Artificial Intelligence for Business Process Optimisation

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Artificial Intelligence

Unlike what the mainstream media have made you believe, the emergence of robots and artificial intelligence is not a cause for dread. Experts predict that this technology can generate trillions of dollars in profit by 2025. This kind of economic boost is akin to going through a new industrial revolution which is something worthy of celebration.

If you hire AI specialists through a company like Tanna Partners found at, to help manage your business’s automation tools, here’s what you can expect.

What AI Can Do

Artificial intelligence ensures accurate customer assistance. Take for instance chat bots which can respond to customer queries on time and with on-the-nose answers. Another variant of this virtual assistance tool can handle administrative tasks like accounting, human resource management, and quality control and assessment, among others.

In terms of handling big data, AI never falls short. It has the capacity to extract precise analysis from complex data. This allows for quick and reliable generation of business and market insights.

And if cutting costs and improving efficiency is of utmost priority to your business operations, AI allows for repetitive and mundane tasks done by multiple workers to be automated. Your pool of human capital can then attend to the more important tasks at hand.

Personalised Automation

While there’s always been doubt in AI’s capacity to provide personalised responses and interactions, thus risking dehumanised services, and, in turn, customer dissatisfaction, recent iterations of AI technology has proven otherwise. Consider algorithms which enable netizens to see content and products they’ll theoretically like based on their previous online engagements.

Embrace AI

AI is what the future of business looks like. In the field of Business Process Outsourcing, for instance, AI technology proves to be the most cost and process-efficient choice.

If you do not want to be left behind, investing in AI specialists and AI tools is of utmost value.

e-Learning at the Office: Does It Help with Retention?

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Office e-LearningTechnology has not only benefited people on a communication level, it has also made it easier for companies to use content to train and update the skills of their employees.

e-Learning is at the forefront of training and updating the skills of employees because of its cost-effective nature. Instead of relying on full-time trainers to coach their staff, businesses can now produce or purchase the training materials and distribute these to their staff. Lower costs mean more opportunity for growth and increased profits.

According to figures, e-Learning worldwide will reach a value of USD 107 billion. Businesses that use e-Learning strategies have the capability of improving productivity by providing great returns for money invested.

How does e-Learning help with retention?

The benefits of e-Learning are clear, but is it an effective tool that engages and helps employees retain information that helps your business?

Velpic cites that e-Learning is an effective mode of training staff as they can study the materials in their own time and digest the information more effectively. Self-study enables employees to retain the material given to them better as they get to re-read and review them as often as they need to.

Easy access to the information provided through e-Learning lets your staff put the training module to practice immediately. The format makes it easier for employees to understand the concepts.

Helps avoid information overload

Cognitive overload is the biggest challenge to anyone who wants to easily remember important information. It clutters the brain with details, leading to poor knowledge retention.

e-Learning lets you reduce the training materials to compact chunks of information that are easy to recall. The inclusion of stories in the module increase knowledge retention and improve performance. Customisation of e-Learning tools lets you adjust to the skills and comprehension of your staff.

e-Learning not only reduces business expenditure, but also makes it easier for employees to learn things that will improve their daily performance.

The Evolution of Camera From Daguerreotypes to Selfie

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CameraMore than a decade ago, people of all colors and races worldwide regard taking pictures as a way to
preserve a memory. Not anymore. To say the least, it is no longer the primary reason why. A recent survey found out that a third of Americans say that they take pictures so they could post it in social
media and brag about the subject.

The top five favorite subjects for picture taking (in order) are family, pets, friends, celebrations and
travel. Surprisingly, despite the primary reason for a picture has changed, people still cling onto the
sentimental side of the photograph – the memories it signifies, according to 90% of the respondents.

Thanks to the invention of the camera, people are able to preserve one’s history. It is interesting to
note, how the device you are holding for taking a selfie or any other shot evolved.

