An Office That Moves People: 4 Factors That Influence Workplace Design

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WorkplaceDeciding the right layout for an office is important, yet often overlooked by many business owners. A well-designed workplace does not just impress clients and strengthen reputation; it can also boost productivity and efficiency of employees.

Workplaces are always changing to adapt to the shifting expectations and needs of every staff member. With today’s working environment, you are probably wondering how your office can better support your team. This article lists down the top four factors to consider when redesigning.


A noisy and crowded workplace can greatly affect an employee’s performance. As a result, they will constantly feel stressed, irritated, gloomy and grumpy. To reduce distractions, try separating energetic areas from quiet places. Not everyone can have a private office, so give each a workstation where someone can be alone., Perth’s leading provider of office fitout solutions, shares that one effective way is to install movable partitions.


Not too cold, not too hot. The right temperature is important to help employees concentrate on their work and perform better. To increase productivity, think about the thermal comfort in the workplace.


Your people are the key to your business’s success, so you need to think of their overall well-being. Your primary goal should be to improve their performance, keep them satisfied and make them happy with what they are doing. A thoughtful workplace design must allow employees to have control over their environment. Provide comfy and adjustable furniture, give them efficient technology or design floors to be slip-resistant.


Another thing you should think about is access to daylight, nature and views. An effective office layout must have good lighting conditions. Whether your office building is overlooking a mountain or not, you can modify your office design to maximise natural light.

Keep these things in mind before you start an office redesign. The right working environment is not just appealing, but also relaxing, motivating and functional.

How to Prevent Plumbing Problems from Getting Worse

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FaucetYour water bills are high, water continues to leak; your kitchen sink or toilet is clogged. These are just some common house problems that require the service of the plumber. While you’re waiting for the plumber to arrive, what can you do to temporarily solve the problem before it gets worse or your water bill skyrockets – especially with the recent news that California only has one year left of water.

Here are some tips that you can use before you get inundated with dirty, leaking water:

Call a Plumber

The first thing to do is to call plumbers in San Diego. To make sure you get a good plumber, it would be best to do your research before you encounter plumbing problems. It’s better that you already know whom to call than search through the directory.

And since plumbing needs immediate attention, choose a plumbing company than an individual. Otherwise, individual plumbers can always come up with an excuse. Plumbers who work for companies on the other hand are expected to report for work on schedule.

Find the Leak Source

Secondly, you need to know where the main switch to your water system is, including the hot water system and gas meter. When something goes wrong with the plumbing, you need to turn off the respective system to address the problem. Here are other things you can do while waiting for the plumber:

• When hot water is leaking, you should shut down the system and isolate it so you can continue to use cold water throughout the house. Usually, a separate isolation valve controls this.
• If there is any residual water leaking from taps or pipe connectors, you can try using duct tape to hold it off temporarily. Containers with towels placed underneath the pipes that leak can prevent water from spreading all over.
• For minor clogs on sinks and toilets, you can minimize blockage by using a cup plunger. Often, the drainage system will block over time and you can respond to it immediately if you hear a gurgling sound during the draining process.

It’s pretty hard to fix plumbing issues on your own, so if you want the job done quickly and more efficiently, hire a plumber instead.

Exploring Your Garden Personality

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GardenGardeners are as diverse as the gardens they create. Some gardeners are hopeless romantics, some are great thinkers, some are artists, and some are extroverts who are at their best when outdoors. Which one are you, and what kind of garden do you want to create?

The following is a brief guide to help you figure out your gardening personality:

The Romantic

For those who see the world through rose-coloured lenses, gardening is a great delight. Romantics create the most beautiful gardens inspired by the seductions of love. A private entrance and a serpentine path evoke a sense of mystery to an unfolding story. Have an expert, like those from, build a dreamy landscape for your private garden.

The Philosopher

For the introspective and the quiet, a garden of solitude and reflection will be perfect. Philosophers and thinkers value clean space. Avoid overgrowing flowers and go for form and foliage instead. A sturdy bench under a shady tree will do a good job at inspiring contemplation. Ask an expert to build a small pond to serve as focal point, while mirroring the thoughts and reflections of the owner.

The Whimsical

For those who celebrate colour and eccentricity, a garden made to accommodate memorabilia and unusual treasures will be the perfect fit. A whimsical garden is one filled with bold items from thrift garage sales and household junk turned into eye-catching décor. Embrace childlike frivolity with a brightly painted swing set. Unique foliage plants will complete the vibe of the space.

