7 Under-the-Hood Techniques to Tune Up Your SEO

SEO strategyMany Australian businesses rely on SEO to meet their marketing needs. If the same is true for yours, then you have probably heard of dozens of techniques suggesting ways to upgrade your strategies. You may have also came across dark tricks in gaining overnight success and found out they were more devastating than helpful in the end.

Once again, here are some tricks you should include in your SEO efforts from the founder of KISSmetrics, Neil Patel. These tips do not promise you will become a rock star after a few hours, but you will find success if you practice diligence and consistency.

Securing your Site

Google values websites that respect privacy limits. Adding encryption to your site gives your site both ranking signal and user signal. The signal for these encryptions is “https://” and then followed by the URL.

Add Fully Optimised images or Videos

Images and videos help the site rank higher on Image or Universal Search. Not only does it add value to the user, but it also helps improve your SERPrankings. You can look for SEO companies in Perth that offers this kind of specialised optimisation services to help your campaign.

Build an Image Sitemap

Creating an image map boosts rankings on Google’s Image Search. It only takes additional information in your existing xml sitemap.

Sprinkle Schema Everywhere

Use schema integration to boost your SERP rankings. Many sites are not well versed in this technique, with only 0.3% using it. For hard workers, though, schema is relatively easy to learn.

Clean up Your Link Profile

An updated link profile is another powerful tool often underestimated. Spam-proofing your link profile by disengaging from low-authority sites helps clear your online reputation in an effort to earn Google’s trust.

Create URLs with Specific Keywords

Apparently, Google still uses exact words to fetch your websites. To use this, create a specific targeted page for long tail keywords in the URL.

Use Target Keywords across Your Entire Site

Sprinkle your keywords throughout your domain to convince Google that your site has what the searcher needs.

SEO is definitely made more challenging this year, but not for those who work hard in legitimate ways. With these under-the-hood techniques, your SEO campaigns will surely thrive this year.

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