Divorce Mediation: Will it Work for You?

Divorce mediationCouples who want to lessen the financial and emotional costs of a contested divorce usually resort to mediation. This option involves you and your spouse sitting down with a neutral third party called mediator to resolve divorce issues. The mediator, however, does not make the decision for both you, they only serve as facilitator and help you come up with an arrangement.

While mediation can work for almost all couples, it is important to think about the relationship you have with your spouse before pursuing the process. Firms like the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne note that the likelihood of a mediation being successful is only possible if the other party is collaborative.

Here is a quick look at what else can contribute to successful mediation:

Divorce is a Mutual Decision

Settlement in mediation is easier if the decision to end a marriage is mutual. If only one party initiates the divorce, however, it will difficult to get things moving. The decision of a hesitant spouse usually changes with time, so timing is important.

You Understand Financial Matters

While mediation can help you handle financial issues better, it is important that you fully understand the situation. The more comfortable you are talking about or handling financial matters, the fewer surprises you will encounter. Mediation may not be the best option if you know very little about joint finances.

You Want to Maintain Good Relationship

Compromising through mediation is beneficial if you want to stay in good terms with your spouse, either for the sake of your children or just because of your personal values. While this is not essential in mediation, it helps in process. It can also help both of you come up with a more reasonable arrangement and divorce settlement.

Your Spouse is a Responsible Parent

Mediation is an effective way for divorcing spouses to resolve co-parenting issues. Mediation can help you address differences in parenting styles, including the amount of time each parent should spend with the children.

Choose mediation if you feel that you and your spouse can work together in resolving divorce issues. Consider the things mentioned above and choose a mediator that you feel comfortable working with.

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