The Artist

For the painter, the writer, the filmmaker, having a garden that represents their craft is crucial. An artist’s garden is well-designed and drawn to beauty. It catches beautiful light, filled with modest colours that go together, and celebrates textures. Imitate the colours of Monet with redbuds and irises, and a little pond that reflects the light, colours and textures of the scene.

The Extrovert

For the entertainer and the social, a garden is a spot for gatherings and activities. Extroverts create the widest gardens, always after a space that accommodates everybody. Its size is toned down with modest foliage and simple pathways. The open space is adorned with inviting seating schemes and colourful accents. Adding festive lights will complete the mood and make the scene picture perfect.

The most beautiful gardens are those that mirror the passion, philosophy and personality of those who make them. Find your inspiration and build a garden that reflects you.

Big Mistakes Landlords Should Avoid

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HousesThough leasing houses is a profitable venture, not all property owners succeed in this business. Most proprietors blame their tenants, when they may be the ones who are the cause for concern.

More often than not, property owners are bringing their business down on their own. Companies that provide property management in San Diego note that property owners should avoid some crucial mistakes, particularly:

No love for tenants

Some landlords have a “do-it-yourself” attitude once tenants live in their place. This leads to occasional rows between tenants and their landlords. A good property owner maintains a cordial relationship with their tenants and assists them in their concerns and emergencies.

Negligent to facilities

Landlords should keep their apartments in good order before and after leasing them to tenants. Lack of maintenance in facilities will deter prospective tenants and cause current tenants to leave. Property owners should offer maintenance checks to their units.

Too strict

Some property owners tend to hold make unreasonable demands and strict rules. Being strict with tenants is sometimes necessary; overdoing it may ruin their relationship with their tenants. They should know when to be strict.

Too lenient

It’s bad for business if landlords are too lenient either. Allowing their tenants to skip payments too many times, for instance, will cause them to lose profits. Property owners have to be firm with their tenants sometimes, especially when it comes to rent payments and care of property.

Not creative

Lack of creative marketing ways for homes may force a property owner to look for other means of income. They can create online ads, promos, open house visits and other gimmicks to attract tenants in their places.

Inattention to finances

Overspending in marketing strategies and property management is also a reason landlords don’t get enough. They should monitor their expenses and make sure that these don’t exceed their profits.

Bad choice of tenants

It’s the proprietor’s fault if they have troublesome tenants who don’t take care of their property. They should conduct thorough background checks to make sure that they have responsible occupants in their apartments.

Some property owners fail in the real estate business due to the mistakes that they make on their own. They should take into account their tenants, facilities, strategies and right attitude if they want to succeed.

Winning the World: Why a Pretty Smile can Lead You to Greater Opportunities

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SmileA smile can say so many things. This simple gesture can tell who and what a person is. A smile is the primary feature people see in a person, especially when meeting them for the first time. This only shows how important smiling can be.

There are different factors that affect a good smile. One of the common reasons is an unpleasant oral condition, like discoloured, snagged and/or crooked teeth. These cases are actually easy to solve, with commercial products and accessible services. There is even a type of dental braces in Perth, in which the wearer doesn’t look like they have one. With the help of modern technology, there doesn’t seem to be any hindrance to showing a perfect smile.

A good smile has properties that attract great possibilities. It conveys emotions that tell people what to expect from the person. It can land them a good job, gain them friends, attract a partner, close a good deal, and even brighten someone else’s day.
So, what is in a smile?

1. Goodwill

The best way to show a good intention is a warm, inviting smile. This gesture promotes harmony and cooperation, and is the best way to win in a difficult situation. This is the major reason a person earns people’s trust and friendship.

2. Confidence

Nothing expresses optimism more than a wide beam. Even an awkward grin crosses the boundary from “I can’t” to “I think I can,” which is an essential step in fulfilling an objective. The simple act of smiling creates a mindset that anything is achievable.

3. Strength

Everyone undergoes an emotional turmoil that makes it difficult to put on a positive face. Despite the difficulty, trying to do so simply shows one’s power in overcoming difficult things. This display of bravery is a sign of perseverance as well, a particular character that appeals to employers, investors and sponsors.

