Asbestos Removal: Getting it Right

asbestos removalA home with asbestos is a health disaster waiting to happen. With the many negative health effects of asbestos exposure, it is important to get rid of this material upon detection. Health organisations have warned everyone about the material’s dangers, plus contractors and builders have already complied. But with the number of old homes, there are still a number of properties that carry the dangers of asbestos exposure.

But if the material is a major health hazard, how do you get rid of it? Australia has set regulations on the proper disposal of construction materials that contain asbestos. The first of which is that only licenced individuals may deal with this health hazard.

Before removing anything, it is important to create a control plan for the substance. Only after this plan has been finished can the pros get to work. Barricades and signs are necessary to ensure that the property remains off-limits during the decontamination process. The removalist then proceeds to decontaminate the area using the right protective equipment.

All contaminants then go through the disposal process. The rubbish removal experts at Kwik Skips say that the typical skip bin is not enough to deal with asbestos-containing products, so there are some things removalists need to observe. Australia, after all, has regulations on the proper disposal and burial of the material.

The asbestos should have a black polythene wrapping – with at least 250 micron thickness – before storing it in the bin. Every package should have a clear and obvious label indicating that the package has asbestos. The hazardous section of the landfill is the only place where asbestos products could go.

Once the disposal is over, it is time to monitor the air quality of the area. This will help gauge the levels of friable asbestos to remove any further health risks. Only after a clearance inspection makes it clear that the property is free of asbestos can it be habitable again.

Asbestos is a serious health risk, which is why these safety measures are important to ensure the complete and safe removal of this hazard.

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