e-Learning at the Office: Does It Help with Retention?

Office e-LearningTechnology has not only benefited people on a communication level, it has also made it easier for companies to use content to train and update the skills of their employees.

e-Learning is at the forefront of training and updating the skills of employees because of its cost-effective nature. Instead of relying on full-time trainers to coach their staff, businesses can now produce or purchase the training materials and distribute these to their staff. Lower costs mean more opportunity for growth and increased profits.

According to figures, e-Learning worldwide will reach a value of USD 107 billion. Businesses that use e-Learning strategies have the capability of improving productivity by providing great returns for money invested.

How does e-Learning help with retention?

The benefits of e-Learning are clear, but is it an effective tool that engages and helps employees retain information that helps your business?

Velpic cites that e-Learning is an effective mode of training staff as they can study the materials in their own time and digest the information more effectively. Self-study enables employees to retain the material given to them better as they get to re-read and review them as often as they need to.

Easy access to the information provided through e-Learning lets your staff put the training module to practice immediately. The format makes it easier for employees to understand the concepts.

Helps avoid information overload

Cognitive overload is the biggest challenge to anyone who wants to easily remember important information. It clutters the brain with details, leading to poor knowledge retention.

e-Learning lets you reduce the training materials to compact chunks of information that are easy to recall. The inclusion of stories in the module increase knowledge retention and improve performance. Customisation of e-Learning tools lets you adjust to the skills and comprehension of your staff.

e-Learning not only reduces business expenditure, but also makes it easier for employees to learn things that will improve their daily performance.

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