Senior Mental Health and Illness in Nursing Homes

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Elderly woman with a caregiver in blueAging, mental illness, and physical disability and sickness can manifest concurrently in the elderly. Senior homes that provide health care services can be especially important for this population. Staff are fully trained to deal with physical illnesses and to acquire the additional skills to handle patients with mental health conditions.

Dealing with Mental Illnesses

State mental hospitals housed the majority of people with chronic mental illnesses all the way up to the 1970s. The institutions were publicly perceived to be places of abuse and neglect and the practice of state institutionalization was considered inhumane. It was found kinder, more medically appropriate, and cost-effective to release institutionalized patients and integrate them back into the community.

Unfortunately, mental health facilities and community-based group homes are ill-equipped to manage patients who live beyond their 60s and are experiencing, in addition to mental health concerns, age-related diseases and disabilities. As a result, nursing homes have to accommodate a growing number of seniors with mental health conditions.

Seniors who suffer from both mental illnesses and physical disabilities are more likely to be treated and diagnosed only for the latter. For instance, depression in seniors may be overlooked because symptoms look as though they stem from a physical disease. Weight loss, poor appetite, and problems with daily functioning may be taken as symptoms of a gastrointestinal problem or of arthritis.

Addressing the Needs of Mentally Ill Seniors

Mental health issues in seniors range from major depressive and bipolar disorder to anxiety-related illnesses and schizophrenia. These require individualized care and specialized treatment strategies. Nursing facilities and community organizations find ways to address the varying needs of individuals with different types of mental illnesses.

However, the staff at a nursing facility may not always have the experience and training needed to deal with individuals suffering from chronic serious mental illnesses. Not all senior homes are readily equipped with the tools necessary to provide optimal care for patients with different kinds of mental illnesses.

Improving Staff Response

Staff training can improve care provided to seniors with mental illnesses. This includes training staff to be more attentive to mental illness and to focus less on the stigma. The facilities themselves need to identify and address the fearfulness, prejudices, and lack of accurate knowledge and information that their staff and caregivers may have.

Further, staff should be given the choice of whether or not to work with residents who have mental illnesses. Their confidence and success may well be largely dependent on their willingness to care for this population. Behavioral issues of senior patients with a chronic mental illness can be reduced and made less problematic if patients receive appropriate treatments and are compliant.

Senior homes also need to have a solid relationship with the area’s mental health community. Partnerships are essential if a home is to be successful in taking in and treating patients with chronic mental illnesses.

Seniors with mental illnesses can be poorly understood and inappropriately treated in nursing homes with inexperienced and untrained staff. This can be easily remedied by improving staff perceptions and responses to the population with mental illnesses.

Options Available to Handle Traffic Congestion

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Traffic congestion in the morningThe continuous growth of both the Australian population and economy is increasing the number of vehicles on the road. In urban areas, especially Central Business Districts (CBDs) pedestrians, cyclists and private and public vehicle use are on the rise. With the increase in movement, several factors have contributed to an increase in travel times, creating a chain of events that ultimately leads to a compromised lifestyle.

The State of Traffic in Australia

The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) released an information sheet in 2015 that contained data about the traffic and congestion cost trends in the capital cities of Australia until 2030. The document revealed that the total number of passengers that travel in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin has greatly expanded over the past 70 years. In proportion to the speed limit, the average speed of traffic in the capital cities of Australia has declined.

The document also showed that in 2015, the traffic congestion in Australia cost a total of $16.5 billion. This number is comprised of approximately $8 billion in business time costs, $6 billion in private time costs, $1.5 billion in extra vehicle operating costs and $1 billion in extra air pollution costs. The document further indicated that in the next 15 years, the number would rise to a staggering $37.3 billion. The most common causes of traffic congestion are comprised of 40 per cent bottlenecks, 25 per cent traffic incidents, 15 per cent bad weather, 10 per cent work zones, five per cent poor signal timing and five per cent for other reasons.

The Impact of Using Equipment

Authorities are looking towards the improvement of public transportation in place of private vehicles to reduce the volume of traffic in urban areas. Authorities are also identifying infrastructure improvements that include widening roads or allocating separate pedestrian and cyclist paths. These solutions, applied over existing urban networks, have a positive long-term impact but are disruptive and expensive to implement.

