Different Types of Metadata & Their Relevance

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Metadata in SEOGoogle and VG Media had a fairly publicized feud recently; the German publishers hate that Google makes money out of their content and demand the search giant to pay. The leading search engine didn’t comply and instead removed the news snippets and images from the results, leaving just the headline and the link to the page.

As a consequence, the group of publishers suffered an 80% drop in site traffic and substantial loss of profits.

This legal battle is a gem for all SEOs in America for one reason: it underscored the value of metadata. In a nutshell, these tags serve as brief text pieces that describe a page’s content. They come in many forms, and two remain relevant today—the meta title and the meta description.

Apart from letting search engines know what a particular page is all about, their other SEO benefits are incredible.

A Major Ranking Factor

One of the factors that have a significant impact on your pages is the title tag. It primarily acts as the title of the web page, rendering Internet browsing easier when many tabs are open at the same time. Google sees this as a chief element of user experience. That’s why titles that aptly define the information in the page can get key points added to rankings.

Instant Advertisement

Meta description—or the page’s snippet—can help generate the number of clicks your page registers. A good meta description tells what the content is all about to compel users to visit your site. The keywords inserted in the description appear in bold.

Weight of Meta Keywords

According to the experts in Chicago SEO services at C1-partners.com, the meta keywords lost their glitter as the star of Google because of stuffing. The leading search engine saw that they’re prone to abuse by black hat practices, and so practically ruled these tags out of the equation.

Of all the web elements, no site owner should ignore metadata. SEO campaigns succeed by optimizing them, and from this stems higher rankings and site visits.

4 Cheap and Sure Fire Ways to Get More Customers

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Store Front AdvertisingSmall businesses can’t afford the impressive marketing campaigns that big brands come up with, but they have to attract customers, too. ROI is everything in this scenario; when your advertising budget is limited, you want to get the most value for your money. What methods get the best results for the lowest price, but are still easily available?

  1. Signage – Good signage outside your store is one of the most efficient things you can ever invest in. The rewards are numerous; not only do you attract much more walk-in traffic, you will also make it easier for customers to find you. Backlit LED business signage can also make the surroundings safer with its illumination. Perhaps most importantly, your premises will gain a more professional appearance.
  2. Wrap advertising – Similar to the above, wrapping company vehicles is an exceptionally cheap yet highly effective advertising method that every business should implement. High quality sticker decals are durable enough to last for years, though are easy to replace when necessary, and will transform the business’s fleet into mobile billboards.
  3. Local contests –Holding a contest gets your name out on the local market, and with luck, news outlets may even pick it up and give you additional publicity. The publicity you gain far outweighs whatever you might spend, from start to finish. Sponsoring an event is also a valid method. In general, getting involved with the community always pays off.
  4. Referral programsRewarding your customers for bringing in their friends has two major advantages. First is that this method will only cost you whenever you make a sale. Second, people are always more likely to trust a business that was referred to them by someone they know, so this is an excellent way to gain more regular customers.

Some methods can potentially have even better ROI, but require extensive research and industry knowledge. These are more or less guaranteed to have an excellent return. Remember that although you can scale advertisements up, more dollars does not automatically guarantee better results. It is best to stick to tried and tested media.

7 Under-the-Hood Techniques to Tune Up Your SEO

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SEO strategyMany Australian businesses rely on SEO to meet their marketing needs. If the same is true for yours, then you have probably heard of dozens of techniques suggesting ways to upgrade your strategies. You may have also came across dark tricks in gaining overnight success and found out they were more devastating than helpful in the end.

Once again, here are some tricks you should include in your SEO efforts from the founder of KISSmetrics, Neil Patel. These tips do not promise you will become a rock star after a few hours, but you will find success if you practice diligence and consistency.

Securing your Site

Google values websites that respect privacy limits. Adding encryption to your site gives your site both ranking signal and user signal. The signal for these encryptions is “https://” and then followed by the URL.

Add Fully Optimised images or Videos

Images and videos help the site rank higher on Image or Universal Search. Not only does it add value to the user, but it also helps improve your SERPrankings. You can look for SEO companies in Perth that offers this kind of specialised optimisation services to help your campaign.

