Strengthening Your Content Marketing Strategies

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practicing white label seoContent plays a more mature role in today’s online marketing strategies, creating a difference in the customer acquisition funnel. With some of the big brands giving their all when it comes to content marketing, the competition for higher search rankings and lead generation has never been fiercer. How do you keep up a strong presence amidst all the noise?

Maximize the Power of Visuals

When Google launched its Hummingbird update, we’ve seen many brands reach epic proportions by integrating visual media with white label SEO reseller solutions. Photos, infographics, podcasts, and other types of visual media help in building engagement, increasing sales, and making the content share-worthy on social sites.

Monitor Results

With the ever-changing search landscape, one cannot be too sure of what tomorrow may promise. To make sure your brand stays afloat even with sudden changes and updates from Google, measuring results should be part of your content marketing strategy. With a good deal of data, it would be easier to direct your campaign to the right direction if you find certain elements to be ineffective.

Fortifying Your Content Strategy

The secret to effective content marketing is sensible planning combined with creativity. Content isn’t all about presenting information to consumers; it must also focus on making a conversation that will lead to conversion. Rather than simply stating facts and sounding like the persistent salesperson, you need to make the experience more personal for your audience.

India Remains World’s Top Outsourcing Hub

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Despite Metro Manila’s rise to second spot, India still dominates Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations for 2014.


Top Outsourcing HubThe Philippines snatched two spots in the top ten, as Metro Manila landed second and Cebu City ranked eighth. India, however, retained its domination in the outsourcing industry, scoring six out of ten in the top list.

Bangalore still sits at number one, while Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune were in the third to seventh spots, respectively.

Mumbai descended one spot from being last year’s second, losing to the Philippine capital.

Poland’s Krakow rose one spot and landed in ninth place, besting the Irish capital Dublin and dropping to the tenth place.

Other cities

China scored four spots on top 20 with Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, and Shenzhen in spots number 11, 12, 14, and 15, respectively.

Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, the Czech Republic, and Costa Rica are also part of the top 20.

The Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations is one of the flagship projects of Tholons acknowledged by the industry’s giants as the de facto ranking of the world’s outsourcing cities.

Twitter Employs Cookie-Based Ad Targeting

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Twitter Inc. will start displaying advertisements to users based on their browsing history. This move makes the social media giant the latest Internet company to employ controversial but widespread tracking technology.

twitterThe New Feature

Twitter’s advertising feature enables marketers to use cookies. These small data stored in the user’s computer contain information about the sites they previously visited.

According to the company, they would begin testing the ad targeting, joining other sites such as Facebook Inc, Google Inc, Amazon Inc, and others that rely on technology to serve ads.

Disabling the Feature

This new feature, which is expected to raise advertising rates and revenue, launches in the middle of public debate over erosion of online privacy. The company would abide by requests to disable the feature “Do Not Track” selection in their browsers. The company also said that users can choose not to receive “promoted content’’ in their privacy settings.

According to Twitter, 10 companies, including AdRoll, BlueKai, and Qauntcast will initially provide the tracking data.

China Sees Foreign Investment Increase

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Foreign direct investment (FDI) in China has increased by 5.8% in the first 10 months of the year, compared to 2012, highlighting a reviving appetite from global investors.

Surge in investment

chinaGovernment figures show that China drew $97 billion in foreign investment from January to October, with October’s inflow higher by 1.2% at $8.4 billion, compared to a year earlier.

Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Shen Danyang said foreign investment rules would remain stable and transparent as China conducted its reform agenda, citing multiple reports.

Last week, Beijing announced the major changes in laws in years, including relaxing the one child policy and opening up the financial industry.

FDI inflows in China have maintained steady growth, attributed to the majority of investment into the country including Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.

Health of economy

Investment from the European Union, on the other hand, rose to $6.4 billion during the first ten months, up 22.3%, while inflows from the US rose 12.4% to $3 billion.

Figures of foreign investment in October were higher by 1.24% from last year, the ministry has claimed. Last month, however, it was slightly higher with $8.8 billion.

Befriend Risks to Succeed at Doing Business with a Friend

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business partnerYou might have heard it many times: never do business with a friend if you don’t want to end up as enemies. Despite the cleanest intentions and highest hopes from both parties, doing business with a friend may bring about undesirable outcomes.

This fact, however, doesn’t absolutely mean you will not enjoy what BFFs like Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, or childhood buddies Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, founders of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream brand, enjoyed while building their companies. Other than knowing each other’s strengths and weakness or what both sides can bring to the table, the secret to building a successful business with a friend is to know the risks and avoid them. Whether you and your friend are to form a startup or an LLC, below are some of the hazards and difficulties of the prospect.

Failure to Create a Line Between Work and Friendship

Many friends inevitably bring barbecue and football talks to work. Whether it’s intentional or not, friends should not feel too casual about doing business. There should be a line separating friendship from business. One way to eliminate the unnecessary tolerance to this dilemma is to define roles and responsibilities within the organization. Take everything into writing and contracts so both parties will have no excuse.


