Fibre Cement Cladding: Looks Like Wood But Even Better

Cement BoardSelecting the prefect cladding for your home is a difficult balancing act, which includes aesthetic appeal, affordability, durability and maintenance. With options such as brick, wood, vinyl or stone, you can get about two to three of these features, but with fibre cement cladding, you will get all you’re looking for.


Manufactured from high quality materials, fibre cement is proven to last for decades and highly resistant to impact. Once painted and correctly installed, becomes resistant to moisture, termites and other similar pests that can affect the structural integrity of your home.

These weatherboards will not show signs of dilapidation or corrosion for many years, making sure your home’s exterior will always look new. Fibre cement is also fire resistant and acts a barrier for UV rays, making it an ideal option for homes in regions susceptible to bushfires.

Aesthetic Appeal

The broad range of fibre cement products for cladding, which includes panels, shakes and boards, does a great job at making a home look like it’s cladded with wood, while doing away with all the drawbacks that wood cladding presents. It is available in a wide range of designs and colours to perfectly match many different home styles and can be purchased either primed or painted and primed.

Maintainability and Affordability

Fibre cement does not contract or expand much with environmental changes, making it an excellent base for paint you wish to utilise. Because the paint will adhere better, it will last considerably longer, so you won’t need to repaint your home in the years to come. This in turn will reduce your maintenance expenses significantly.

In addition, fibre cement is typically backed by 15 years to as much as 50 years of warranty against normal defects—yes, that’s how sturdy it is. Once you’ve chosen fibre cement cladding for your home, just make sure to have it installed properly by professionals because poor installation will negate the many features it offers.

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