The Most Preferred Jobs for Journalism Majors

iPad and keyboardOne of the most in-demand jobs today are those majors related to Information Technology. In fact, an online news website reported that IT jobs will grow by 22 percent in 2020. But, where do the graduates of Journalism land after they finish college?

Almost every company needs a writer. As long as you have the writing style they need, they will hire you to be a part of their team.

So, before you lose hope in finding one, try filtering your choices to these job roles:

Editorial Assistant

Any news organization (traditional or online media) or publishing company (magazines) will definitely look for editorial assistants. The work ranges from liaising with in-house teams, photographers, writers, and designers, summarizing written materials and writing articles and/or reports. But, the level of responsibility varies according to the size of the organization.


If you are familiar with the storyline behind every advertisement on television, the lines delivered in radio ads, or the messaging of billboards, copywriters are the people who made them happen. Even though this job requires longer hours of work, you will be exposed to different work environments. Plus, it pays well, too!

SEO Writer

Any brand needs “content” to boost their business’s image. Sometimes, companies set up a blog to exclusively interact with their customers—and the only way to maintain this platform is by hiring writers who specialize in SEO. Search Engine Optimization writers help drive traffic to those websites by generating content that uses the keywords often searched for on the Internet.

Some companies offer SEO monitoring and mentoring, and you have a higher chance of landing on a high-paying job if you are a degree holder of journalism. Besides, you can also work from home if you are an expert in this field.

PR Content Specialist

Journalism degree holders make great public relations specialists; they know how to interact with the media to effectively communicate their organizations’ key messages. You will be tasked to write press releases, event copies, scripts, and other content materials needed to promote a brand.

There are a lot of good-paying jobs for journalism majors. You just have to select carefully and give it your best shot.

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