3 Important Changes That Might Happen to SEO Come 2016

Importance of Social ResultsGoogle, as the leading search engine in the world, is in charge of improving user experience by evaluating which websites are credible at delivering quality content. They make constant changes and subtle tweaks for better search results. That said, it’s your responsibility to adapt to these standards to remain at the top results.

New technology keeps emerging, from mobile to wearable devices. That’s why predicting what Google has in mind gets more difficult. Search algorithms are so sophisticated that you need expert help to keep up. For starters, here are some changes that will happen in 2016 based on the predictions of top SEO companies.

The Rise of Knowledge Graph

The Google Knowledge Graph is the box located on the right-hand corner of the screen. It contains a run-down of information related to your search query. In 2016, its prominence will possibly develop and overtake even the top entries.

The Importance of Social Results

Social media is an undying force in online marketing because people spend majority of their time on the Internet here. Google scans Facebook, Twitter, and other prominent social media sites for posts and information. In the next years, social media platforms will be integrated more into search results. There may even be a separate “social” section.

Hello, Interactivity

Wearable devices are still rather new, so it’s hard to predict what functionalities it will get in a few years. However, these advances are present because users demand for more interactivity in their online experiences. Real time information will have more uses and Google may begin altering search results based on location.

In the online marketing world, innovations are unstoppable because of the high demand for more advanced technologies. If you want to make your business website matter, hire a credible SEO company to help you persevere and excel no matter what changes and developments arise.

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