Duplex Housing Style: Is it Right for You?

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living roomIt is easy to understand why many families are choosing to live in a duplex. Apart from it being affordable, a duplex can also provide a rental income source, especially for those considering owning one. This makes it perfect for first-time homebuyers, those on a moderate budget and anyone wanting a low-maintenance living environment in a premium location.

Read on and find out if duplex housing style is right for your situation:

Grown Child with an Elderly Parent

Duplex is a practical choice if you have an independent elderly parent who wants to live with you. You will have the option to subdivide your property to provide a secondary dwelling for your loved one. VisiononeProjects.com.au suggests looking at duplex designs to find a layout that will suit your existing property.

Single Parent

If you are a single parent with one or two children, a duplex home style is a good choice. This can provide an adequate living space for you and your growing child at a more affordable cost of living. Many duplexes today are also located in good neighbourhoods, so you can find a good school for your little one.

First-Time Homebuyer

Young couples and first time homebuyers can do well and get by with a smaller dwelling, like a duplex. This costs less and will free up the much-needed money for your furnishings, cars and others. There are also property developers who can help you build a duplex based on your budget and special requirements.


If you don’t see the need for a big house, you can choose to live in a duplex. Downsizing or giving up a big home can free up some cash that you can put in liquid investments or extra savings. You also have the option to develop or subdivide your property for extra income.

A duplex housing style is also ideal for investment purposes. You may find an advantageous purchase or develop one, live in one of the units and rent out the others. This may work well if you have a relative or a friend you would like to have living nearby.

Kitchen and Dining Area with a Middle Eastern Twist

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Middle eastern twistA Middle Eastern theme for your kitchen and dining area presents a plethora of opportunities to be imaginative and colourful, combining ideas that make the entire space a true work of art. Multiple influences in styles of architecture and interior décor comes into play, and your personal touch will make the entire theme as your own.

Here are some innovative ways to implement this kind of touch if you decide to remodel:

Geometric Patterns Create that Extra Touch

Geometric patterns are probably the most recognisable artistic trait of the Middle Eastern designs. You can incorporate this feature to your area rugs or tiles. This could also be a great choice for framed wall art to create that welcoming feel for your kitchen and dining area.

Splashes of Colour Make All the Difference

When it comes to colour, you’ll never run out of choices for your Middle Eastern theme. Like the ones you see in the draped doorways of busy outdoor markets or a belly dancer’s costume, colours bring the life to the entire design. Splashes of colours work best with exceptional Dubai lighting design. Complement these bright lights with colourful sheer curtains or tables and chairs.

Ornate Carved Metals Provide Room Accents

Gold and silver metal furnishings have the Middle Eastern vibe that is perfect for your kitchen design. This serves as a throwback to the earlier Arabian eras, while giving your kitchen a traditional twist. You can buy elaborately designed candleholders for your dining table’s centrepiece.

Floor Seating Add a Different Vibe

Why not build a pallet draped in pillows and soft carpets to make your dining area cosier? This is specifically great for social gatherings and dinner parties. Choose a low table and surround it with a ring of cushions. In addition, have a traditional hookah pipe in the centre for a genuine Middle Eastern experience.

Make your kitchen and dining area more stunning by incorporating elements of Middle Eastern art and innovative interior design ideas. When the remodelling is complete, invite your closest friends for a grand Arabian party.

Take 5: Not Just About Safety

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Build Self ConfidenceWhen it comes to risk assessment, Take 5 for Safety is among the first programs that come to mind. It’s a bible for identifying hazards in the surroundings and managing all forms of risks present in the area, including the PPE and tools needed for the activity, before commencing work.

While it’s obviously designed to make a construction, a mining, or any industrial site a safer place, it doesn’t stop there; in fact, it was never intended to eliminating the possibility of accidents alone. Even if they’re not really considered afterthoughts, using this program lets your workers:

Think about the Task

Step number one in any Take 5 book from bsprint.com.au is to stop and get the brain on the right track to carry out the task at hand properly. A valuable lesson and a useful habit to develop, training your workers to think of all the processes involved in the activity is essential for streamlining your operations.

