Fake News in PPC? Numbers That May Mislead

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Online MarketingOnline marketers are playing a numbers game when it comes to strategizing and implementing their advertising campaigns. They gather and analyze data from different sources to identify the markets to target specifically and how to convert them. However, not all metrics may lead to success.

Experts on search engine optimization from SEO Werkz in Utah cite the following metrics that may mislead even the most experienced marketers.

Lack of Benchmarking

The numbers of your client’s e-commerce site may have grown a good 20% of a certain unit in a specific category. That percentage seems like an excellent number, especially if you compare it to other metrics shown by that product over the last few months or even years. However, this can be misleading if you don’t account for the benchmarks set by the competition. The latter may be gaining numbers of more than 30% or more of sales growth.

When you want a clearer view of the big picture, consider the niche you’re in, its historical growth rates and the competition. Solely relying on your own success may mislead and can reduce the efficiency of your future campaigns.

Skewed Baseline

Choosing only a particular timeframe can also skew your campaign’s perceived success. Some marketers use growth numbers for just one week and compare them to the company and industry’s historical numbers. This may mislead one to believe that the products or services in that category are performing better than they actually are. You’ll have to control for seasonal fluctuations and look at the percentages yearly, instead of focusing on just one timeframe.

Percentages without Context

Simply showing high percentages such as 50% growth, 60% of market share, or 70% conversions may not tell the whole story or it’s simply a presenter trying to keep his or her job. When trying to analyze numbers, check the context and look for its equivalent to a year-to-year comparison.

Numbers aren’t enough; there are ways to manipulate these to mislead and create an illusion of success. Always consider context, historical comparisons, and industry fluctuations to get a clearer view of the big picture.

The Impact of Motion Graphics in Marketing

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Video productionThe invention of technologies has affected the approach of marketing in the corporate world. More businesses are embracing high tech solutions to increase their visibility and boost their profits. Traditional advertising tools are still useful in marketing, but digital advertising tools such as motion graphics seem to be dominating the marketing industry in increasing conversion rates.


The video production company creating your marketing tools with motion graphics in Denver only requires an Internet connection, a computer, appropriate software, and a creative approach. That means you will not spend overmuch in hiring their services. You can put up the motion graphics video on your website, blog, or social networks to market your products or services.

Hiring such a company to create a motion graphics marketing video is cheaper than putting up a billboard or running an advertisement on television.

Effective Marketing Tool

Motion graphics are often quite engaging. Therefore, your advertisement will grab much attention from your target audience. The audio drives your message home while the visual imprints a lasting image on your customer’s mind. Statistics reveal that more customers are likely to purchase an item after watching the respective or a related product video.

Effective Use of Motion Graphics

When choosing motion graphics as a marketing tool, you need to be picky about how you will use it to communicate your message effectively. Carefully consider the type of message, target audience and digital platform to use. Focusing on your marketing goals and the period you intend to keep your message up will help you determine the motion graphics plan to use.

Digital platforms have become a tool for the corporate world to build an online presence. Businesses in Denver and beyond are now seeking to convert their online audience to potential customers, then to loyal clients. You can achieve that with motion graphics video, and more, into creating awareness of your business brand and products.

Small Businesses: Here Are Three Tips on Winning at Social Media

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Woman using social media on phone and laptopBillions of people around the world are logged into at least one social media platform each day. That is why it is an excellent idea for companies in Melbourne to consider social media management as part of their marketing campaign.

To help you in this endeavour, here are a few steps on how to reach out to your target market using social media.

Create a blog

Creating a blog on your company’s official website is an excellent way for you to feature news or even some vital knowledge that can help your customers.

What is remarkable about blogs is that visitors can share your posts on their social media accounts, therefore even widening your exposure.

Maximise social media

You have to learn at an early stage that creating a following on social media can be a challenge. It may even take eight months to a year to get things going. What makes it even more challenging is creating excellent content for your customers and increase your site’s engagement.