As a short-term solution, traffic management experts from TranEx Group suggest installing equipment to control traffic flow, such as traffic lights, regulatory signage and temporary barriers, to manage traffic movement in highly congested areas. The timing and location of the traffic control equipment not only reduces congestion but also maintains road safety.

Ideally, road design and layout in built-up areas is holistic and blends the different modes of transport to maximise safety and efficiency. However, existing factors may restrict the ability to achieve the ideal traffic system. Authorities need a flexible approach when planning infrastructure to match the requirements of population and economic growth. Therefore, to achieve the long-term infrastructure goals, integration of short and mid-term solutions help manage the transition.

Traffic congestion in Australia is a national concern and requires the efforts of the government, public and private sectors and the citizens. A system that provides quick and efficient transportation, while prioritising health and safety, is a major driving factor of the economy. While the ideal solution may be compromised, the combined long, medium and short-term efforts help achieve a sustainable traffic management solution.

Get Things Straight: What You Should Know About Hard Money Loans

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Mortgage and Loan Keys on KeyboardYou may have heard the term hard money lending, but are unsure of what it really is. Briefly, hard money loans are a type of short-term financing and asset-based loans with higher rates than conventional mortgages. These are a great choice for developing real estate and flipping houses or those who don’t have an excellent credit but needed financing for a renovation project.

Hard money lenders in Miami note that despite its obvious benefits and uses, many are still hesitant in getting this type of loan. If this is the same for you, this might be due to the myths and misconceptions associated with hard money lending. It is time to get things straight by addressing these common concerns about hard money loans.

Are hard money lenders really loan sharks?

Those who give out hard money loans are mostly experienced and successful business people who are willing to help private investors. Do take note that such lenders do not simply offer financing, unless they think that the investment will produce good returns. It is still important, however, to do some research to find reputable lenders and avoid illegitimate ones whose goal is to take the property away from you.

Are these loans the last resort for desperate borrowers?

While these loans have lenient requirements than banks and conventional lenders, they are not for people who cannot borrow anywhere else. In fact, many of those who apply for hard money loans are successful individuals or business. They usually turn to hard money to immediately finance an investment opportunity that banks and other lenders don’t usually approve of. Hard money lenders can only complete the application in ten days or less, while for banks, it may take several weeks or months.

Do hard money loans cost too much?

Sure, these loans have higher rates than traditional financing, but their benefits outweigh the risks. If you, for instance, want to get the loan within a few days to proceed with buying and flipping a house, this type of financing will work best for you. This can also let you sell the house a lot faster, making it a more cost-effective option than traditional financing.

It is not really a bad idea to get a hard money loan to finance your investment. Just be sure to do your homework and work with legitimate lenders. You should also understand the terms and conditions of the loan before signing anything.


Legal Matters: When to Hire a Lawyer

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Business people talking to a lawyerWhile most people want to go through life without needing the services of lawyers, some will need them at least once in their lives. With that in mind, here are some circumstances wherein you will need to hire a lawyer:

To Defend Yourself

When facing lawsuits, you will need a lawyer to protect your rights. Whether you are guilty or not, your lawyer will be on your side to win the case or negotiate the best possible deal for you. For a DUI charge, for example, you might be facing fines or imprisonment, so you should consider hiring an attorney from a defense law firm in Lynnwood to help you get the least penalty.

To Safeguard Your Livelihood

There may come a time when you will also need a lawyer for your livelihood. This is especially true if you will be starting your own business. From registering your business to filing for bankruptcy, many legal matters require an attorney. Additionally, even if you are just a regular employee, you have to get a lawyer in case you need to file a lawsuit against your employer.

To Protect Your Family

You will likewise need a lawyer to help you take care of your family. For one, you should write a will with the assistance of your attorney for the protection of your family after you die. Ask your lawyer to prepare your healthcare directive to spare your family from making medical decisions for you. Finally, even when you are getting a divorce, your lawyer can help protect your children by recommending terms beneficial for everyone.

You will probably need a lawyer at one point in your life. However, rest assured that the good ones would always fight for your best interests.

4 Cost-Effective Garden Design Tips For You

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Garden LandscapeThe exteriors of a home are as important as interiors when it comes to making a good impression. One of the elements you need to pay attention to is the garden.

Apart from keeping your blooms healthy, here are four things that you can do to redesign your garden:

Build an aluminium glasshouse

Aluminium glasshouses are one of the best types of glasshouses. They are easily customisable and they do not rust fast too. Aluminium glasshouses are also generally more cost-efficient other options. But according to, garden owners should invest in a glasshouse or greenhouse that promises years of good use and durability.