Other than identifying the risks, focusing on the things they have to do methodically helps workers plan the best course of action to perform the industrial activity in the most efficient way possible.

Build Confidence

A worker with high self-confidence is someone well-informed with the task at hand and the scenarios that may happen as the result of his actions. Knowledge is the root of all this; as long as your workers know nothing bad would occur because every possible hazard is already managed before work is a huge confidence booster.

Finish the Job Faster

With all the hazards out of the way, nothing else could hinder your workers from doing their utmost and completing with their activities with efficiency. Discovering potential risks along the way disrupts the smooth flow of the operation, slowing down your workers.

Excellent use of the Take 5 program not only keeps the level of risks of industrial activities to a minimum, but also helps your workers be at their best.

Millennials and the Practicality of Hiring Personal Trainers

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Personal fitness trainerThe Millennials exercise their minds, fingers, and eyes the first thing in the morning when they scroll down Twitter feeds and reply to Facebook messages. The health trends online keep them interested in joining yoga classes and running marathons, but that’s usually as far as the majority goes –staying interested.

A Trainer’s Purpose

Personal fitness trainers serve as physical – and often daunting – reminders of health goals waiting to be realized. Their mere presence helps the mind focus on the body, the equipments, and the movements that happen in the present. Even without saying anything, they make common excuses to skip out sound like a coward’s anthem.

A professional’s guidance enables the distracted generation of young people to stay physically and mentally fit amidst the popularity of fastfood and idle entertainment. fitnessU.com.au says motivations to become a personal trainer vary per person, but those motivations prove strong enough to keep people on the treadmill until they’ve reached their goals.

It’s Personal

Muscle cramps after jogging. A high fever the morning after doing strength exercises. Millennials do what they do best in these situations – consult the web and make changes based on the opinion of people they haven’t met. While some websites release health information with the assistance of reputable people in the health and sports industries, their generalized solutions serve a generalized audience.

Personal trainers take into consideration other contributing factors such as weight, previous injuries, and possibly undiagnosed conditions. They trim the general information on the web and tailor fit it to their clients to create well-informed individuals.

Healthy Distractions

Due to the increasing demand to make everything computer-generated, the ability of Millennials to stay mindful of the physical world abates. Hours spent offline, therefore, should be spent as productively as hours spent online. Personal trainers act as healthy distractions against the beckoning of mobile phones and computers.

The affordability of personal trainers depends on a person’s budget and the type of training aimed at. The practicality of having one regardless of the price, however, proves just how much Millennials need help to stay physically fit in an era where mental fitness reigns.

Home Improvements and Building Extensions

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home extensionsYou may feel the need for a major change in your Perth home, but you are not exactly ready to build a new one. A good alternative to a new is to plan building extensions.

A building extension is different from a regular reno because you are adding floor space to an existing structure. As such, you will need to consult with your local council for the permits you will need. Before you get to that, decide on what kind of extension works the best for you. In most cases, you will want the extension to blend naturally into the overall look of your home. Otherwise, it might look a little off.

Room Extension

The easiest extension you can do is to open up a wall and construct an extra room. It can be as a sunroom for your living area, an extension of your kitchen, or greenhouse for your indoor garden.


You can choose to make a separate building from the house and use it as a rec room or a granny flat, suggests Granny Flats WA. You can simply repurpose an unused garage or shed and expand it a little to make it more presentable. You can put in a game room, or even a spa.

Extra Bathroom

You might feel the need to add another bathroom to the existing ones just to keep the peace! With a growing family, bathroom time can become a major issue. You can add it to the back of your house, or convert a part or the whole of an existing room. Your major costs will be in putting in the plumbing.

Another Floor

You may also dare to add another story to your home, provided the foundation can take it, of course. It will be a major undertaking, but it is a good way to expand your living space without eating up your yard space. It is also ideal when you have very little open space to work with. An additional floor will certainly increase space as well as your home’s market value.