Money makes friends act “funny” in business. Money can affect you and your friend in two ways: when there’s scarcity and when there’s prosperity. With regard to the first case, friends should be ready to invest and lose money. Define the financial risks so no one will play the blame game. When it comes to the second case, friends should learn how to divide the business profits and equities. It will be safe if you’ll hire an accountant to deal with the finances.

Thinking They’re on The Same Level

Friends get caught in an unwanted frenzy when they’re confused about who’s the leader and who’s the subordinate. At the initial phase of the business, you will be engaged in the same activities. But as the enterprise expands, being engaged in the same responsibility isn’t a wise decision. This means one of you should be willing to step down and be a subordinate. An ideal business founded through friendship should have a 51-49 setup. With this setup, one of you has the decision-making power. Always refer to the printed copy of responsibilities and obligations to ensure fairness.

Doing business with friends is a choice whose fate can only be determined by you and your buddy. It works out like a marriage; you and your friend act as the couple, while the business is your baby. It needs care and sensitivity. When building an enterprise or an LLC, you should choose a partner without basing on what he’s done as a drinking buddy or a wingman. Choose someone whom you can trust and effectively collaborate ideas with. Let Google and Ben and Jerry’s be your inspiration.

World Faces ‘Wine Shortage’

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The world is suffering from a growing wine shortage that’s already getting worse, Morgan Stanley Research has warned.

wine in glassShortage fears

The company says demand for wine “exceeded supply by 300m cases in 2012,” making it “the deepest shortfall in over 40 years of records.”

Morgan Stanley’s analysts Tom Kierath and Crystal Wang say the shortage comes despite the fact that there are one million wine producers globally, making 2.8 billion cases every year. That’s enough to keep up with the world demand, though.

They pointed out that global wine consumption has been increasing since 1996 and presently amounts to 3 billion cases each year.

Growing demand

Last year, global supply of wine already barely exceeded demand.

At the current pace, a global shortage of wine is quickly approaching. Global production has been steadily decreasing since 2004, when supply outweighed demand.

Overall, global production has been on a downward trend ever sine 2000s, when there were still massive excesses.

Wine has become particularly popular in France, as the economy booms and the standard of living there rises. The French are still the world’s largest consumers of wine.

The Need for more than Just Speed: The Beauty of Luxury Cars

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Luxury cars are a dream for many, but owned only by the privileged few. As the name suggests, it’s more than the regular sedan everybody in your neighborhood is probably driving. It’s a car designed with a very high degree of excellence, comfort, beauty, and speed in mind. Of the many brands around, one of the most trusted names when it comes to luxury cars is Audi.

Audi car dealers

One of the great features of luxury cars is that it looks as great on the outside as it does inside. It comes with a whole range of ultra-special features, upgrades, and gadgets that help make your driving experience better. Say you’re from New York; nothing says you’ve made it big than by rolling into the Big Apple in an Audi. You just need to visit the local Audi dealers in Brooklyn and find the unit that fits you.

More than Just a Car

Luxury cars are often designed for those who think beyond ordinary. The comfort and advanced features of these vehicles are in a class of their own. The main selling point of these cars is that they spell class all the way. Driving an Audi A8 sedan Quattro, for example, is not just about owning a car; it’s also a matter of prestige. Owning an Audi, or a BMW, Mercedes Benz, and other luxury brands means you’re not just buying a car, but also staking your claim that you’ve made it to the big leagues.

A Way of Life

Luxury cars are for the people who look at cars with a different perspective. Visiting the certified local Audi dealers in Brooklyn and getting your own ride is more than just making a purchase. These cars are an extension of your personality, as you choose the brand, model, and design based on your personal preferences. You choose the car because you feel you will get along with it and that it will make your driving experience better.

Prestige and Class

Everything from the power windows, state-of-the-art brake systems, advanced powertrain, to the keyless locking systems and Bluetooth wireless technology makes luxury cars a cut above the rest. These cars are also becoming more affordable, as the competition becomes tighter. The difference from the regular cars then lies in the brand name, the extra features, and the attached prestige.

Buying luxury cars, whether it’s an Audi, BMW, or some other brand, is really about buying into a certain lifestyle. When you drive these cars down the road, people only stare in awe. As they say, you get what you pay for, and more.

Trade Shows: Where Everyone Is Your Competitor

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Trade shows are like a flash mob of businesses packed into a compact space. Everyone’s vying for attention and this might be in the form of distributing branded items, giving freebies, or just talking about their products.

With so many companies making the same product as yours, how will you make your business different? Here’s how.

Let the creative juices flow

trade show booths

You’re wasting your time if you promote the traditional way. With over a hundred businesses competing inside that place, you’ll less likely attract a single customer if you have a boring sales strategy. Let your creative juices flow. You can design your booth and set up an attractive custom display or think of a mini contest you can hold inside your booth. Invite some speakers, be enthusiastic, and entice people to enter that mini contest, you’re on your way to great marketing.

