Basement Conversions: Turning an Empty Space into a Playroom

playroomChildren at home mean one thing: the need for more space. Apart from their own bedrooms, your kids need an adequate amount of space where they can play and run around safely. Moreover, you want them to play someplace where they won’t disturb when you’re working or trying to find solace after a busy work week. For small homes, this is a true challenge. Or not, if you have a basement.

Yes, the empty, damp space that is the basement can make for a great playroom. Designing it is pretty easy, actually. Plus, with the right furniture and arrangement, it’s possible to turn this dreary underground space into an area you and your kids can enjoy. Here’s how to do that:

Start with the Floor

A good playroom is a safe one, and safety begins with the area’s flooring. Instead of letting the tiles stay, go for carpeted tiles. Now, you might say the moisture would pave the way for mould growth, but this is an easy challenge. Rather than cover the floor with one large carpet, choose removable square tiles. You can also add a dehumidifier in the area to keep it dry and mildew-free.

Buy Kid-Safe Furniture

According to Lilly & Lolly, all furniture you put in the playroom must be kid-safe – from the toy chest to the cabinets. So, be sure to check what you’re buying once you’re designing the basement playroom. The furniture pieces you need are tables, chairs, and a lot of storage for toys and other things.

Establish Partitions

You don’t want your basement playroom to be for kids only, as chances are you want to watch them as they play. The best way to address this is to create partitions between the kids’ area and the adults’ area. For example, you can set up a mini-media room near the basement stairs where you can enjoy a movie while you watch your kids play with their toys on the other side of the room.

Basements can be more than just extra storage. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most versatile areas of your home. Give your own basement a new twist and make it more functional as your kids’ dream playroom.

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