Whatever building extensions you decide on for your home, make sure that you take the time to seek out the best architects and builders you can afford. It will save you many headaches later on.

Signs Your Garden Needs a New Look

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House gardenIs your garden scaring away people with its eerily haunted look? Maybe the old, decaying trees with their low lying branches stir up the imagination of your neighbours. This may indicate that your garden is probably sending you hints that it needs a major or minor makeover.

Beaver Tree Services cites that getting rid of fallen branches, old trees, and weeds, can improve your garden and give your home a fresh new look.

Old or Weather-Damaged Trees

Old and storm-damaged trees appear dead with their fallen or broken branches. This decaying look makes your garden seem ravaged and desolate. They not only detract from your home’s exterior, they also pose a safety hazard as debris might fall on unsuspecting passersby.

Removing these trees will revive your garden. You do not have to remove the entire tree, if it remains relatively intact. Salvage it by having it pruned and cut in a certain way that makes your yard and its surrounding plants look good.

Pruning an old tree allows natural light to fall into your garden and house. Natural mixed with ambient and layered lighting gives a spacious appearance and highlights the best parts of your home’s façade. Try different ways to landscape to improve your property’s appeal.

Too Much Vegetation

Too many weeds in your garden means that you are not properly taking care of it. These weeds make it difficult for flowers and other plants to grow as they take all of the water and nutrients. Homeowners are at risk of bush fires when an overgrowth of vegetation is prevalent in their yard.

Weeds also make parking hard as seeing the curb and space will be challenging. Have them cleared to replan your garden’s landscape.

The Flowers and Plants Stop Growing

The presence of dead flowers and plants or if they stop growing like before may mean that they lack enough water and sunlight. Trees surrounding your garden may have limited the amount of sun your plants get on a daily basis. Trim leaves, prune branches, or cut them down to provide ample sunlight to your garden.

These are just a few indicators that your garden needs a makeover. Consult with a gardener or landscape artist to plan your next move.

How Much Enrichment Can Our Kids Take?

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Enriching the kidsSome child psychologists say that enrichment classes can help a child gain confidence and do well in school. However, others state that it would be better for the kids to spend time with their families rather than in enrichment classes.

Which view is right? The fact is, both are, as the Heguru Education Centre explains below.

Moderation is the X-Factor

It would be so easy for parents to let their kids loose after school to spend their time as they want. These days, that usually means playing a computer game or watching TV. There is nothing wrong with that unless that is all they do.

Enrichment classes provide a chance for kids to explore other interests, and to help them find their focus. On the other hand, cramming in so many classes that the kid becomes too tired is not good as well.

The key word here is moderation. A little unstructured time every day and a few enrichment classes a week should be just about right.

The Right Perspective

It is important to remember that enrichment classes are for the kids, not the parents. The purpose of enrichment classes is to give a kid a boost. It is not a substitute for parenting.

Most parents nowadays are so busy with work and other things that they have little time to spend with their kids. Many try to make up for this lack of attention by sending their kids off to as many enrichment classes as they can without regard for the kid’s interest. On the other hand, parents may be choosing enrichment classes in hopes of pushing their child to overachieve.

Either of these motivations can make the kid feel stressed and unwanted. Parents should consult with their kids about what enrichment classes they want to join, and limit it to a few hours a week.

Enrichment classes can help Singapore parents help their children become more confident and accomplished. However, overdoing it can do more harm than good. The best way to go with enrichment classes is to find the middle ground.

So You Want to Build a Two-Storey Home? Benefits and Potential Drawbacks

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Two storey homeAmong the many initial decisions when having your house built is whether to go with a single-storey home or a two-storey one. There are conflicting views on the subject, but depending on your personal specifications and the site of your future home, building a two-storey home comes with benefits and potential drawbacks.

Benefits of Two-storey Homes

In general, two-storey homes are more affordable per square foot since the most costly aspects, such as the roof and foundation costs, are averaged on a smaller footprint over a bigger square footage. Two-storey homes can also be more energy efficient since less roof area and exteriors walls will be subjected to weather conditions. Likewise, the roof will be smaller, which means easier maintenance. Plumbing is also easier to plan and install due to shorter distances.

