Eyeglasses of the Future: ‘Tunable,’ Liquid-Based Smart Specs

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Woman having her eye check for her smart specsThe way the human body works is astonishing: do you know, for instance, that your eyes’ natural lenses have the ability to focus on what you’re looking?

Waning Ability

Some eye conditions such as astigmatism or farsightedness, however, can rob the eyes of this capability. Our lenses, moreover, tend to become stiffer with age, causing them to lose the ability to bend well enough to focus at various distances. While some conditions require medical attention and even surgery, some cases need only corrective eyeglasses.

Glasses may compensate for the inability to bend, but in some instances, glasses with multiple lenses for various distances may be necessary, such as bifocals, trifocals, or progressive lenses. These glasses also call for a replacement as our eyesight changes.

Fortunately for people who need eyeglasses, they now have endless options with the arrival of stores such as International Eyewear. Eyewear technology, moreover, is taking giant leaps of advancement, as scientists have recently developed ‘smart glasses’ that mimic the function of the eyes’ natural lenses.

Smart Specs

Like our eyes, the new ‘smart glasses’ can refocus on what its wearer is viewing, whether it’s near, far, or in-between. The scientists created the glasses using glycerin: a thick liquid, which they sandwiched between membranes. They then mounted the lenses onto a frame that integrates an electromechanical system, which lets the membrane bend and adjust the lenses’ focus.

The glasses work by determining what the user is viewing through a sensor on the bridge of the glasses which uses infrared light to see where the wearer is looking, as well as to determine the precise distance. From there, the glasses use an algorithm that instantly adjusts the lens and allows the wearer to focus.

Researchers hope that this capability may eventually eliminate the need for different types of lenses. In the future, a single pair of glasses may be enough to solve any eye condition, even as it progresses.

Expand Your Shoe Collection: Buying the Right Pair of Boots

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Brown boots with a belt and jeansWhen building a shoe collection, you ought to start with the basics: white sneakers, loafers, oxfords, and stilettos for women. A wide range of shoe collection will give you the flexibility to come up with different styles.

If you are looking to have a collection that will allow you to do just that, you need to include other variations of footwear. You may want to consider boots.

Boots have endured the passage of time and cultural shifts. From being a Western culture essential, it has become a fashion staple that you can wear to create a statement. Planning to buy a pair of women’s or men’s cowboy boots for sale? A.A. Callister share some things to keep in mind:

The Material

The first thing to bear in mind when buying a new pair of boots is the material. Now, you have three options here: leather, synthetic leather, and canvas. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses. If you’re planning to wear your boots for a short time, you can just go for synthetic leather and canvas. If you’re looking to use it for the long term, go for durable choices, such as leather.

The Style

You need to choose a style to complement your taste. You can go for Chelsea boots if you want a sleeker choice. If you want a rougher and rustic style for your boots, you can go for Western style. Don’t be afraid to choose patterns, such as brogues.

Maintenance Level

The maintenance level of your boots should also be a deciding factor. Leather is quite difficult to maintain, but if you do it correctly, you’ll surely have something that will last a lifetime. The same amount of care should also be given to synthetic leather and canvas, as they can get damaged easily.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to buy high-quality boots. Check out some look books to get some inspiration.

Reasons Why Composite Strapping Can Replace Steel Strapping

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Composite strap with a buckleFor the heavy and rigid kind of cargo, steel is a common strapping material. But what if you don’t have access to steel and you need it badly? Composite strapping can do the job just as well. Here are some of the reasons why composite strapping can replace steel strapping.

It’s Just as Strong

Steel is often used as strapping material for large cargo because of its high level of strength and toughness. Composite strapping is just as strong since it was made to mimic steel strapping. You can use composite strapping as a substitute for steel, and it won’t make that much of a difference in strength.

It Doesn’t Rust

A disadvantage of steel is that it rusts under specific conditions even when it’s branded as stainless. The rust can make it weaker and can endanger both the cargo and its handler. Since composite strapping is made of plastic, the danger of rusting does not exist.

It Is Less Likely To Hurt Handlers

One of the dangerous things about using steel strapping is its sharp edges. Anyone who handles cargo with this steel straps has to be extra careful when putting it on and taking it off. Composite strapping has softer edges so there is a less chance of hurting yourself as much. However, safety should always be practised when handling any sort of strapping, composite or not.

