Brochure Designing: Transforming Inspirations into Designs

BrochureGetting your creative juices flowing to make a brochure simply needs inspiration. And with these simple brochure design tricks, you’ll see how quickly you can transform inspirations into tangible products:

Taking Paper One Step Further

Paper differs in brightness, matte, gloss, and weight, but common brochure designs use high gloss and paper of a heavier variety.

It makes sense, though, to go a step further and go for paper that does justice to your theme. For instance, select a “blue-white” paper with at least 90 per cent brightness for a modern effect. For a natural effect, select a recycled paper with a matter or low-gloss finish.

Bringing Text and Images into the Fold

Brochures have different gatefolds, such as z-folds and bi-folds, and possibly more. The fold you use should depend on the amount of text and images you want to include in your final product.

People expect tri-fold brochures which are 8.5 x 11 inch paper folded into three sections. If you’re not planning to use lots of text, however, consider folding an 8.5 x 3.5 inch size paper in half or using a gatefold which is any size paper folded into three sections, with the outer two sections enclosing until they meet in the centre section, making a gate.

For a brochure with more information, consider a z-fold which is an “accordion-like” fold that makes a “z” shape, or a bi-fold which is an 11 x 17 inch paper folded in half.

Getting into the Colour Mood

Colour combinations can set the mood for the brochure’s message, but not without having their own message. For instance, use earth tones such as tan, cinnamon, brown and light pink for a warm or natural feel. For a message with softer colour tones, use monochromatic colour combinations such as light, medium and dark blue.

A brochure is a fast and effective means to reach and inform many people in Brisbane. As such, keep your audience at the forefront of your mind, whilst using these design tricks to continue generating highly inspired products.

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