Talking Points: The Impact of PR

reliable public relations agencyBusiness ‘battles’ are won with a combination of strength and strategy, but neither exist without support and know-how. Popular perception is one of the most reliable barometers to measure the likelihood of success for any institution. This is why democratic governments closely monitor approval and satisfaction ratings for their nominated politicians. In any democratic system where the public has all the power, governments and businesses spend a lot of time convincing people to choose them.

The Public Relations Model

PR agencies in the UK enjoy a best of both worlds situation when it comes to delivering their services to companies. When an audience looks at a commercial piece of PR, they listen, because that’s what public relations agencies know. People also understand the aim of successful PR is to outline the benefits of whatever a product or service does.

If there’s any kind of weakness to the public relations model, it’s that their success depends on results that may take weeks, if not months, to manifest for their clients. The challenge in that situation doesn’t then lie with convincing the public, but in convincing their clients of the effectiveness of any proposed campaign. Although there are numerous examples of successful PR, it does take time and strategic planning to succeed.

PR Effectiveness

Large companies depend on PR experts and agencies to convey their message to as many people as possible. But, delivering a single message in the hopes of pleasing thousands (possibly millions) of people, all of which have their own diverse opinions, as well as dealing with competition, isn’t a simple task.

The most recent example of PR one-upsmanship came in the gaming console wars over Christmas between Sony and Microsoft. Sony announced that the PS4 was the top selling console of the year, while Xbox said they were the ‘fastest’ selling console of the year. Statistically speaking, they were both correct at the times they were printed.

The effectiveness of PR in influencing the general public is always a contentious issue. But, what is an undisputed fact concerning the industry, is that high-quality PR gets people to talk about their clients products or services. Essentially, the goal is to let people know that you’re there, and you’re there to stay.


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