Biomimicry in Residential Homes

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In the pursuit of better and greener architectural framework, Mother Earth proves to be the best source of design ideas. Since the beginning of time, the planet has inspired humanity to innovate and create new ways of modern living. Today, architects and designer look to nature to improve their projects.

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Taking Cues from the Environment

Many modern residential designs feature elements inspired by how nature works. In the field of science, this practice of adapting natural functions using modern technologies is called biomimicry. Robots with snakelike movements, for example, have become instrumental in the development of emergency response units. With incredible flexibility, they can navigate even the tightest of space and works ideally for situations such as search and rescue missions.

Another application of biomimicry is the development of sustainable means of living. Due to rapid urban expansion, cities are increasingly deprived of a greener lifestyle. In response, architectural designers are beginning to take cues from nature in building environment-friendly infrastructure.

Elements of Design

Nature has unique ways of harnessing energy from its surroundings. The Gunnera Manicata, a plant species endemic to Brazil, for instance, makes the most out of the sunlight they receive with their wide leaves. More areas exposed to sunlight mean more capabilities to convert it to energy. The sloping surface of the leaves also allows rainfall to fall directly onto the roots.

House roofing options today enable more efficient energy-harnessing capabilities. Roofing trends in places like Brooklyn, for example, show a rise in flat roof-design residences. The extra space and elevation provide more options for the homeowners to extend their activities. They can either set-up solar panels or put vegetable boxes on their flat roofs. The flat surface also acts as a catch basin for rainwater.

Green Living

Nature serves as a perfect teacher in sustainable living. Now that architectural designers are placing more emphasis on better green residential places, it might only be just a matter of time before houses become one with nature itself. You can even find roofing services providers today that can meet such requirements. Indeed, the world is giving back to the environment in more ways than one.

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