So, it is best to start your venture into social media by creating a plan. You need to create a statement on why your customers should follow your social media accounts.

Be relatable

One way to get more followers is by setting yourself apart from the rest of your competitors. To do that, loosening up and showing a bit of your brand personality can do the trick.

There is also a better chance of them sharing your posts on their social media accounts. Showing that you are relatable will tell your followers that you are not a robot randomly posting content.

Creating a huge social media ad campaign can take months or even a year to get results. That is why it is important to carefully plan and create a strategy on how to make it work. Hiring professionals to work on your social media presence can help you do the task much faster.

How to Make the Most of Your SEO Budget

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Woman using a computerMany businesses struggle to maximize their budget, and this is especially true when spending for SEO because the results are not always immediate. This could lead the person in charge to reduce the budget for digital marketing. That being said, it’s vital to figure out exactly where you should be spending your budget to get the most out of SEO.

Consider Automation

Many online tools are capable of automating SEO tasks that are time-consuming and tedious. SEO service providers in Denver noted, however, that you shouldn’t think of using these tools as substitutes for an SEO specialist. You could instead leverage these tools to do simple reporting tasks, such as keeping track of your link profile and domain reputation as well as monthly SEO audits.

With these mundane tasks covered, your SEO specialist could focus their time on more important tasks that would reap tangible results.

Consider Outsourcing

It’s common for small businesses to keep business activities in-house, especially when the budget is tight. However, non-core tasks like SEO could be costing them more money. With outsourcing, an SEO expert would be able to perform tasks more effectively and faster, which leaves the in-house team ample time to focus on what they’re truly good at.

What your In-House Team Should Do

While you could outsource in-depth SEO activities and automate routine reporting and auditing, some areas require a more extensive knowledge of your specific target market and industry. Your in-house SEO team should ideally carry out these tasks. This especially applies to mobile SEO, where there’s little room for mistakes in getting the proper feel and look of every landing webpage right on the money.

But maybe the most crucial thing to remember is that you must always revisit and fine-tune your SEO strategy. Always strive to improve your SEO processes and review what’s working, what’s not, and why. Doing so would ultimately optimize your SEO budget and consequently, your ROI.


Aspects of Web Design That Will Lead to Sales Conversions

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Sales growth conceptYour website is one of the critical tools for the efficient running of your business. It gives you a stage to market yourself cost-efficiently and acts as your online shop. The design you select for your website is one of the factors that will determine its success.

C1-partners.com notes it should be efficient to not only market your brand but also lead your visitors to make sales. Getting a well-equipped web design company in Denver to handle your business website’s design is essential. Here are some aspects the designers might suggest in your design for maximum sales.

Translation Management Systems

Your website is global, and you will hence have a worldwide audience. If your site is only in English, then you lock out about two-thirds of the world’s population. Integrate a translation management system into your site to turn it into a multicultural and global one and tap from a global market.

Minimal Loading Time

Over 60% of web visitors leave any site that takes over three seconds to load. About 30% of online shoppers cited downtime in a recent study as their reason for abandoning carts. Designing a website with quick load times is the most efficient way to get a handsome profit from online shoppers.

Responsive Web Designs

A significant number of online clients now access websites across multiple devices. To avoid locking out any clients, a responsive website design is a perfect answer.

The design should have different resolutions and sizes depending on the user’s device. This ensures your clients get an optimal experience and decipher your site’s information, regardless of the device they use to access your website.

Video Marketing

Expert research has shown that human beings process visual content over 60,000 times faster compared with text. Video content is hence the best way to increase sales conversions. Web visitors will stay on your page for an extended period watching a video, and you can use this time to engage them and make a sale.

Why Digital Marketing is the King in Today’s Digital Era

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Digital Marketing in a spheroidOwning a business is one of the things that people seeking financial freedom strive to do. If you plan to start a business — or perhaps already own one — you know how critical a marketing strategy is in selling your brand. Digital advertising on digital media platforms is a successful marketing strategy in this era.

