‘Baby, It’s Cold Inside,’ Said the Floor: Surface Coatings for Industrial Use

industrial surface coatingYour skin may be your body’s natural protection against the elements, but you also need clothes and lotion to keep your skin healthy. The same goes for the floors and wall of every structure built for residential and commercial purposes, but is especially significant in those built for industrial purposes. Those steel parts, metal walls, and concrete floors need these coatings for long-term use.

Here’s what you need to know, as told by industry leaders like AICoatings.com.au:


Steel naturally rusts when exposed to water. However, not every factory or machinery owner can afford to have rusted parts replaced all the time. You need to coat those steel parts with topcoats for long-term protection. You will need to invest in the coatings but you will reap the benefits once you’ve used a certain machine for years without having to replace it with a new one.


Concrete is used in mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, and other markets and industries. This is one of the most economical flooring and wall material options in the construction industry because of its strength, durability, and quality. With the advancements in technology, you can even further strengthen your industrial property’s floors and walls with waterproof concrete coatings. This surface coating can minimise the accidents in your workplace and in the long run save you money on employee insurance. Companies in Melbourne offering high-quality concrete coatings can answer your needs.

UV Cure

Melbourne companies specialising in ultraviolet (UV) cure coatings have developed advanced products for various applications. They can formulate and manufacture UV coatings for timber substrates, glass, and plastic, and recommend the right UV coating for your company’s needs. Consult the experts to get your money’s worth and maximise the returns.


Art is an intelligent form of expression, but not everyone expresses it intelligently. Some ‘artists’ have little to no respect for other people’s properties–they prefer to vandalise someone else’s walls rather than to buy their own easel and canvas.

If you’re annoyed with this form of vandalism, why not apply anti-graffiti coatings to your fences and walls? Instead of spending a lot on manpower just to remove that pesky wall art on your factory’s exterior walls, you can have one man clean it like he’s just cleaning windows. An anti-graffiti surface coating can save you a lot on money, time, and effort. And you’ll sleep in peace knowing your property looks clean inside out.

These are just some of the surfaces that require a top coat. Think about your specific needs and determine if it is necessary by working with an expert.

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