From Daguerreotypes to Selfie

Sir Alexander Wolcott invented and patented the first camera during the year 1840. His invention made
it possible to take candid shots. Louis Jacque Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce, however,
discovered the daguerreotype process. It was the process of creating pictures by coating a copper plate
with the use of silver and treating it with vaporized iodine.

It continuously evolved with the development of paper and celluloid film until the invention of digital
cameras. Devices not only improved but the quality of pictures, too. Kinko, Microsoft and Kodak’s
collaboration introduced digital photography during the late 90s. Picture quality became excellent as
experts learn better to manipulate light by using technologies like the new anti-reflective glass coating
of Canon. Glass windows for homes, offices or cars also used such coating technology.

Fast forward to 2015, more than 66 percent of the American population owns a smart device, making
taking selfie more rampant. So common, in fact, that Oxford included the word “selfie” in its dictionary
in 2013!

The Best Smartphones for Piloting a Drone

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samsung phoneThe spotlight for drone flying now includes smartphones. Remotes and controllers aside, phones and tablets now take the helm as the main device for steering and controlling UAVs. Every Parrot AR Drone 2.0 review proves the existence of models that depend solely on smartphones for flight control.

This is how central smart devices have become to the craft. If you still don’t believe this, you should know that Parrot isn’t alone in making smartphone-only drones. Other models available on the market ship without physical controllers, too. It’s a sign that in the future, the role of smartphones would be bigger.

Now, not every smartphone that hits the market is ideal for flying a quadcopter. If you don’t have a decent tablet, you have to make sure that your phone can handle the job. Here are some of the top units that can do the work:

Apple iPhone 6 (Plus)

Apple’s latest iPhones work well with drone flying. The fast processor and the strong connectivity features of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus allow the flight apps to run flawlessly. Best quadcopter reviews point out that the lag on Apple devices when flying is very minimal.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The latest of the pack, the Samsung Galaxy S6, is no doubt one of the best choices available today. Its sizable RAM is the true hero here. It allows the app to record footage and fly without any hitch or performance issues. Its powerful connectivity features are also commendable. Moreover, Samsung has started making its chips available to drone and wearable developers, too.

Sony Xperia Z3

The Xperia Z3 is also a good contender when it comes to piloting a drone. It has a fast enough processor to minimize the lag of the app. What’s good is that the phone stays fast enough to send controls and directions to the drone while midair.

Evidently, flagship smartphones are the ideal choice when it comes to drone flying. This is because flight control apps remain resource-heavy as of now. Unless developers come up with a plan to reduce the app’s usage of resources, it will always be best to go with the most powerful device around.

Change is an Understatement: Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2015

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search engine optimisationThe SEO world is ever changing. Search engines are always updating their ranking algorithms for a better user experience. Blog and website owners are looking for new strategies to either beat or comply with the latest changes.

Some of the most notable SEO trend changes so far include the following:

Penalty recovery would be a norm

In the past, link exchanging and posting badly written content to site submission sites was acceptable. After a misuse of these strategies, search engines began penalising sites following these practices.

Even though most webmasters have recovered from their initial penalties, every search update will always get someone on the wrong footing. This makes penalty recovery an integral part of search engine optimisation for Perth businesses.

An accommodation of mobile devices

Google’s latest algorithm update is more of a crackdown on non-mobile friendly sites. You can easily understand the move to mobile experience, as a greater part of the Internet’s traffic revolves around handheld devices instead of desktops. By rendering content for mobile device users, search engines will be fostering their goal of putting the users’ interests as a priority.

The era of social media

Social media plays a part in driving traffic. Even though search engines might get the bigger share, social media involvement is like endorsements—it’s the digital form of word of mouth. The trend of people sharing what they find useful and interesting is far from ending. Search engine giants consider social as a ranking factor, which is why sites with social features and shareable content are more likely to rank in SERPs.

With so many changes happening in the digital landscape, most website owners will have no option but to look for professional SEO experts to keep things in check.

Local search engine optimization will be equally important, especially for businesses who want to increase their foot traffic. Only a search marketing company can help you turn this into reality.