The majority of business owners might be reluctant to incorporate digital marketing support solutions. However, the truth is that traditional advertising will not draw enough resources and customers in this digital era. Here are reasons to invest in digital marketing:

You can reach a precise audience.

Traditional marketing does not reach your specific target audience. With the help of digital tools, online marketing can segment the audience effectively. These digital solutions focus on factors such as interests, demographics, and geographical location to reach your target audience.

Digital marketing reaches an unlimited audience.

The common setbacks of traditional marketing are the size and geographical location of your audience. This is no longer the case with digital advertising. It uses the internet, which is available in most parts of the world.

The internet is here to stay.

Have you thought to yourself for a minute how long the internet will be around? There are high chances that the internet will be around forever, and it will surely continue to expand with time. The average person — children especially — spends at least six hours a day on the internet. Admittedly, no other platform can match up to that.

Traditional marketing struggles to get visibility. Digital marketing achieves it easily. Customers can view your product online, look at its specifications, and get product reviews from other internet users. Nothing can compare to the internet when looking for information about a specific product or service.

Digital marketing is the highlight of today’s marketing strategies. You cannot compare it with the traditional ways of advertising. Consider incorporating online marketing support solutions into your marketing strategy to expand your brand and take your business to greater heights.

How to Begin Creating Video Content

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Woman working on her video contentYou have heard it before, and you will hear it again: Video marketing is the king of content marketing. With easy access to camera-ready mobile devices, cheap editing tools, and fast Internet speeds, more people have been creating video content on YouTube and Facebook. Red Rider Creative and other experts say that you can even have a corporate video production for your Utah business with the help of a marketing agency at reasonable costs. This production can immensely boost your marketing if done right.

Consumers Want Video

The rise of video stems from the way consumers want to receive information. Young people mostly have an on-the-go lifestyle, with room only for their mobile devices. As such, video platforms and content on mobile devices became more accessible. As such, statistics show that the age group that consumes the most videos are Millennials, ages 25 to 34.

Video Gains Influence

Do you know how effective videos are today? According to data, 46% of people who watch a video advertisement take action after watching. At the same time, they act more under the influence of video content than under the influence of written content.

Outline Your Strategy

Now, to begin video production and with a marketing agency to guide you, you can first document everything about the addition of video to your content marketing strategy. You can outline goals, metrics, benchmarks, and other elements. These elements can help you understand the specific value of video for your business, allowing you to stay focused during production.

Study and Produce

Next, you can study your audience and produce one or two videos based on your market research. Roll your videos up slowly and carefully to keep you from overstretching yourself. You can keep market research continuous as well, so that you can create videos according to the changing times. In time, you will be able to produce more videos or level-up to high-quality videos.

You can become the king of your niche market with the help of video marketing. You can follow the steps above to take the first step towards success.

The Benefits of Incorporating Search Engine Marketing for Your Business

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Businessman drawing an upward line representing webpage ranking increasePay Per Click (PPC) is one of the strategies you can use when applying search engine marketing (SEM) to your website. This type of digital marketing tactic puts your site on the top of search engine results with the use of a paid advertising channel. Here are the benefits of integrating SEM marketing into your Singapore business:

Advertise 24/7

SEM lets you display your ad on the result pages 24/7. You can even choose to target possible consumers around the globe. Do keep in mind that SEM only permits you to show your ad on the appropriate website if your marketing budget allows you to.

Cost Effective

Your ad will only show up in front of consumers who typed in targeted keywords connected to your business. Besides, you only pay if they click it. SEM lets you assign the maximum rate for every click. This way, you can handle your marketing budget better. It also gives you the chance to assign an everyday budget to guarantee that you do not go over your total marketing budget.

Quick Results

Within a day, you can have your site on top of the Google search results pages. Given that your site advertisement abides by the Google search conditions and terms, it can possibly be up the same day. With SEM, you will be able to immediately connect with your potential consumers.

