Exploring Your Garden Personality

GardenGardeners are as diverse as the gardens they create. Some gardeners are hopeless romantics, some are great thinkers, some are artists, and some are extroverts who are at their best when outdoors. Which one are you, and what kind of garden do you want to create?

The following is a brief guide to help you figure out your gardening personality:

The Romantic

For those who see the world through rose-coloured lenses, gardening is a great delight. Romantics create the most beautiful gardens inspired by the seductions of love. A private entrance and a serpentine path evoke a sense of mystery to an unfolding story. Have an expert, like those from OakleighManor.com, build a dreamy landscape for your private garden.

The Philosopher

For the introspective and the quiet, a garden of solitude and reflection will be perfect. Philosophers and thinkers value clean space. Avoid overgrowing flowers and go for form and foliage instead. A sturdy bench under a shady tree will do a good job at inspiring contemplation. Ask an expert to build a small pond to serve as focal point, while mirroring the thoughts and reflections of the owner.

The Whimsical

For those who celebrate colour and eccentricity, a garden made to accommodate memorabilia and unusual treasures will be the perfect fit. A whimsical garden is one filled with bold items from thrift garage sales and household junk turned into eye-catching décor. Embrace childlike frivolity with a brightly painted swing set. Unique foliage plants will complete the vibe of the space.

The Artist

For the painter, the writer, the filmmaker, having a garden that represents their craft is crucial. An artist’s garden is well-designed and drawn to beauty. It catches beautiful light, filled with modest colours that go together, and celebrates textures. Imitate the colours of Monet with redbuds and irises, and a little pond that reflects the light, colours and textures of the scene.

The Extrovert

For the entertainer and the social, a garden is a spot for gatherings and activities. Extroverts create the widest gardens, always after a space that accommodates everybody. Its size is toned down with modest foliage and simple pathways. The open space is adorned with inviting seating schemes and colourful accents. Adding festive lights will complete the mood and make the scene picture perfect.

The most beautiful gardens are those that mirror the passion, philosophy and personality of those who make them. Find your inspiration and build a garden that reflects you.

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