The New Holy Grail of SEO: 3 Easy Ways to Transition to Link Earning

link earningDuring the link-building era, life was so simple. Search engines have changed, however, and now the amount of effort you need to build a worthwhile link has never been bigger. It’s becoming difficult; some even argue that link building is becoming passé, and that link earning is the only sure way to move forward.

Easier said than done—there’s no doubt about that.

Here are some of the things to help you easily transition from the outdated link building to the new Holy Grail of SEO:

Create Amazing Content

You’ve heard this countless of times, yes. SEO gurus and brand mentors can never stress enough how important it is to create amazing content users cannot find anywhere else. It’s the most important part of earning links.

Once you create content that searchers find useful on your site, sites and link farms will help you by spreading the word and linking back to you. Instead of asking and paying all the time, publish amazing content and create a mutual relationship with link farms—your content will spread like wildfire on blogs and social media platforms without too much hassle.

Talk About Influencers

This strategy is so ridiculously great that it is surprising how only a few actually use it. Perhaps, many are afraid that linking away from the site will somehow make them lose traffic. That’s far from the truth.

When you talk about influencers, they will notice you—tweet you along or send a link, even. If the content is amazing, as mentioned, you will more likely get a re-tweet or a link.

Put Up Contests and Giveaways

Another great way to earn links is through engaging contests and giveaways. Host contests on your site and promote them. Ask influencers and site owners to pass on the news to their readers.

Okay, asking to post information about the contest on their site may seem like an unnatural technique, but that’s not that case. It’s simply an experience where everyone can earn something. You, in particular, can gain a lot of coverage and generate organic links.

It’s time to stop building and start earning. Aside from getting links, you’ll raise your brand awareness and get a strong position in your niche. You’ll get your ranking, new visitors, and an increased social presence! Sounds good, right?

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