Improving Your Site’s CTR with Your Meta Descriptions

Meta Description Improves Your Site’s CTRIncreasing your site’s popularity and performance needs one thing: more visits. More visits mean more clicks and more clicks mean more people on your site and maybe even more buyers. But that isn’t always the case, especially when your click-through rate isn’t that high.

The first thing to consider is what users see after hitting that “enter” button after typing in their key words. Obviously, the title, but most of the time the title doesn’t tell much and users will be looking for more answers to the questions in their heads. So the next thing they look to is the description. By zooming in on your Meta description, you can improve your site’s CTR aside from making it mobile-friendly.

Here’s how:

Learn From Paid Ads

Write your descriptions in a way that can attract more clicks and visits. How? By using keywords and describing what the page is about. If it’s a product page, describe the product. If a particular service, highlight some important points. It is best to hire SEO experts to help you craft an optimized meta description.

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Make People Curious

What better descriptions than those that make your audience think? Give them a reason to click your link and lead them to your site where they can satisfy their curiosity.

Phrases like “Find out how…” or “Ever wondered…” will surely keep your readers at the edge of their seat waiting to find out more about you and your services.

Highlight Benefits

As admen know, you don’t sell the product, you sell what it gives you. In simpler words, you don’t sell people the features and qualities of your products and services. You sell what they can give your consumers—think Coca-Cola and how they don’t sell soda. They sell “happiness.”

In your Meta description, tell readers what they get out of visiting your website or buying from you and see your CTR go higher.

With higher CTR comes higher ranking. Enjoy this benefit by strategizing efficiently with what users first see upon getting their search results. Give them a reason to click on your link and visit your site.

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