Japanese Robot Talks With Astronaut In Space Station

KIROBO-ISSThe very first humanoid robot in space began small talk with a Japanese astronaut and mentioned that it had no issue with zero gravity while on the International Space Station. Video provided by the developers of the robot released Friday showed Kirobo performing its first mission on the space station, conversing in Japanese with astronaut Koichi Wakata in order to test its autonomous conversation abilities.

Testing Self-governing Ability

Astronaut Wakata says he is happy to meet Kirobo and even inquired how the robot felt about being in zero-gravity surroundings.  Kirobo responded, “I’m used to it now, no problem at all.” The robot is programmed to process queries and choose words from its vocabulary in order to form an answer as opposed to providing it with a pre-programmed response to specific questions.  The robot’s creator Tomotaka Takahashi said the functions of the robot meant nobody knew how well it would be able to discern Wakata’s queries.

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