Build an Image Sitemap

Creating an image map boosts rankings on Google’s Image Search. It only takes additional information in your existing xml sitemap.

Sprinkle Schema Everywhere

Use schema integration to boost your SERP rankings. Many sites are not well versed in this technique, with only 0.3% using it. For hard workers, though, schema is relatively easy to learn.

Clean up Your Link Profile

An updated link profile is another powerful tool often underestimated. Spam-proofing your link profile by disengaging from low-authority sites helps clear your online reputation in an effort to earn Google’s trust.

Create URLs with Specific Keywords

Apparently, Google still uses exact words to fetch your websites. To use this, create a specific targeted page for long tail keywords in the URL.

Use Target Keywords across Your Entire Site

Sprinkle your keywords throughout your domain to convince Google that your site has what the searcher needs.

SEO is definitely made more challenging this year, but not for those who work hard in legitimate ways. With these under-the-hood techniques, your SEO campaigns will surely thrive this year.

Mobile, Social Top Priorities for Australian Local Marketers

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Marketing in Australia is set to move towards becoming even more digital, mobile, and social this 2015, according to a survey.

kpi google analyticDigital, Mobile, and Social

More and more businesses and organisations are seeing the benefits of marketing, particularly through the evolving channels such as digital, mobile, and social, according to a survey by marketing tech company Salesforce. The study found that about 85% of marketers surveyed plans to increase, or at least maintain their marketing spending this year despite budgetary problems being one of the most pressing challenges for businesses.

Australia’s marketing industry appears to be in good health, based on the answers of the 5,000 marketers surveyed globally. Mobile applications were the top priority for Australian marketers, with 70% of respondents nominating it.

Marketing automation, content marketing, data targeting, and search engine optimisation also ranked high, with at least 60% of the respondents saying they will increase their budgets for these services.

Revenues as Great Returns

The respondents said revenue growth were their best measure of success, followed by customer satisfaction, quick return on investment, better customer retention, and customer acquisition.

Australian digital marketing company BambrickMedia.com.au explains that SEO in Brisbane and other parts of the country are especially important for small businesses. The success of many start-ups often depends on the customer base they build within their locales. The more you succeed with local clients, the more chances you have of winning over clients in other places.

Business-Centred Focus

The results of the survey show it is clear that marketing is becoming more strategic. Marketers are more focused on business results than on the health of their brands. The focus is turning to business and customers.

Businesses are finding it more difficult to find new customers, which is why they also focus on keeping their existing client base. Marketers are seeing social and mobile efforts as part of the customer experience, not just revenue drivers.

The importance of mobile and social marketing has increased in the past years. The key to winning in these evolving platforms is simple: adapt and improve.

Tokyo: A Property Investment Hotspot for Foreign Investors

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TokyoTokyo’s real estate properties continue to attract investors from across the globe.

Asian investors, in particular, are fixing their eyes on commercial properties in Japan’s capital city. Economists say that rent will increase, boosting returns in the next few years. Japan recently saw incredible growth in foreign real estate investment, with figures growing to 4.6 trillion yen ($44 billion), the highest level since March 2008.

Analysts predict that Tokyo will continue to be a property investment hotspot over the next three years. They say that commercial rent prices for prime buildings in the city will increase by about 30%. This gives potential investors an opportunity to capitalise on rental incomes.

Demand for Rental Properties

Real estate development experts from Sumitomo-RD.com.sg observe that the demand for office space in the central business district of Tokyo continues to increase as corporations relocate and companies from other cities transfer to the capital. In the previous months, vacancies in commercial buildings have dropped, even if there were several properties on the market.

A Lucrative Investment

The Topix Real Estate Index monitoring 45 real estate businesses increase 0.6% and is headed for the highest close since August 1, 2014 in Japan’s capital city.

Relative yields on commercial properties that are higher than in other key international cities are also attracting investors. A report from Deutsche Asset says, “The difference between the return on equity and long-term interest rates is more than 400 basis points above 10-year bond yields.”

Lure of Tokyo

Because of high rental demand in the city, real estate development companies are planning to expand their operations and plan new projects to answer to the pressing needs of commercial businesses. With development projects on the rise in underused areas, it is certain that property values will improve. This will lure more investors in and boost the country’s economy even further.