A smile is a strong weapon anyone can wield to conquer the world. It foretells great possibilities that can happen anytime. This simple but genuine expression of happiness speaks of courage, benevolence, and all positive things. With that, even the bleakest chances brighten up.

The Major Life Change: Is Retirement Home for You?

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Old Couple Research shows that Utah is among the fastest aging states, ranking 6th in the country on the list of the quickest elderly population growth rate. Statistics also show that individuals aged 65 and older increased to 49,700 or up to 27% between 1990 and 2000. Experts say that in 2015, an individual will reach 65 years old every 23 minutes in the Beehive State.

As Utahns face the reality of aging, one of the important things to consider is the change in living environment. Although the default choice is to stay in a retirement community, there really are more options that most might think. The decision is one that might be for life, which makes it a bit overwhelming for others. It’s a major change in life that needs a lot of careful thought.

If you’re having trouble deciding where you will spend your twilight years, here are some things to consider. This will help you settle once and for all if independent living is right for you.

1. Health

Consider your present health condition and consult your doctor if you are at risk for diseases in the future. Health conditions may keep you from doing activities like washing the dishes, doing the laundry and other house chores. By staying in a retirement home, you won’t have to worry about all these. Retirement homes provide housekeeping services to make life easier for you.

If your health condition will need 24-hour help though, the best residence choice would be facilities that offer assisted living; Utah caregivers can help you maintain your health and provide assistance with routine activities like eating, bathing, or going to the bathroom.

2. Relationships

Before you decide on changing your living arrangements, ask yourself, “how will this major life change affect my relationships?” People are more likely to experience emotional problems like depression as they age. This is why it’s important that elderly people feel constant moral support from people.

Most retirement communities hold social activities. You can participate in holiday gatherings, fitness or arts and crafts programs, while interacting with peers.

3. Mobility

Moving around gets more difficult as you age. You will find it’s harder to drive and visit family and friends, attend social activities or keep doctor’s appointments with wobbly knees and poor eyes.

If you think mobility is bound to be an issue, then choose a retirement community. Other than amenities offered, most retirement communities provide easy and accessible transportation its residents.

Consider these things as you choose where you’ll spend your retirement years. Think about enlisting retirement homes in your options, so you can grow old happy and free.

5 Things to Avoid for a Successful Computerised Maintenance Management System

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Computerised Maintenance Management SystemIt’s important for any business to have a computerised maintenance management system to take on tasks more efficiently and manage maintenance work needs more proficiently. But, problems may still occur and maintenance scheduling and planning may still miss the mark. To prevent system failures, here are some things you must get rid of.

Wrong System Tools

Some tools are too diverse, complicated and time-consuming. Some lack key features for better scheduling and proper planning. suggest choosing a CMMS system that includes a detailed job plan, bona fide scheduling utility, work order that records estimate hours and available labour to capture job details.

Inadequate Staff

Even if you find the most advance CMMS system, lack of staff members may ruin your progress. As a rule of thumb, you must have one scheduler or planner to schedule 20 workers. Simply put, not having enough people to do a task means the task won’t be done correctly.

Insufficient Skills

Moreover, headcount alone won’t ensure the success of your management system. The planners you choose must undergo proper training and, as much as possible, have previous experience handling job plans and estimating. They also need people skills to work well with everybody and make realistic schedules.

Lack of Procedures to Follow

You should document the whole planning and scheduling cycle complete with responsibilities and decision points. By doing this, all employees would have a clear idea of their roles and understand how the entire process works.

Unsatisfactory Management Support

Even if the report is accurate and well-made, it wouldn’t matter if the manager doesn’t read it. If you have the right tools and reliable planners, the metrics would be precise. But, proper management is of utmost importance to make this accuracy matter.

Having a streamline computerised maintenance management system is important to serve your clients right consistently. Make sure to avoid these simple but damaging missteps to guarantee client satisfaction at all times.

Roofing 101: Things to Consider to Keep Your Roof in Its Best Condition

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tile roofEvery part of the house is important. Homeowners usually have some kind of maintenance system planned to keep rooms and corners in check. There’s the regular cleaning of indoor and outdoor areas, the regular ‘check-up’, and necessary home improvements and restorations.

But, not all parts of the house get the equal attention. People tend to overlook the areas they do not see every day or those that do not give them constant headaches because they seem to promise long-lasting quality. Case in point, your roof.