If your land has awesome views, two-storey homes will allow you to keep the view from the second floor of your home. Two-storey house plans also offer flexibility since they involve more connection points for a porch, which can easily transform the style of your home should you wish to later on. Also, since you’ll be taking up less home and land space, you can easily expand your home to include additional outdoor spaces whether during the initial construction or as an expansion later on. In addition, you also get more privacy because of the second floor option.

Potential Drawbacks of Two-storey Homes

A potential drawback of building two-storey homes is the construction of the stairway. It can use up a considerable amount of the home’s square footage and add extra costs. Likewise, attic and ceilings heights are normally lower when compared to single storey homes with an equal size. It must be noted, however, that with the right homebuilders, novus-homes.com.au says these potential drawbacks can be resolved.

In the end, deciding to go with a two-storey home will usually be based on your personal preferences and how and where you envision yourself and your family now and in the near future.

Solving the Riddles of Your Upcoming Ceiling Renovation

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It is not all excitement when you are thinking about a home renovation. There are so many things to think about, and planning is necessary. For instance, you need to decide on material options and choose from an array of ceiling design alternatives.

Available Materials

custom ceilingCornices and plasterboard, which are some of the commonly used products, are made from gypsum. Some homeowners still go for traditional building materials such as wood, while others go for metal alloys. Contemporary homes utilise mineral fibre acoustical ceiling materials. Other options in this category are fibreglass and bio-acoustic products.

Design Solutions

Each layout or design comes with a specific price tag that covers the quality and workability of the materials as well as the labour costs. If you want to save as much as you can, go for a simple concrete finish and leave it bare or with paint, if there’s money to spare. Another affordable option is to go for a dropped ceiling with plaster or polymer tiles.

One of the advantages of a dropped ceiling is the variety of lighting options available; that is if you have the budget for new fixtures. If you want an organic and traditional look, wood panels are the go-to building materials. Now, if cost is not an issue, there is always the option of customisation.

Your Personal Choice

If you are going for a certain look, find a local company that offers custom ceiling services. You can even find skilled artisans who can create ceiling art painting. If the preference is a play on textures instead of colour, plenty of options are available as well. Consider the option of installing acoustical materials that are designed to reduce the noise in the enclosed space.

Manufacturers produce a wide array of designs to fit a variety of aesthetic requirements. Acoustic ceiling products are mostly used in commercial applications. Nevertheless, the choice to install acoustical products is yours to make.

3 Smart Home Security Equipment You Should Purchase

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Smoke DetectorsWhen it comes to staying safe and secure in your home, there are plenty of technological additions that you can make to your property. These devices are now considered must-haves, especially with the rising number of fire-related cases.

Quality fire detection systems, when combined with the proper emergency planning, can lower the risks of you or your loved ones, as well as your property, being severely affected. And in more serious cases, these technologies can also help prevent unnecessary fatalities.

So, if you do not have a clear idea about which home security systems to add to your home, take a look at these three crucial components of a fire detection system.

1. Heat Detectors

These are often used in areas associated with dirty environments. In a commercial setting, heat detectors are common in places where dense smoke, in large volumes, is common. In your home, these can help prevent the spread of fires in your kitchen or garage.

2. Flame Detectors

Flame detectors are designed to analyze and detect certain types of light, particularly infrared, visible, and ultraviolet lights. These three light types are produced typically by combustion-generated flames.

Having a flame detector in your kitchen is a good investment.

3. Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are the most popular of all types of fire detection equipment. They can detect both visible and invisible smoke. There are two classifications of such detectors: the photoelectric detectors and the ionization detectors.

While you do not necessarily need all three of these at once, it is highly recommended to get at least one of them as soon as possible. Doing this will give you peace of mind. Do not put yourself, your loved ones, and your property at the risk of being severely affected by fires: work with a provider of home security systems may homeowners trust.