The Hunt For The Perfect Diet—Is Bio-Individuality The Answer?

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DietLosing weight and eating healthy is difficult as it is; add to that the plethora of diets out there, and everyone—unsolicited or otherwise—telling you what you should and shouldn’t be eating. You’ve gone vegan, raw, paleo, and hungry, but do you really know what works for you best?

One (hyphenated) word—‘bio-individuality’. The term bio-individuality was coined by the director and founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, Joshua Rosenthal. According to this concept, all of us are unique individuals with significantly personalized nutritional needs so there’s really no one diet that can work for us all.

Bio-Individuality and You

You are a unique individual with your own particular physiological characteristics such as age, ancestry, blood type, lifestyle, metabolism, climate, and stress levels. All these and more are influential in determining foods best for your specific requirements.
As your body consists of biochemicals and foods you eat are likewise ‘chemicals’, a chemical reaction will occur when you digest your food.

You will either have good or bad reactions to certain foods and all reactions will be different from one individual to another, according to online nutrition counselors.

Due to this, the concept of bio-individuality believes that no food is good or bad in itself since foods that work best for your specific physiological makeup and lifestyle choices can make other people gain more weight or make them feel sluggish. Hence, your food may be poison to other people and this is essentially why diets, in the long run, won’t really work.

Going on the ‘Perfect Diet’

When you’ve figured out specific foods that are perfect for your individual nutritional needs, you’ll no doubt be healthier than ever and shed those unwanted pounds at the same time.
However, this will include trial and error and will take some time.

As a parting advice, changes in your diet must be realistic and easily maintainable so you can follow through and not go back to your unhealthy habits. It is vital that you don’t make radical diet changes without seeking support from licensed dietitians or even reputable online nutrition counseling websites to ensure that you meet your specific nutritional requirements.