Some people only pay attention to their roofing until something obvious comes up — like a leak or peeling paint or tile. But, this should not be the case. There are proper ways to take care of your roof. Tile roof restoration providers from shares the following tips:

Awareness is the Key

Knowing the common roofing problems can help you save tons of money. Roof replacements can be very costly and some people are usually surprised by this. Being aware of what to watch for can help you prepare for future repairs and guide you in properly maintaining your roofing system.

Have a checklist

Do your research and know what are the things you need to consider in order to protect your roof. There are roof maintenance checklists available online and they can help you assess your roofing replacement or restoration needs. These checklists usually include the roofing type and materials that you need to be aware of and how to hire the right roofing contractors.

Check Your Roof for Problems

Include your roof in your regular home-ups. You can look for do-it-yourself tips on the web or you can hire a professional to do it for you if you are not confident that you can spot problems.

Know the Basic Repairs

If a problem does occur, it would be a big help if you know how to fix common problems yourself. For example, some leaks can be fixed by simply applying waterproof sealant. Look for DIYs and if you are sure that the problem is very minor, you can go ahead and try to solve the problem.

Terracota or tile roof restoration and replacement may sound so complicated and costly. You can avoid reaching this part if you know how to properly take care of your roof.

In Need of Container Transport? Here are 4 Things to Consider

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Container TransportAre you moving out or simply needs temporary storage for your items?  What should you first consider before buying or hiring the container or storage provider that is best for you?, a provider of sea container transport services, shares a brief guideline below:

Size Always Matters

The size you need will depend on the items you wish to store.  Here’s a guide to help you determine the right container size:

Size Recommended for:
1.5 x 1.5 Good for small furniture and boxes or approximately 80 archive boxes for document storage
2 x 3 Best recommended to fit an average one bedroom apartment
3 x 3 Good for contents of an average two bedroom unit
4.5 x 3 Can accommodate the contents of an average 3-bedroom home, including refrigerator, washing machine, and small items
6 x 3 Can hold the contents of up to four bedroom home; recommended for secure storage of a car, utility or boat
8 x 3 Best fit for contents as large as four of five bedroom home or a car, utility or a combination of these

Is it safe to transport containers by sea?

Company service providers for sea transport are bound by the ‘Safe Transport of Containers by Sea: Guidelines on Industry Best Practices’ which was published by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the World Shipping Council (WSC).  The guidelines were based on the international regulations and best practice procedures established by the industry to ensure the safety of customers’ cargo.

A good service provider makes you confident that your cargo are handled with care. They are also placed in right-sized containers that fit your budget. If you’re using the services for storage, make sure to discuss how long you’ll have the items in their warehouse. It’s better if they offer you keys, so you can access the items any time.

The Key to Becoming a Successful Motivational Speaker

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motivational speakerWhether they admit it or not, people need encouragement. Workers, in particular, can be drained by the 8 hours of non-stop working. Add workplace disagreements to the mix and employees are just about spent.

That is where motivational speakers come in. They are more than self-help gurus; they are tasked to connect with the audience and empower them for better productivity. You should deliver speeches on any issue involving the workplace. Most importantly, successful business motivational speakers should bring the passion to reach out and inspire.

Know Your Audience and Message

You can inject inspiration into anything but will fail miserably if you do not know your audience. Each group is different and it’s best to understand your target audience before delivering a speech. In the business setting, human resource personnel face different issues from management trainees.

Once you know your audience, choose a relevant and timely topic. Infuse your passion in your topic so that your audience will be secured in your confidence. Showing your audience that you are passionate with your topic assures them that they’re listening to an expert.

Improve Your Skills

As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” Whether you’re a rookie or veteran speaker, continuous training is vital for good speaking. You can enroll in public speaking classes offered at the local community college. Make yourself comfortable in larger group settings as often as possible.

Record your speeches. This enables you to see the areas you need to improve. In addition, hone your writing skills by posting on blogs, updating your website or publish articles. Not only will you improve your speech writing skills, you can also build good relations.

Level Up Promotions

Make people know about your services. Your goal should be to speak in an auditorium or conference room rather than your basement. Consult business agencies if they need motivational speakers. Develop an effective marketing plan. If possible, register with speaker bureaus and offer them your services.

Lastly, invite feedback from people to know more points of improvement.

Having the passion to speak is not enough to be successful. You must have the skills and determination to establish yourself in the speaking arena. Only then will you become excellent in motivating people to be excellent themselves.