An Office That Moves People: 4 Factors That Influence Workplace Design

WorkplaceDeciding the right layout for an office is important, yet often overlooked by many business owners. A well-designed workplace does not just impress clients and strengthen reputation; it can also boost productivity and efficiency of employees.

Workplaces are always changing to adapt to the shifting expectations and needs of every staff member. With today’s working environment, you are probably wondering how your office can better support your team. This article lists down the top four factors to consider when redesigning.


A noisy and crowded workplace can greatly affect an employee’s performance. As a result, they will constantly feel stressed, irritated, gloomy and grumpy. To reduce distractions, try separating energetic areas from quiet places. Not everyone can have a private office, so give each a workstation where someone can be alone., Perth’s leading provider of office fitout solutions, shares that one effective way is to install movable partitions.


Not too cold, not too hot. The right temperature is important to help employees concentrate on their work and perform better. To increase productivity, think about the thermal comfort in the workplace.


Your people are the key to your business’s success, so you need to think of their overall well-being. Your primary goal should be to improve their performance, keep them satisfied and make them happy with what they are doing. A thoughtful workplace design must allow employees to have control over their environment. Provide comfy and adjustable furniture, give them efficient technology or design floors to be slip-resistant.


Another thing you should think about is access to daylight, nature and views. An effective office layout must have good lighting conditions. Whether your office building is overlooking a mountain or not, you can modify your office design to maximise natural light.

Keep these things in mind before you start an office redesign. The right working environment is not just appealing, but also relaxing, motivating and functional.

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