Use an old bathtub as a plant box

Who says you can’t liven up your garden space with old items, such as an ancient bathtub? You can repurpose old bathtubs in the form of a plant box. Just make sure that it will serve as a focal point in the design as it will definitely draw attention to itself.

Put crushed stone or garden rocks on unfilled space

Crushed stones and garden rocks are among the go-to design elements for people who no longer have any idea what to put in their outdoor space. They are commonly used for landscaping and would look good even on walkways.

Hang string lights over your outdoor garden table

There is something romantic about the look of string lights in your lawn. You can have this look for your garden table at night too. Just place the string lights above the garden table. You will find they are gorgeous at night.

Putting some order and beauty into your garden does not have to come at a great cost. As evidenced by the gardening tips outlined in this article, you can turn your garden into an outdoor oasis without breaking the bank.

Grow Your Business: Make it a Success

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Marketing team in a meetingMany companies need to create a good competitive advantage for their clients. Having competition is significant as it keeps you on your toes. The experts at New Perspective explain that a manufacturing marketing strategy helps you become the best in the game. One way to do this is to set your brand apart from the rest.

Your company should always be different from your competitors. But you need to consider how your competitors work. Market share, profits, and even growth affect competition. You need to create a strategy to make all of these factors work to your advantage.

What Does a Good Marketing Strategy Involve?


You should determine where you want to specialize in your market. Doing something different for your clients always creates an advantage for you.

Create a Business Page

A website will provide a platform where you can engage with your clients. Creating online traffic about your business will help spread awareness about your service or product. Web traffic can increase your local clientele and create proper channels for customer engagement.

Focus on Elimination and Prioritization

You need to focus on the most important things that will help you grow your business. You need to eliminate processes that lessen productivity and prioritize things that will enhance staff morale and product quality.

Offer Specific Products and Services

Offering too many choices can sometimes turn off clients, so it’s best to focus on specific products and services. Keeping things simple creates easier decisions for customers.

Always Have an Excellent Slogan

A good tagline should be catchy, entertaining, and memorable. It should also give your clients an idea of what your business offers, and what makes it different from the rest.

You should always think about your competition and consider the factors that affect the success of any product. A marketing strategy will help you beat your competitors and get the largest share in the market.

How to Select an SEO Agency

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SEOSEO has been around for some time and will continue to be around in the future for businesses, both big and small, to utilize. Thus, it is important to get into the game and understand the importance of SEO in your business.

Finding the right SEO services in Denver is easy. However, finding the right one who can deliver your needs and goals can be challenging. As such, it is important to know which things to consider before hiring one.

Experience and expertise

There are a lot of old and new SEO agencies in the market. Finding one who has ample amount of experience, and ones who have actually worked and specializes in your field of business is a must. Like in other professions, experience and expertise should be a priority.

Quality service

What kind of services does the company offer? Do they offer too good to be true type of solutions? Or are they even hinting on using black hat SEO? These are the red flags you should look out for. A good company will offer you quality service that might take time, but will undoubtedly reap more valuable results.

Your own goals

Before choosing an SEO company, it is first important to know and understand your own goals as a business. Why do you need SEO for your business? How do you want it to affect your company? Determining these can help you know what to expect from an SEO company and in turn, allow them to know what kind of services to provide.

Portfolio and references

Ask for a portfolio of their output as well as references. A good company is confident enough to share their success and their output to their potential clients. While you are at it, do not forget to conduct a background check to know more about the agency.

Keep these things in mind before hiring an SEO agency and see how it can help make your search more fruitful and much easier.

How to Effectively Manage Difficult Customers

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Angry customer purchasing onlineDifficult customers could pose a predicament: Should you let them go or try your best to keep their business? Before doing anything impulsive, check your customer service. All businesses face demanding customers — those who want more than what’s included in the deal, those who always have a complaint, and those who send returns repeatedly. While it might be tempting to just turn them away, make certain that it’s the customer who’s really being difficult and not your staff.

Use Sound Judgment

When a customer makes an over-the-top or unusual request, the first thing you must do is to decide whether the request is reasonable. Retail sales training professionals add that you should step back, breathe, and think things through.

Is your business the problem or is the customer just one of those people who relish being difficult? In the event that the customer’s request proves to be reasonable, you’d have gained a priceless insight into your business and market.

