Candy Crush Firm Files IPO, Aims To Raise Up To $533M

candy crush

Image by David Guo

King, the maker of hit game Candy Crush Saga, has moved one step closer to an IPO, filing an updated report sale priced 22.2 million shares between $21 and $24.

Target price range

The company aims to raise up to $533 million through a share sale on the New York Stock Exchange.

Public offering of $21 and $24 per share could value the company at nearly $7.6 billion at the top of its price range.

The move indicates that free-to-play giant King is stepping up to take advantage of public markets that have largely been rewarding tech IPOs.

Even if Candy Crush may decline, that is not the case for now.

Big boom in sales

The popularity of the game has been the major driver of growth for King during the past few years.

King has more than 180 games, but Candy Crush Saga is its most popular offering.

It has been downloaded more than 500 million times since it was introduced in 2012 at app stores.

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