Mobile, Social Top Priorities for Australian Local Marketers

Marketing in Australia is set to move towards becoming even more digital, mobile, and social this 2015, according to a survey.

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More and more businesses and organisations are seeing the benefits of marketing, particularly through the evolving channels such as digital, mobile, and social, according to a survey by marketing tech company Salesforce. The study found that about 85% of marketers surveyed plans to increase, or at least maintain their marketing spending this year despite budgetary problems being one of the most pressing challenges for businesses.

Australia’s marketing industry appears to be in good health, based on the answers of the 5,000 marketers surveyed globally. Mobile applications were the top priority for Australian marketers, with 70% of respondents nominating it.

Marketing automation, content marketing, data targeting, and search engine optimisation also ranked high, with at least 60% of the respondents saying they will increase their budgets for these services.

Revenues as Great Returns

The respondents said revenue growth were their best measure of success, followed by customer satisfaction, quick return on investment, better customer retention, and customer acquisition.

Australian digital marketing company explains that SEO in Brisbane and other parts of the country are especially important for small businesses. The success of many start-ups often depends on the customer base they build within their locales. The more you succeed with local clients, the more chances you have of winning over clients in other places.

Business-Centred Focus

The results of the survey show it is clear that marketing is becoming more strategic. Marketers are more focused on business results than on the health of their brands. The focus is turning to business and customers.

Businesses are finding it more difficult to find new customers, which is why they also focus on keeping their existing client base. Marketers are seeing social and mobile efforts as part of the customer experience, not just revenue drivers.

The importance of mobile and social marketing has increased in the past years. The key to winning in these evolving platforms is simple: adapt and improve.

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