It Is Less Expensive

While steel is very strong and tough, the strapping also costs quite an amount of money. Composite strapping is less expensive, although it has the same strength simply because it’s made of plastic. If you find yourself needing that kind of strapping, but don’t have that big a budget, you can consider buying composite strapping instead.

Composite strapping is a good alternative to steel strapping, and even has a few advantages over it. It’s strong, causes less damage, and more economical. If you need other strapping material that can do what steel strapping does, then go for composite strapping instead.

The Nifty Benefits of Hiring a Pro to Inspect Your Plumbing System

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Plumbing Services in DenverMany people pay attention to their plumbing systems only after their drains have developed a problem and fail to function properly. While the pipes have a long lifespan (depending on their quality), regular maintenance ensures that they deliver flawless service.

Unfortunately, there are those who only look for good plumbing services in Denver after suffering a severe problem. As such, they are missing the benefits of having fully functioning pipelines.

Ensures clean and healthy drinking water

The quality of water differs depending on where you live. If you live in areas with highly alkaline water, your home’s system is likely to suffer from microbiologically induced corrosion, which introduces metal into the water. Similarly, you are likely to experience copper corrosion when the water in your region is highly acidic.

Consulting a credible plumber ensures that you install the right pipes and alerts you of instances of water corrosion that could endanger your health. A routine inspection uncovers such issue in time, saving you significant health complication later on in life.

Improves the efficiency of your home system

Blockages are common, especially in the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen drains. The clogs build slowly over time, morphing from small globes to large ones capable of obstructing water flow. In extreme cases, the clogs restrict the flow of wastewater and create a backflow into the house. With regular inspection, you can eradicate obstructions long before they pose a significant threat.

Backflows pose a health hazard, especially when they involve waste from the toilet. Routine inspections alert you when tree roots are intruding into your sewer lines, allowing plumbers to take immediate action and prevent further damage.

Rather than waiting until the plumbing systems in your home to develop a problem, you should have one inspect the pipes routinely. Such an approach allows you to detect problems and deal with them before they compound.

The Perks, Profits and Importance of Proper Tank Maintenance and Repairs

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Tank Repair ProviderTanks are an important part of any oil-related business. Relatively, adequate repairs must be completed as soon as possible and regular tank maintenance should not be put off. This rule is applicable for all kinds of tanks for the following important and beneficial reasons.

Prevent Environmental Damage

The nature of oil-related businesses is already environmentally-linked from the very beginning. That said, there should be more awareness in caring for the ecosystem to avoid further damaging it. One little leak in a tank may be a small thing but its effects to water or soil are long-lasting. If repairs are not made at once, even to a sturdy tank such as an API 650, it can result in bigger issues involving an even larger area than your business’ property.

Avoid Danger to Staff

As said earlier, a little damage could lead to bigger problems, including a tank blowout. That kind of incident not only damages the environment but also injuries, and can even kill, people. The most likely ones to get hurt would be your own staff or workers who are employed on the site. It can even affect you if you are within close vicinity of the incident.

Saves Profit and Reduces Expense

True, added cost is involved with proper tank maintenance and repairs but it is a small amount compared to possible losses connected with a major leak or blowout. The required clean-up bill alone can cost more than the actual product loss. Other expenditures can include hospitalization for affected manpower, acquisition of new products and maintenance of affected machinery. This could also cause a temporary suspension of operations which will cost your company its projected profits.

Your efforts to maintain and repair oil tanks properly can be beneficial to many, including your own company. Contact a reputable tank repair provider to see to the regular maintenance of your equipment. Considering the costs and profits you can save with expert care and timely repairs, having this extra service is a very worthy investment.

Metal Roofs: A Practical Choice for the Practical Homeowner

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Metal Roofing in AucklandThere is no competition when it comes to roof longevity: metal roofs are immovable from the top spot. When asked what factors to consider in assessing roofing quality, building owners claimed that service life and lifestyle costs are most important. Both of which just happen to be metal roof’s biggest strengths.

Here’s a study to prove it:

Longer Lifespan – Bigger Savings on Cost

In 2004, a Ducker Research company conducted a research that compared the different life cycles of metal roofs, asphalt roofs and single-ply roofs. By inspecting 36 roofing systems from all industries – office, retail, institutional – the study found that metal roofs had a life expectancy of at least 40 years, which is 17 years more than that of asphalt and 20 years more than that of single-ply.

