Choosing the Best Diamond Ring for Your Lady

diamond ringWhen you have finally decided to spend the rest of your life with the woman you love, you can’t ask her to marry you without giving her a ring. Don’t go unprepared. Buy her a diamond engagement ring because she deserves it.

You might be the one paying for the ring, but remember that it’s her finger that’s going to show off your band of love. She may love you very much, but make sure she loves your gift as well. To help you find the right engagement ring for your beloved, Devotion offers the following suggestions.

Seek Advice from Girl Friends

It’s every woman’s ultimate dream to walk down the aisle so seeking the advice of your female friends is a great idea. They can give suggestions on where to buy and even help you scout for the perfect ring.

Stick to Your Budget

Diamonds are expensive—that’s a fact. Know your spending capacity and stick to it when you’re already inside a store. It’s easy to get swayed by different designs so having a specific budget can help limit your choices.

Learn about the Four C’s

The four C’s basically determine how much you’re going to spend for the ring. The first C refers to the carat or the unit of measurement for assessing the weight of a diamond. The higher the carat, the higher the cost. The second one stands for color. Here’s a tip: Colorless diamonds have more sparkle than colored ones.

Additionally, whiter diamonds have higher value. Clarity is the third C. Diamonds without blemishes or inclusions tend to cost higher. Blemishes are found on the surface while inclusions are found inside the stone. The fourth is the cut, which refers to the proportioning, symmetry, and polish of a diamond. The cut affects its brilliance and value.

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, diamonds are also your best bet when declaring your love for her. With the perfect diamond ring, all your efforts are going to be worth it when you see that sparkle in her eyes that’s brighter than any precious stone.

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