Different Home Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Carpets have many advantages as a flooring material, but dust and spills can leave stains. The daily traffic can take its toll, which is why it requires regular cleaning and proper maintenance. Learn how to clean carpet with methods of deep cleaning, stain removal, and vacuuming.

carpet clean serviceVacuuming

You need to vacuum at least once a week and more often in areas of heavy traffic. Draper pet cleaning providers explain that regular vacuuming can help prevent build up of gritty particles that can cut fibers. Take some time to clean around baseboards and radiators in hard-to-reach areas. Wall-to-wall carpeting means having to divide the floor into quadrants and vacuuming an entire quadrant before going on the next.

Water extraction method

Most carpet cleaning system requires water extraction or steam cleaners. First, you need to use a solution into the carpet pile, and then pull the dirty solution back into the machine. Look for water hose that does not require a clean-water hook-up to make it easier. On the other hand, use a steam cleaner moderately. Control the pressure of the water to avoid shrinkage and discoloration.

Dry extraction method

Some people use the dry extraction method. To do this, you need to spread a dry absorbent compound over the carpet. Leave it for a few minutes and use vacuum to clean the remaining areas.

Treat stains immediately

Treat stains and spills as early as possible. Use a damp cloth or wet rug to wipe off the stains. Blot it dry with a clean cloth afterwards.

If you don’t have time to clean the carpets, or you want to make sure everything is in order, you can always hire a professional carpet cleaning service. These professionals have the right tools to clean home carpets effectively.

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