Be where your competitors aren’t

If you’ve seen a marketing tradeshow, you’ve probably seen dozens of booths that promote the same kinds of product. And the result is minimal or no customers. Lining up with them makes it harder for your business to stand out. Look for a spot where you can be the only vendor of your product type for an uncontested sales approach.

Talk worthy

Other than setting up the most innovative and illuminated custom display on your booth, you need to have something worth talking about. Avoid out of the world chitchats. Educate and inform people about what your products can do for them. You won’t stand out from branding alone. Speak up, educate, and answer all your potential customers’ concerns for a more effective trade show.

Target the right market

If you attended a racecar show and you’re offering accessories for SUVs, then you’re less likely to attract customers. Define who you want to meet by function and title when you attend a trade show. Just because you’re offering car accessories doesn’t mean all car enthusiasts will buy it. Target the right people to avoid wasting time and money.

Of course, you should start building connections after the show. Trade shows, especially when done the right way, can generate huge leads and build a strong community around your brand. Keep in mind that the end of the show is just the beginning of your business’ success.

Achieve Online Success With These Internet Business Ideas

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building your business successThe Internet has changed the way people do business. In fact, new types of businesses have been established by enterprising individuals who’ve made the most of the online marketplace opportunity. If you’re planning to start an Internet-based venture, here are some ideas you may want to consider:

Virtual assistant service

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who work remotely and deliver administrative or clerical support services to clients anywhere in the world. To communicate, the virtual assistant and the client use phone, email, and chat or instant messaging.

Succeeding in this line of work requires a steady and reliable Internet connection. Most clients are strict about maintaining communication and receiving regular updates regarding the tasks they assign. If you’re required to send large volumes of data, you may want to switch to an Ethernet First Mile or EFM line for faster connectivity.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a revenue-sharing business model between an online business and a website owner. If you have a website or blog, you’ll simply agree to accept advertisements that promote the advertisers’ products. his will hopefully send potential buyers to the their site – especially if your customers/readers share a mutual interest. The model here usually is a revenue-sharing agreement based one. Depending on the agreed percentage, the business owner usually splits the profits with you.

Drop shipping

With a drop ship business, the USP is that you’ll be able to sell products even without handling or stocking them. You’ll just pick the item you sold from a remote warehouse and then ship it direct to the buyer. As drop shipping doesn’t require you to stock inventory, the main benefit is that you won’t have to put money into purchasing any of the products. All you need to do is merely take orders for products and pass them to the wholesaler or manufacturer. In turn, they see to it that the items are delivered to your customer. In this process, you can expect to earn a substantial commission, but not as much as you would do buying direct, unfortunately. Where drop shipping is most advantageous, however, is in that it allows individuals to run business without worrying the significant cost associated with buying and holding physical stock.

Hopefully you’ve gained an insight through this article into how the online environment has made business somewhat simpler. These are just some of the business ideas that you can do online. Regardless of the entrepreneurial direction you wish to take, you have to make sure that your Internet connection is fast and efficient. Investing in a secure EFM connection, for example, can make a lot of difference in the success of your online venture. Think of it as your first step in starting your online business.

Optimizing Your Website: A Key Advertising Strategy

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In a country where most people rely on the Internet to purchase goods and to find services, it’s important that your website is search engine optimized. Search engine optimization can establish your website’s presence on the World Wide Web. It can make your website visible across search engine results like those of Google, helping you draw potential customers to your business. By optimizing your website, you can increase your web traffic. Higher traffic can then lead to bigger business opportunities for your company.

Making use of website elements such as menus, titles, content, images, and keywords, effective professional search engine optimization services work by placing your website on top of popular search engines’ result pages.

SEO Defined

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of obtaining traffic from the free, editorial, organic, and natural listings on different search engines. When you search for something on search engines like Google, you’ll see a search result containing web pages, videos, local listings, and images. SEO services work by optimizing websites so that they can have a better rank on different search engine result pages.

SEO targets different kinds of search, including news search, local search, image search, video search, academic search, and even industry-specific search engines. As an Internet advertising strategy, SEO considers what people search for, how different search engines work, the keywords or actual search terms people type, and which search engines are preferred by the audience.

Helping Businesses Reach Online Success

Hiring SEO services and optimizing your website can help you reach online success. By placing you on top of search engines results pages, it can help you find new clients and customers not just in the country, but in different parts of the world. SEO services can bring you a higher return on investment or ROI than any other form of marketing. As it works to secure your rank on search engines, you’ll receive customers consistently.

SEO services can increase online visibility. As more and more people see your website and your line of products and services, you’ll have an opportunity to develop better brand recognition and awareness.

Whether you’re a startup or have been in the business for years, search engine optimization services can help your business succeed. To learn more about SEO services, click here.