The Psychology Behind Retail Marketing

retail marketingShopping appears to be a mundane activity. The products are on the shelves, and all you have to do is reach out for your choice, put it in your trolley, repeat the process until your trolley’s full, and then proceed to the checkout counter. But, there’s definitely more than that.

Retailing companies don’t just simply invest in POS solutions for their small or big enterprises. Their marketing teams come up with strategies that will help them understand the behavior of the people coming into the stores. Once they have an idea of how some consumer groups behave, they will come up with plans to persuade them to buy the displayed products. And they use some psychology. Here’s how:

On Placements of the Items

Costly products are sometimes the most strategically placed items. More often, they’re placed in the middle rows of shelves, so they’re easy to see. These products are also usually placed close to the front of the shop, as some consumers tend to make expensive purchases first. Candies, chocolates, and junk food are usually placed in the sections of the shelves where kids can easily see them.

Enticing the Senses

Bakeries or rotisseries are often placed near the front section of the grocery. Their smell wafting through the nearby areas entices hungry buyers who are looking at promos or are falling in line at the checkout counter. There may be also kiosks distributed within the shopping center for food samples, some of which are cooked on the spot.

Reaching the Checkout Counter

Checkout counters are also stocked with items that the buyer may consider for his last-minute purchase. This is often the place dreaded by impulsive buyers. It’s usually filled with batteries, chocolates, magazines, and toiletries.

These are only some of the psychology hacks that retailers employ to influence your shopping. They’re not, however, always used to manipulate buyers. Most of the time, they’re utilized to help buyers come up with their purchasing decisions.

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