Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Printing Photo Albums

Photo albumEven with advances in technology, many couples still want to have a professional wedding photo album that’ll remind them of their special day. Nothing beats the feeling of browsing through an album as if they’re reading a storybook. As a photographer, you need to please clients with quality work to make them treasure it for the rest of their lives.

After taking good shots of the wedding, it’s time to layout the album and prepare it for printing. Make sure that you won’t make the following mistakes, though:

Not Using the Right Specifications for Printing

It’s difficult to determine the details of an image from a monitor screen. It may look okay, but you’ll see the problem once you print them. To avoid this, you should check the resolution and color system. A 12 x 12-inch photo album, for instance, might need at least 6,000 pixels in width. Change the image to CMYK, so what you see on the monitor screen is close to the output of your print.

Not Taking Note of the Smallest Detail

A good layout can emphasize the photos you took, but a simple mistake can make it look awkward. Check if everything is proportional. Use the ruler and grid system of any photo editing software to make sure that nothing is out of place. If you’re going to crop an image, be sure to leave a head room and don’t cut the head or feet. To check for gaps between images, remove the background and fill it with a solid color, like white, black, or yellow.

Not Creating an Outer Margin

A common mistake among layout designs is that the images are too close to the edge. Even if you know the dimensions of the paper material, you shouldn’t put anything close to the outer margin. The printing process is complicated, and you wouldn’t know if you have to cut the edges in case of production errors. Use the ruler of any photo editing software and adjust your design, preferably about an inch or two.

Make any professional photo album a masterpiece by avoiding these mistakes. Working with a business that specializes in printing wedding photo albums is a good idea.

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