3 Signs That You Should Fire Your Current Web Designer

Web designer hard at workIf you have a business today, you should have a website. It has become the norm. Otherwise, you’re losing more than just your patrons if they can’t find you online. But how do you know if your current website designer sucks? Here are some signs that you should get a new web design company like Voodoo Creative to work with in Melbourne.

Your website copy sucks

A reputable web design company offers not just design but also copy-writing solutions for your website. And even if you insist on writing your copy, they should be able to provide some guidance and copy-editing services. After all, it’s their expertise, unless, of course, you, yourself is a writer and a copy-writing expert. If they don’t offer a copy-writing or copy editing solution for your website, find a company that offers one. You’ll be in better hands.

They use horrible stock photo images

If you don’t want to spend on original photos for your website, web design companies offer to have a portfolio of stock-free images and their photo library for you to choose from. But if your website design is that horrible handshaking image or overly excited female model photo for your website, or worse, a girl with a headset on your contact us page, fire them immediately. You are not getting your money’s worth.

They don’t know SEO

A reputable web design company not only knows what search engine optimisation it, but they also have an SEO strategy for your website. These days, it’s not enough that you have a website. You need to have it optimised and even localised for SEO so you can capture the market that is already in your area or city. Otherwise, there’s no point having a website if online users can’t find you.

Looking for the right web partner is like finding the right business partner, it can take time. So scout for the right one and make the right investments, so you don’t end up wasting your marketing budget for online activities.

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