Different Types of Metadata & Their Relevance

Metadata in SEOGoogle and VG Media had a fairly publicized feud recently; the German publishers hate that Google makes money out of their content and demand the search giant to pay. The leading search engine didn’t comply and instead removed the news snippets and images from the results, leaving just the headline and the link to the page.

As a consequence, the group of publishers suffered an 80% drop in site traffic and substantial loss of profits.

This legal battle is a gem for all SEOs in America for one reason: it underscored the value of metadata. In a nutshell, these tags serve as brief text pieces that describe a page’s content. They come in many forms, and two remain relevant today—the meta title and the meta description.

Apart from letting search engines know what a particular page is all about, their other SEO benefits are incredible.

A Major Ranking Factor

One of the factors that have a significant impact on your pages is the title tag. It primarily acts as the title of the web page, rendering Internet browsing easier when many tabs are open at the same time. Google sees this as a chief element of user experience. That’s why titles that aptly define the information in the page can get key points added to rankings.

Instant Advertisement

Meta description—or the page’s snippet—can help generate the number of clicks your page registers. A good meta description tells what the content is all about to compel users to visit your site. The keywords inserted in the description appear in bold.

Weight of Meta Keywords

According to the experts in Chicago SEO services at C1-partners.com, the meta keywords lost their glitter as the star of Google because of stuffing. The leading search engine saw that they’re prone to abuse by black hat practices, and so practically ruled these tags out of the equation.

Of all the web elements, no site owner should ignore metadata. SEO campaigns succeed by optimizing them, and from this stems higher rankings and site visits.

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