Divorce, Annulment and Legal Separation: the Degrees of Separation

Lawyers for Divorce in St George, UtahDivorce, annulment and legal separation, as how the most seasoned lawyers will tell you, are completely different things. While they all entail separation under the law, these are different as it creates different statuses for former couples.

Learn about their differences to properly educate yourself and help create an understanding during the litigation process.

On The Recognition Of The Marriage

One of the basic tenets of these processes is that they serve to sever the ties of marriage. However, after such severance, there are still different effects. One of the most notable differences in the effects is the recognition of the marriage.

In annulment, the marriage is deemed to be void ab initio. This means that the law denies that the marriage ever happened in the first place. On the other hand, both divorce and legal separation recognizes that the marriage existed and that it is only due to present problems that it could no longer subsist.

On The Status Of The Relationship

In annulment and in divorce, the relationship ceases to exist. This is because there is the act of “dissolution”. In severing of the ties, it becomes permanent and irreversible, explains lawyers in St George, Utah. On the other hand, legal separation still recognizes that the marriage subsists, but the couple no longer deems it possible to live in the same house.

On The Remarriage

In annulment and divorce, couples are free from the ties of marriage. They are no longer legally bound to one another and hence, can no longer be sued for bigamy. For this reason, this means that they can freely remarry and enter into another legal marriage with another person.

It is very important that you learn of the distinctions and relay your preference and most workable situation to seasoned lawyers in St. George, Utah. This way, you know that your rights shall be aptly protected.

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