With strong rental demand, high relative yields, and property development projects on the rise, Tokyo definitely promises more opportunities than ever.

The New Holy Grail of SEO: 3 Easy Ways to Transition to Link Earning

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link earningDuring the link-building era, life was so simple. Search engines have changed, however, and now the amount of effort you need to build a worthwhile link has never been bigger. It’s becoming difficult; some even argue that link building is becoming passé, and that link earning is the only sure way to move forward.

Easier said than done—there’s no doubt about that.

Here are some of the things to help you easily transition from the outdated link building to the new Holy Grail of SEO:

Create Amazing Content

You’ve heard this countless of times, yes. SEO gurus and brand mentors can never stress enough how important it is to create amazing content users cannot find anywhere else. It’s the most important part of earning links.

Once you create content that searchers find useful on your site, sites and link farms will help you by spreading the word and linking back to you. Instead of asking and paying all the time, publish amazing content and create a mutual relationship with link farms—your content will spread like wildfire on blogs and social media platforms without too much hassle.

Talk About Influencers

This strategy is so ridiculously great that it is surprising how only a few actually use it. Perhaps, many are afraid that linking away from the site will somehow make them lose traffic. That’s far from the truth.

When you talk about influencers, they will notice you—tweet you along or send a link, even. If the content is amazing, as mentioned, you will more likely get a re-tweet or a link.

Put Up Contests and Giveaways

Another great way to earn links is through engaging contests and giveaways. Host contests on your site and promote them. Ask influencers and site owners to pass on the news to their readers.

Okay, asking to post information about the contest on their site may seem like an unnatural technique, but that’s not that case. It’s simply an experience where everyone can earn something. You, in particular, can gain a lot of coverage and generate organic links.

It’s time to stop building and start earning. Aside from getting links, you’ll raise your brand awareness and get a strong position in your niche. You’ll get your ranking, new visitors, and an increased social presence! Sounds good, right?

4 Digital Marketing Channels you should have for Your Business

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reliable digital marketing servicesIn today’s business world, you need to find better ways to promote your products and services. One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your branding is to boost your online presence. According to many SEO specialists, this is the best option for start-up and growing companies looking to expand their network.

Industry authority SEO Companies Reviewed recently discussed the different digital marketing channels that help improve marketing strategies:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Relevant keywords, on-page optimization, and quality content are the main keys to effective Search Engine Optimization. The main goal of SEO is to put your website on top of prominent search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. To reach this goal, you need to generate site traffic and improve your page rank. There are also a few tools you can use to get accurate results. One helpful tool to monitor your progress is the Google Analytics. This gives you a detailed statistics about your website’s traffic, allowing you to measure conversions and sales. Having the right SEO tools can help you adjust your strategy.

2. Social Media Marketing

The Social Media has become more and more popular these days. Today, many business owners are using different Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus to improve their online presence and expand their network. The best thing about Social Media marketing is it allows you to create more engagement with online users. It’s also easier to follow the latest trends and know more about your market. It gives you instant feedback from your network.

3. Blogging

In line with Search Engine Optimization, updating your blog regularly can help your website generate more traffic and increase your page rank. Just make sure everything you publish online is original and relevant to your products and services.

4. Email Marketing

Sending newsletters is a great way of keeping in touch with previous clients. This is where you can offer your promos or inform them about the latest buzz about your services.

A responsible online marketer should know the best online marketing channel that will work. They should also monitor your progress regularly and make adjustments when needed.

Leveraging the Mobile Platform to Increase Productivity

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mobile platformMobile platforms are forcing companies to rethink the concept of maximised productivity. The drive for mobility has become more apparent in the past few years, and you might already be behind if you don’t have a mobile plan in place. With the rise of business-ready applications and more streamlined avenues for fast information exchange, the role of such platforms cannot be understated.

Leveraging mobile platforms for increased productivity, however, is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of things to consider, and missing just a small detail could derail your operations and make it difficult to reach goals. For a better understanding of how you can use mobile systems to your benefit, take a look at the following:

Means of Information Deployment

Clear communication streams are critical to exchanging reliable business information across your network. IS.co.za says that broadband Internet solutions will give your workforce high-speed connectivity and makes faster data exchange possible.

