Designing with Wood: What Looks Best with Your Dark Wood Floor

Wood floorWhen you want to bring sophistication to your home, most interior designers would recommend dark wood floors. True enough, the heavy tones of such wooden floors lend an air of elegance to a place, mainly due to the opulence associated with hardwood flooring.

Nonetheless, this style will only work when you know how to mix it correctly with the other aspects of your interior space. Dark wood – or any other wood flooring option– paired with the wrong colours could make the room glum and heavy.

Thus, it’s important that you know how to pair it properly with other parts of your area to achieve the atmosphere you want. Here are some things that go well with your dark wood floor:

White walls

When you’re a little strapped on your decorating funds, your best bet with the dark wood floors is to maximise the white walls to create a radiant atmosphere. The white wall presents a natural contrast to the heavy floor, and that’s something you can use in your overall layout. Keep your wall decorations to a minimum for a more modern touch. says installing blinds and shutters can fit as perfectly attractive and functional visual accents to this design scheme.

Wood furniture

It’s best that you capitalise on the wood floor with other wood furniture pieces. You have two options here: to contrast or to complement.

When you plan to contrast, go with light wood furniture. This is a choice that harmonises all elements in your design. Weathered, warm, and light-toned woods, such as maple and cherry work best in almost all spaces.

On the other hand, when complementing is your choice, you can go with furniture pieces that match the colour of the floor. Make sure that you use the legs of the chair as the basis. The similar colours of the floor and the chairs can work, provided that your walls have a light (not necessarily white) shade.

Rich rugs

The right rug can disrupt the monotonous feel of your dark wood floor. This doesn’t mean always going for the brighter option, as you can choose a rug that’s nearly of the same hue. Apply the principle similar to your case with furniture and you’re good.

When you have a dark wood floor, make sure that you have at least one of these three to harmonise all elements of your floor space.

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