How Video Conferencing Bridge the Gap between the Office and Remote Workers

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video conferencingBusinesses of all sizes no longer have to worry about the high costs of conducting meetings among partners or staff from different locations. Video conferencing now brings together a global team at a fraction of the cost.

This is the reason more and more companies are turning towards video conferencing, as it can be the effective tool to manage virtual or remote employees.

Keeping in Touch in the New Age

Keeping in touch with team members who both work on-site and work remotely is never easy. One way to connect with them as easy as possible is by conducting a video conference. According to video conference service providers, the technology gives employers the ability to cut the distance, schedule and launch web conferences, and make meetings more personal and professional.

With video conferencing, valuable remote employees stay on track with new projects and day-to-day operations. Not to mention it allows you and your team to exchange information faster, discuss issues, and come up with solutions. This can give you a competitive edge on the market.

Improving Communication

If you have employees working from home or in multiple offices, you need a system that will help you work around communication challenges. Whether to stay connected with programmers, web designers, virtual assistants or writers, video conferencing is a reliable collaboration platform. It can help you maintain a cohesive corporate culture.

When the communication between you and your employees is strong, you can establish a solid bond and relationship. It’s not just about the quality and speed of a video conference system. The collaborative support among your team also matters.

Today, most businesses and offices enjoy the great things video conferencing has to offer. If you want to join the bandwagon, it’s best that you make an effort to learn how to use it to your advantage.

Tech is the Future of Manufacturing: How You Can Disaster-Proof Your Business Data

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IT expertsIt’s just a file, they said. Nothing bad will happen to it, they said.

Most manufacturing companies do not worry about preparing for disasters, or perhaps make an effort to get started on a plan to secure their business data. As a result, they suffer from a costly, catastrophic data loss that can dramatically affect their bottom line.

Regardless of the type of your business, data is essential. This is the reason implementing a solid disaster recovery is paramount. After witnessing devastating aftermaths of floods, hurricanes, fires or earthquakes, you should probably know by now it’s downright difficult to get your business back on track due to outage, downtime, and system failure.

Let this article help you develop a disaster preparedness plan to secure your high-value data.

Have Regular Data Assessment

Knowing your data assets is the first step you should take, so you can expose issues and plan data cleansing or data enrichment strategies. It’s best that you know what is happening to your customer information, who is managing supplier details and which department handles other sensitive data. With a quality data assessment, you can figure out what data to have after a disaster.

Work with a Trusted Professional

No matter how much you want to go to battle alone, you can’t win without getting some help. When it comes to planning for worst-case scenarios, it’s necessary to work with a reliable partner to disaster-proof your company’s data and systems. Industry professionals like says that highly-experienced IT experts can help you track and recover files, not to mention provide you with a clear, detailed diagnostic report.

Keep Your Plan Updated and Test It

When you create a disaster recovery plan, don’t forget to test if it will work when a disaster strikes. This may seem a no-brainer advice, but many companies tend to forget about doing it.

Keep calm and don’t hesitate to plan for the worst. It’s best to take the necessary precautions to protect critical files than be sorry.

The Person’s IT: Hiring IT Professionals Made Easy

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InterviewWith businesses heavily depending on computers, software applications, and the Internet, the need for IT professionals has increased over the years. These subject matter experts take care of the technologies and other things that ensure the smooth operation of the business.

Many companies, especially those that are outside the tech industry, find hiring capable IT professionals difficult. This can be owed to the fact that their recruiters are looking in the wrong places. For a recruitment effort to be successful, you need to wield your connections or seek the aid of third party recruiters specializing in finding tech professionals.

On Testing

Technical examinations are the ideal type of test for applicants. Apart from giving them a questionnaire, you may ask them to set up a computer; arrange the hardware and install the software. The test may be fairly simple, but it will reveal many things about an applicant’s organizational skills. When it comes to software installation test, you may set a time limit to find out how the applicants fared under pressure.