Likewise, when it comes to mobile platforms, you should use a system that allows for the quick cascading or deployment of information when and where you need it. Whether it is done through SMS or email notifications, you should be able to send and receive data with great consistency.

Mobile Security

Security is huge factor when using mobile solutions. You want company resources and data to be protected at all times. With the emergence of mobile platforms, compromised data and other information also becomes more likely. Use all means possible to ensure safety for all.

Collaborative Environment

Mobile platforms help a lot when it comes to streamlining environments for more effective collaboration. Now, it is easier to interact with clients and employees without having to be in one place. Send real-time data without leaving your office or pitch sales ideas to clients even if they are in another country. A good mobile management system can help you do this, so be discriminating when choosing one for your business.

At the heart of profitability is productivity. By taking these important factors to heart, you can easily leverage mobile platforms for optimal productivity.

The 5 Secrets to a Successful Business Restructure

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There are three things that you have to know in running a good business: what product or service to sell, how to ensure that what you offer sells, and when to shift gears when things don’t go so well. Most entrepreneurs get the first two right, but a large percentage of these people fail to put some focus on the third.

As a business owner, you must know when to suspect that it’s your business model that no longer works – and that signals the right time to restructure your enterprise. How, then, do you pull off a successful restructure? There are five secrets to that.


Businessman and businesswoman

Image courtesy of Ambro | FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Running a business demands practicality most times, and a restructure is one of those many times. You have to assess the entirety of your enterprise: conduct business valuations in Sydney, predict market trends, and so on. Prioritise the practical aspects of your business before moving on to expansions and other opportunities that present risks that might be too high for your enterprise. Remember: the goal of a restructure is to give your business a sense of stability after a rough patch.


In line with practicality, you have to keep it simple. Implementing complex policies might cost you more, not to mention that the workforce might get confused. Long transactions and processes just add up to your operating costs, which can also drag your performance.

Thus, you have to design a structure that would be simple enough for every specific personnel to be efficient at what they do.


Communication is always one of the key factors in running a successful business. You have to know how to phrase policies and memoranda that you would cascade to your employees. Give your workforce some time to adjust to the restructure, but be ready to respond to all queries about it and make sure that you can answer them adequately.


Focus on your core business processes. Analyse whatever holds your productivity down and remove these sources of inefficiency. Have a detailed understanding of what goes on in your company on a daily basis to remove redundant activities that limit your business growth.


Lastly, leave some room for flexibility. This isn’t just about adapting to market changes, but this also applies to your company resources. Provide some wriggle room in your capital and staffing so that you can scale appropriately to your restructure.

Restructuring is starting anew, so you have to know what to adjust to make it work. Take these five factors into account and you’re already halfway through jumpstarting your business back in action.

Top 3 Reasons Your Web Design Fails to Impress

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laptopDeveloping a website isn’t the only key to success; you need to have an idea how it will impress. There are thousands of websites on the Internet and a number of them are your competition. It’s difficult to stand out. In fact, you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. If you succeed, then there’s a higher chance of getting a potential customer.

If you had your website for a long time, but it’s not generating results, your design could be at fault. Here are some reasons it fails to impress:

It Looks Suspicious

People are aware of fraud and other wrongdoings on the Internet, so don’t be surprised if they don’t trust your website. If it looks unreliable at first glance, then you’ll lose the chance to grab their attention. In this case, for instance, you might need the help of a Birmingham web design company to make your site trustworthy to a British or worldwide audience.

It’s Difficult to Navigate

It’s important to maintain the attention span of your visitors. Grabbing their attention is only the first step. If they can’t figure out what to do next, then they’ll most likely leave your website. Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Focus on a user-friendly experience, so they can browse through every page. This way, they’ll stay longer on your site and help you make it relevant to search engines.

It Looks Empty

Even if you want to keep your content short and concise, not providing enough information can also be the reason your website failed. The landing page should have rich content, such as short descriptions, photos, and videos, arranged in an organised manner. Place important details at the top because there are users who don’t scroll all the way down when they visit a website.

Don’t let your business go down with poor web design. Give your website a makeover by hiring a professional web design company. This way, you can transform it and give visitors a better browsing experience.