Change is an Understatement: Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2015

search engine optimisationThe SEO world is ever changing. Search engines are always updating their ranking algorithms for a better user experience. Blog and website owners are looking for new strategies to either beat or comply with the latest changes.

Some of the most notable SEO trend changes so far include the following:

Penalty recovery would be a norm

In the past, link exchanging and posting badly written content to site submission sites was acceptable. After a misuse of these strategies, search engines began penalising sites following these practices.

Even though most webmasters have recovered from their initial penalties, every search update will always get someone on the wrong footing. This makes penalty recovery an integral part of search engine optimisation for Perth businesses.

An accommodation of mobile devices

Google’s latest algorithm update is more of a crackdown on non-mobile friendly sites. You can easily understand the move to mobile experience, as a greater part of the Internet’s traffic revolves around handheld devices instead of desktops. By rendering content for mobile device users, search engines will be fostering their goal of putting the users’ interests as a priority.

The era of social media

Social media plays a part in driving traffic. Even though search engines might get the bigger share, social media involvement is like endorsements—it’s the digital form of word of mouth. The trend of people sharing what they find useful and interesting is far from ending. Search engine giants consider social as a ranking factor, which is why sites with social features and shareable content are more likely to rank in SERPs.

With so many changes happening in the digital landscape, most website owners will have no option but to look for professional SEO experts to keep things in check.

Local search engine optimization will be equally important, especially for businesses who want to increase their foot traffic. Only a search marketing company can help you turn this into reality.

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