Hosted VoIP: Eliminating Errors and Increasing Sales

reliable voip providerEvery single organisation has experienced it… You’re in the middle of what was scheduled to be a ‘quick call,’ and suddenly hours have passed. Or, perhaps, your telephony system failed to connect you to an important call. These seemingly trivial blunders may have a significant impact on your sales function. Bearing in mind especially that a lost call is a lost customer; and a lost customer is a lost sale.

Customer service is all about communication to and any organisation serious about delivering better customer service should invest in their telephony systems. Surprisingly for many, there are a number of telephony options to consider. Especially with more over-the-internet telephony systems, you can eliminate traditional barriers. Should you consider a hosted VoIP service, for instance, make sure you compare top hosted VoIP providers before determining whether it is for your business.
VoIP systems can increase cost efficiency and improve customer service. Here’s how it could help…

Clear calls

With a hosted VoIP system, your sales team can clearly communicate with your loyal and potential customers. The system also reduces misunderstandings caused by the well-known ‘choppy’ calls. With VoIP, communicating in high definition audio guarantees faster and better transactions and it will help your business build a professional image.

Call Forwarding System

Call transfers can be annoying for customers, especially if it takes time. With hosted VoIP, customers can be easily and quickly transferred from one representative to another seamlessly. Efficient transactions are important when converting prospects to leads and leads to sales.

Call Management

Some business-level hosted VoIP systems offer a reception console. Your staff can use this to screen and manage incoming calls. With call filtering, this streamlines communication systems and prepares any staff member for fielding a range of calls. Furthermore, the call logging functionality allows you to monitor calls, which you can use to improve the efficiency of your customer service department.

Customer service may vary from company to company, but the common goal is to always ensure you can accommodate client queries effectively. Your communication system such as hosted VoIP can help you manage customer queries more effectively.

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