Car Dealers Options That Are Not Worth it

automobile financingWhile some car dealer options are worth your investment, there are some dealer extras that are best avoided. To save on your automobile financing, don’t fall into the trap of the sales pitch used by experienced sales professionals. Here are a few of the dealer options and upgrades you should avoid:

Fabric Protection

Many car dealers will encourage you to purchase fabric protection to repel stains in the vehicle’s interior. This product may be something your car doesn’t need. Moreover, many car manufacturers provide vehicles with quality interior that won’t incur stain-related issues.

Paint Sealant/Protection

Salespeople promote this extra as a product that can offer a new car look and provide a long-lasting barrier against extreme weather. Automotive paints today, however, are durable and can be improved with regular washing and waxing.


Car dealers charge a significant amount for this service. They also sell it to the buyers as a separate option that can be included in an environmental protection package. Most vehicles today, however, have excellent rustproofing. Some even have warranties that can cover rust damage for years.

Extended Warranty

A basic extended warranty from dealers promises to offer protection from everything in your car except components that are replaced by routine maintenance. The price may vary depending on the term and the deductible level. Paying for this warranty is not usually worth the extra money. If you want an extended warranty, you can get a better deal through independent insurers.

Window Etching

This feature can be a deterrent to thieves, as it makes it more difficult for them to dispose the vehicle once it is stolen. A window etching service from the dealer, however, can be a little pricy. It is more affordable to use a kit from a local auto parts store and do it yourself.

When you buy a new or used car, most car professionals will use different methods to sell car extras you don’t need. Before getting any automobile upgrades, it is best to weigh the pros and cons of each add on. Through this, you’ll save on your car financing and have extra money to buy other essentials.

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