Targeted Audience

Unlike traditional advertising, you pay to have the readers view your ad. This consists of those who are not concerned with your services or products. SEM lets you target consumers who are looking for keywords connected to your business.

With the advantages listed here, you know that your investment will be worth it in the long run. Just make sure that you employ SEO on your website itself to guarantee that all your efforts work for the best.

Make Your SEO Campaign Work Even Better This 2018

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SEO on a laptopWith search engines constantly changing and updating their algorithms, it can be challenging for you as an average website owner to keep up and ensure that your campaigns still produce favorable results. With 2018 just around the corner, it’s important that you acknowledge the possibility that the tactics you have implemented this year may no longer be enough or effective next year.

Due to this, you should consider outsourcing the crucial components of your marketing strategies to a professional NYC SEO firm. Coforge Marketing explains that these experts specialize in a specific niche. Enlisting their services won’t only free up valuable time you can spend on other important things, you can also rely on them to manage your digital marketing efforts efficiently.

Here are just a few things that they can do to make your SEO campaign work this 2018:

Encourage better website engagement

Through regularly updating your online assets with useful and interesting content, SEO experts can foster better user engagement, particularly on your website. The stronger the engagement is, the more chances you have of Google rewarding you with higher SERP ranking.

Expanding content on well-performing pages

This 2018, you should start promoting existing pages that continue to perform and rank well on search engine result pages (SERPs). SEO professionals can drive even more traffic to these pages through updating it with more in-depth, related content. With additional high-quality content that feeds more useful and specific details to readers, these pages will continue bringing in more site visitors.

Localization of your SEO campaign

You shouldn’t actually wait for 2018 to have SEO pros incorporate localized strategies to your digital marketing campaigns. As early as now, you should get in touch with them, seeing as local SEO has become an integral search engine ranking factor for quite some time now.

You don’t want to wait too long before you start implementing local SEO strategies, as this can mean potentially huge losses in terms of traffic and prospective conversions.

How to Improve Your Site’s Search Engine Rankings with an SEO Audit

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SEO on an iPadNo matter how great your search engine optimization strategy is, it will always need constant reviewing to make sure you remain on your intended goal. This is where an SEO audit comes in.

An SEO audit acts as the initial step in creating an SEO strategy — if you don’t have an existing one. If you do have one, you can use it to spot critical issues you might have missed along the way.

While you can always hire a professional to do an audit for you, it doesn’t hurt to analyze your website’s SEO performance yourself. Below are some basic SEO audit steps you can do:

Check the Page Titles, Descriptions, and the URLs

Look at how your website and its pages appear on search engines. Do the page titles incorporate the right keywords? Do the page descriptions include enough information? Are the URLs short and readable? If the answers to all these are “yes,” then your website and its pages have a great chance of ranking higher on search engines.

Assess the Content

Once you’re done analyzing the surface, dig deeper and check your content for consistency and quality. Be sure your content is relevant to your industry or market. It should also be readable enough to make your site visitors share it. SEO Werkz and other reliable Salt Lake City SEO consultants noted that you need to include organic keywords and a clear call-to-action. In addition, your website should have a good code-to-text ratio that search engines used to verify the relevancy of a page.

Check the Speed and Functionality

The loading time of your site should be the priority, especially if you are running an e-commerce business. Visitors, in general, don’t like waiting for pages. They expect the web pages to load quickly and properly. To test your website for speed and functionality, you can search for reliable plugins and speed test tools.

Review the Structure and Navigation

Developing a solid structure can help accommodate and retain site visitors. It also allows search engines to better understand your site. Check if your information is organized in a way that makes sense. You should also make sure that important pages are not buried too deep within the site.

Conducting SEO audits is important for several reasons. For one, search engines update their algorithms constantly that you have to keep up to make your site rank higher. Another thing is that SEO rules tend to change every year. You have to stay up-to-date to lower your website’s competition for rankings and visitors alike.

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