Many small businesses fail to conduct customer research, but customers complaints and suggestions are actually a valuable source of information to help improve your service and business. Plus, it’s free. However, there are instances when customers aren’t always right. If you’ve done everything to meet or even exceed a customer’s expectations to no avail, you have to decide whether or not you truly want the customer’s business.

Offer Practical Alternatives

If you have a customer who’s always filing complaints or renegotiating contract terms, estimate how much resource that customer’s taking up to determine whether the resources you’re giving out are going to waste. If this is the case, you might benefit more if you recommend them to another business that could satisfy their needs.

Do note, though, that you need to suggest an alternative in the most positive manner possible because there’s a chance that the customer will still stay with you because you have better offers.

Evaluate Your Staff

Sometimes, customers who seem difficult might actually be telling you something crucial — that your customer service sucks. Check if your employees are the kind of people capable of building and nurturing relationships with customers.

Businesses have to realize that difficult customers are actually hard to come by, and that poor customer service could easily bring out the worst even in the most patient and reasonable customers.

An Insight Into Components That Define a Storage Tank

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storage tankThe number of options currently available for storage tanks is staggering. However, if you are shopping for a large tank for oil storage, not every tank will meet your needs. That said, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has a set standard for welded tanks used for oil storage.

The API 650 storage tank standard dictates the requirements for bulk oil storage tanks. These tanks are designed for storage of liquids with low pressure but high temperature, unlike other API tanks. Here are the critical components of a tank that meets the API 650 standards:

Weld Strength

The plate strength of your storage tank depends on the quality of the welds that hold it together. That said, an API 650 tank’s welds should match the plate material’s strength, quality, and chemistry. The tank’s welding standards are included in a table, but you should also pay attention to additional design properties. These include corrosion allowance, hardness testing, and overfill protection.

Plate Integrity

The fabrication of your tank might sometimes compromise its integrity. To minimize this risk, you must straighten the plates by rolling, as well as other metal forming techniques that won’t damage the plates. The lubricant, anti-weld splatter, and adhesive compounds used in fabrication should also not contain chloride and sulfur compounds, which affect the integrity of steel.


The conventional materials used for fabricating large oil storage tanks are stainless and carbon steels. Alloys can also be used for tank fabrication, though there are several regulations that alloys should meet. These include maximum and minimum design metal temperature, toughness, and impact resistance ratings.

As an API 650 storage tank buyer, you are allowed to review all documentation that relates to the above conformity aspects. These range from radiography examinations to mill certifications. You can also conduct independent inspections to ensure that your tank’s manufacturer is compliant with the API 650 standards.

Lifehacks: Teeth Straightening with Invisible Braces in Harley Street

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Woman about to wear her invisible alignersA lifehack is anytime an innovate solution is used to solve a classic problem. The issue we are looking at today is teeth straightening. It used to be that there were very few options available to patients when it came to getting their teeth realigned. The available choices almost always involved a difficult compromise like getting obtrusive equipment fitted. Now there are smart ways to achieve straight teeth with options like invisible braces in Harley Street.

Invisible braces in Harley Street have many advantages not the least of which is that they are easy on the eye. A patient can choose this option when they visit a clinic, like Harley Street Dental Clinic, to have their teeth straightened if the equipment is able to achieve the results that they want.

What is achievable?

Invisible braces in Harley Street are primarily used for cosmetic work so any deeper, clinical adjustments might require the use of more traditional equipment for at least the first part of treatment. This doesn’t mean that straightening the teeth with invisible braces has no clinical benefit. On the contrary, one of the extra benefits of choosing this lifehack is that it can have a positive impact on dental health as well as making the smile look great.

Within the parameters of cosmetic adjustments, invisible braces can achieve the same kinds of movement and realignment as traditional treatments.

Why invisible braces?

Invisible braces in Harley Street are designed for those people who want to adjust their smile but remain discreet about the process. They may not want everyone to be aware of their braces or they might have a job which entails public speaking or regular client contact where they don’t want to feel judged.

Teeth straightening is an empowered process during which people are taking control of their look. However, the perception may still be that it is something that happens to young people and teenagers and therefore a little juvenile. To avoid any self-consciousness or misconception, people can choose invisible braces. These are either completely see-through, made of tooth-coloured and clear materials or they are fixed to the backs of the teeth and are therefore out of sight.

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