On Interviewing

Interviews are important in uncovering some things about the applicant’s personality. The essentials include inquiries about their certifications, knowledge about data center fundamentals and how they usually go about their day. Pay attention to how the applicant speaks; does the person have good interpersonal skills? More importantly, ask all applicants about their expectations.

On Concluding

Suppose you’re eyeing one particular candidate. You must give an impression that the company can help them advance in the career ladder. Give the applicant a sneak peek of the benefits the company can provide.

Hiring an IT professional involves technical and subjective matters, a mix that makes the deed itself quite difficult. The key to an easy hiring process is the streamlining of processes and making them as straightforward as possible.

Cut the Clutter: 3 Ways to Simplify Your Web Design

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Web DesignHave you ever spent a while staring at a website and trying to figure out why it’s so confusing?

Many websites out there are actually far more complex than they need to be. They are not complex in terms of functionality, but in terms of the content you see jammed into a single page. More than just the logo, title, and navigation bar, these pages also integrate all sorts of content, advertisements, and social media widgets packed all together.

When it comes to web design, simplicity rules. Cutting the clutter will reduce confusion and make your site sleek. What’s more, a simple site design will also help you achieve your desired goals (e.g. more subscribers, more signups, more sales).

So what do you do? Here are some tips:

Follow the 80-20 Rule

Focus on displaying only 20% of your site elements that deliver 80% usefulness. It’s a technical step, and you probably don’t even know what 20% is. Your copy, badges, and a call-to-action button—that’s the 20% right there.

Following this guide will help simplify your site design because it pushes you to cut your site elements down to the essentials. If you can, work with web design professionals such as the folks at Red Rider Creative.

Use More Images and Content Above the Fold

Studies show that many people spend most of their time on the upperfold of a web page. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your site, place the main content and call-to-action at the top of the page. Your goal here is for users to see all the important stuff without having to scroll down.

Stick to a Three-Color Palette

Why settle on three colors when you can have ten? It’s so easy to get carried away with colors that before you know it, your website looks like a rainbow diarrhea. Simplify your site designby limiting your palette.

Choose no more than two or three colors to start off, and stick to it. Consistency is everything when it comes to creating a cohesive palette for your site.

The key to a great web design is actually very simple: you need to understand the rules of good design and follow them—all the time.

The Most Preferred Jobs for Journalism Majors

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iPad and keyboardOne of the most in-demand jobs today are those majors related to Information Technology. In fact, an online news website reported that IT jobs will grow by 22 percent in 2020. But, where do the graduates of Journalism land after they finish college?

Almost every company needs a writer. As long as you have the writing style they need, they will hire you to be a part of their team.

So, before you lose hope in finding one, try filtering your choices to these job roles:

Editorial Assistant

Any news organization (traditional or online media) or publishing company (magazines) will definitely look for editorial assistants. The work ranges from liaising with in-house teams, photographers, writers, and designers, summarizing written materials and writing articles and/or reports. But, the level of responsibility varies according to the size of the organization.


If you are familiar with the storyline behind every advertisement on television, the lines delivered in radio ads, or the messaging of billboards, copywriters are the people who made them happen. Even though this job requires longer hours of work, you will be exposed to different work environments. Plus, it pays well, too!

SEO Writer

Any brand needs “content” to boost their business’s image. Sometimes, companies set up a blog to exclusively interact with their customers—and the only way to maintain this platform is by hiring writers who specialize in SEO. Search Engine Optimization writers help drive traffic to those websites by generating content that uses the keywords often searched for on the Internet.

Some companies offer SEO monitoring and mentoring, and you have a higher chance of landing on a high-paying job if you are a degree holder of journalism. Besides, you can also work from home if you are an expert in this field.

PR Content Specialist

Journalism degree holders make great public relations specialists; they know how to interact with the media to effectively communicate their organizations’ key messages. You will be tasked to write press releases, event copies, scripts, and other content materials needed to promote a brand.

There are a lot of good-paying jobs for journalism majors. You just have to select carefully and give it your best shot.