Exciting Finish To Dolphins – Bengals Football Match

Few football games get decided in overtime and this particular one was one of those. Safety Cameron Wake basically stole the show with his spectacular sack of Andy Dalton of the Bengals. The score tied at 20-20, then changed to 22-20 for the Dolphins with six and a half minutes left.

excitingThe Dolphins ran away with the game and were leading 17-3 at one point before imploding, in a season that has been fraught with spectacular collapses. They managed to pull this one out of a hat and have reason to celebrate. The Bengals have lost a few players to injuries – Geno Atkins has to sit out the season thanks to a torn ACL.  The Dolphins, as a team decided to play better considering the stakes.  They have also lost a few players this season and have paid a price. Given all the see-sawing action and nail biting finishes, the Dolphins hope to have a better season.

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