Lifespan still depends on the materials used. Experts recommend steel for superior quality. Steel roofing in Auckland, for example, can cover a variety of applications and is a cost-effective solution for both residential homes and commercial buildings.

The study also found building owners spend an average of 30 cents per square foot annually on metal roofs, versus 37 cents on asphalt and 57 cents on single-ply. Maintenance of metal roofs only costs about 3.5% of the total installation cost, versus 28% for asphalt and 19% for single-ply.

The people have spoken. If you prioritise service life and lower costs, going metal is an ideal investment.

Other advantages

A building’s HVAC system generally consumes at least 30% of the building’s energy, but investing in a well-designed and well-installed metal roofing system may help this number decline dramatically.

Other than saving on maintenance costs, you can also save up to 40% on energy expenses. The key lies in thicker insulation, which prevents energy loss and fosters steady interior temperatures.

Metal roofs are also cost-effective in terms of lighting. They effectively absorb daylight and reflect it into the room, minimising the need for electric lighting.

From commercial to residential applications, metal roofs meet the requirements of the practical homeowner. And though most of its benefits lie in its functionality, its aesthetic appeal is also worth noting. Metal roofing is something to consider for your next project.

Don’t Make These Critical Mistakes When Buying a New House

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Buying a New House in Las VegasBuying a new house is an exciting endeavor, but it is never free of pitfalls that can cause aspiring homeowners to lose money and regret their decision. While buying a newly constructed house seem to be a great decision since you’ll be the first owner, it comes with complications that are not only difficult to detect, but also prove costly in the long run.

Unclear completion date

Some contractors pressure buyers to give a down payment to an ongoing project. While some live up their end of the bargain, others tend to delay the completion of the houses. Rather than take chances, have the contractor commit to a set completion date. Still, don’t take their word for it. Have a lawyer draw up a contract that imposes a penalty when they fail to deliver on time.

Not checking the firm’s previous works

If ever you chance upon houses for sale in Tuscany or anywhere else in Las Vegas, check the contractor’s history before closing the sale. Reliable firms boast a long list of top grade constructions in their location, including their satisfied customers. Check their previous works in person and talk to buyers turned owners (if possible) before making a decision.

Dazzling display model

As part of their marketing ploy, some contractors use underhand techniques that show the model unit in the most dazzling manner. Some units feature miniature furniture to make its space look larger and spacious than they actually are. Others feature optional upgrades that come at an extra cost and the seller might omit to mention such details. Having the seller give you a complete breakdown of what the unit has can save you from disappointment.

Waiving the inspection

Skipping inspection simply because the house is new is a fatal mistake among many homebuyers. Unscrupulous contractors often cut costs by using low-quality materials, but charge you a premium price for them. An inspection reveals such dishonesty and saves you a considerable amount of pain later.

As exciting as buying a new house sounds, you should be careful during the process to avoid making costly mistakes.

Prolonging Lifespan of Home Appliances

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Lifespan of Home Appliances in Salt Lake CityA healthy house depends on how you care for your appliances. Home appliances are the organs of your house. Once they malfunction, the house cannot live on. 

Though appliances have their estimated lifespan, many problems can still occur anytime. You have to spend much for repairs or new purchases if these problems are not fixed quickly. According to dedicated appliance repair professionals, you can help our beloved appliances prolong its lifespan with a thorough examination.

Refrigerator troubleshooting

The normal lifespan of a refrigerator is 13 to 17 years. But, few years down the line, problems such as failed door gasket, malfunctioning ice makers, or unstable temperature call for a repair. But, if the compressor is broken, you have to save up for a new fridge.

Refrigerator repair services from Salt Lake City suggest simple DIY repair such as cleaning condenser coils, testing temperature settings if cooling problems occur, or defrosting the freezer once. Lastly, a fridge full-packed is safer than an empty one.

Everyday care for stoves

Gas ranges or stoves reach up to 13 to 15 years. Prolong it by doing everyday maintenance such as cleaning the whole oven and the burner every after use. A good burner will help you save energy and gas use, and will keep your food from burning.

