with a subtly striped top.

The Raj Look

The gang’s astrophysicist has one key fashion piece all the time: a sleeveless jumper. Pair this with psychedelic patterns and you can dress like Raj. Mix colours well, but avoid overloading different shades at once. Wear a collared shirt, add a good sleeveless jumper(plain if the shirt is printed and vice versa), and a jacket to pull it all together.

It’s easy to let the geeks inspire you in your clothing. Take note of these pointers and you’d surely pull off a style that’s both geeky and trendy at the same time.

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