Basic Set-up for Building Your Own Mini Home Theatre

Home Theatre in Australia Watching movies is a great way to spend the weekend, especially with the people you love. This is another reason to transform your new home’s recreation room into a theatre and gaming room.

If you recently bought a home, and other real estate developers suggest giving rooms a purpose as early as possible. Here’s how you can begin the transformation.


Choose between a flat screen TV and a projector screen. The advantage of choosing a TV is that it can accommodate all kinds of media players like laptops, CD players, and videogame consoles and can even play straight from a flash drive. If you’re strictly investing on equipment for watching films, get that old time feel with a projector and screen.


Regardless of your video format and medium, audio is an important tool in watching and enjoying any film to its fullest. Nowadays, many homeowners want surround sound systems where they can install speakers in each corner of the room, surrounding it with music, voice and sound effects. Regardless of the number of speakers, choose those that allow maximum use of low and high registers.


Depending on how many people you want to invite to your mini movie theatre, you can choose anything from couches to lounge chairs. What’s important is your arrangement of the seats so that everyone can fully enjoy the view and enter or leave the room without being a bother to other watchers. Your old sofas are a good suggestion, so you don’t have to spend on seating furniture.


Most real estate properties already have their light fixtures set, but you can add your own. Get that classic movie theatre feel with lights along the walls or floors. Since you’ll be watching in the dark, keep the lights low enough that they won’t be a distraction. They should be bright enough so people can safely follow the path to the bathroom or exit, though.

Thanks to downloadable and home releases of popular movies, you can now enjoy the full extent of a modern film without leaving your house. Set up movie marathon nights of your favourite films while enjoying the privacy. Family and friends will surely appreciate the invite.

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