AC annual care

It will take 15 years for an air conditioner to last. But, it usually breaks down in winter and summer because of the change in temperature. HVAC professionals suggest doing annual checking to avoid problems, especially during these seasons. Changing air filters or thermostat batteries can be done on your own in case problems suddenly occur.

DIY Maintenance for Dishwasher

One of the main reasons a dishwasher gets damaged is by overloading it. When this happens, people complain about leaking, failing to start, and not cleaning the dishes. To avoid these issues, don’t overload if you are lazy, clean the spray arm, use proper detergent, and test the spin motor since it gets stuck sometimes. All in all, read the manual thoroughly or research dishwasher care before calling the repairman. These simple methods will prolong its life longer than 9 years.

Daily care is needed to prolong the lifespan of appliances. The estimated lifespan doesn’t assure that your appliances will be free from defects. Dedicated professional technicians believe that reading the manual is your first line of defense.

Dangerous Areas at Home for the Elderlies and the Disabled

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StairsAs people move towards their elderly years, their family should take the necessary steps to protect their older loved ones from injuries. The same goes true for individuals suffering from certain disabilities, particularly those with limited motion.

Something that used to be a non-danger can now pose serious hazards for these individuals, especially since the elderly and the disabled no longer have the same bodily functions and capabilities they once had.

Knowing which areas of the home places the elderly and the disabled at greatest health and safety risk can help you prevent them from getting into serious accidents.

The bathroom.

The most common area where injuries occur, the bathroom should have elderly- and disabled-friendly equipment and accessories in it. Slipping in a wet or even just a damp bathtub can already lead to slips and falls. Fortunately, you will now find tubs for disabled individuals as well as those made specifically for the use of elderly individuals.

Safety bars in the bathtub, as well as raised toilet seats with a nearby installed safety bar, will also go a long way to prevent these injuries.

The stairs.

The stairs are among the most common areas at home where injuries can occur due to slipping, tripping, and falling. This can happen to anyone, even those with superior health, so those with limited or compromised vital senses are at even greater risk.

To prevent these accidents, you should install safety railings so that people going up and down the stairs can have something to hold on to and support their weight. Also, make sure you keep the stairs and all its steps free of items and other clutter that may contribute to trips and fall.

These are just a couple of the areas in your home where accidents can occur, especially those that involve the elderly and disabled. Make your home as safe and secure as possible, so that your elderly or disabled loved one can live in a healthy and safe environment.

Make Your House Unattractive to Burglars with Four Clever Hacks

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Burglar entering to houseBecause home security is a major concern for many homeowners, they often incur heavy expenses to secure their properties. The article highlights four inexpensive ways of increasing security at the homestead without breaking the bank.  

Home security is a major concern among many homeowners and to this end, they go to extreme lengths to safeguard their properties and their love ones. While some measures are highly effective, other come at exorbitant prices but achieve little results.

Thanks to the advancements in modern technologies, you can install safety measures around your home without incurring hefty charges or causing structural damage to your property. Other than installing the latest security systems on the market, there are other ways to increase safety in your home.  

Securing the entry points

Burglars and vandals favour doorways and windows since they offer ready access to a house. In most cases, thieves smash the window panes on doors and windows to access the locks on them. Rather than installing the labour intensive, and unappealing security grills, you can consider installing security film for windows to secure your house, Cleargardaustralia.com recommends. Invisible and colourless, these films adhere securely to the windows rendering them additional strength.

Clear the tall bushes around the house

Thieves and burglars lurk in dark, poorly light sections of your compound waiting for you to leave, retire to bed or get home. Trimming the tall vegetation around your compound eliminates all the hiding places, making your house unattractive to them.

Install security lights

Burglars avoid a home with bright security lights since it increases their exposure and the likelihood of getting spotted. Strategically installing energy efficient lights around your house decreases the chances of suffering a break in. Keep the bulbs high and out of reach to prevent malicious people from smashing or unscrewing them to camouflage their ill intent.

Replace the door locks

After moving into a new house, always make sure to change the locks to decrease the likelihood of someone having duplicate keys to your home. The previous occupants may have made extra copies and as a result, have unlimited access to your possessions. Make sure to retain the services of a reliable locksmith or install them yourself.

You can improve the security around the home to safeguard your household from danger and losses without incurring substantial expenses.

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