Every Manager’s Role in Workplace Safety

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workplace safetyAustralian courts charged $15.5 million worth in fines across 397 cases of OHS-related proceedings in 2010-11. Whilst the government is yet to update its data, the figures show the effect of different OHS policies around the country. Nonetheless, industries still need to improve their practices in terms of workplace safety to bring this number as close to zero as possible.

The work, of course, has to begin with the management. After all, the business owners bear the responsibility over the safety of their employees. Regardless of the industry, the managers are the ones who have to take the first steps in improving workplace safety through these:

Assessing the Workplace Risks

In every company, there should be a system that identifies and assesses the hazards of the workplace. When the management is aware of what could possibly threaten the health and safety of employees, it becomes easier to take action. With the right information, managers could draft risk control strategies and contingency plans for whatever risk there is.

Informing the Workforce

From warning signs to safety take 5 program briefings, managers have to be on top of informing everyone about the workplace policies. Training courses on basic first aid and OHS work well, too. Employees have to be aware of the risks they face. The more they know, the safer they are.

Managing Incidents

Should an accident occur, managers have to know what to do. The law requires companies to manage work-related incidents. This is where proper planning comes in, as emergency strategies go a long way in this regard. Prompt reporting, investigation, and action are all essential in the case of accidents.

Tracking Records

Documents are important in occupational health and safety. Records of hazard and risk assessments, control procedures, and maintenance schedules are part of the management’s responsibility. It is important for managers to collect these data and organise them properly.

Improving Workplace Policies

All plans have a flaw – sometimes, flaws. Therefore, it is the manager’s job to monitor if current OHS policies work efficiently. Experts advise reviewing the policies on a regular basis to improve the rules in the workplace. In the end, it’s all for the benefit and safety of the employees.

These are the roles managers have to fulfil when it comes to OHS. If all managers in the country observe these roles, the number of workplace accidents and legal proceedings will surely drop.

Smart Moves to Spend Less on Your Construction Project

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Construction CraneThe importance of cutting on expenses for your construction project can never be overstated. Of course, that’s not saying you must take drastic steps that could lead you to compromise quality. Without question, a real estate property is one of your biggest, most important investments. Cut short on quality and expect unimaginable problems in the future.

For sure, it will cost you quite a bit. But according to Vision One Projects, there are sensible ways to finish a construction project without falling short on quality. Here are some tips on how to save good, hard-earned money for your project.

Proper Time for Building

Believe it or not, there is a right time to start the construction of your project. For instance, if you begin the construction during winter, you may actually save some money. This holds true especially for the roofing. For the simple reason that the winter isn’t really a busy time for the industry, your contractor may get lower prices if he knows a lot of subcontractors.

Hire a Good Contractor

A good contractor is always a phone call away. But that doesn’t mean you just call the first one you see on the directory. Get the numbers of a few you can find on the directory or the net. You may also ask your friends and relatives for referrals. Chances are, they have already acquired the services of a good contractor. The great thing about this is that you already know what to expect since you can ask friends or relatives for feedbacks. Once you’ve found some contractors, do your research to end up with the best.

Ask for a Breakdown

Upon consultation (usually, it’s for free), you may get a breakdown of expenses from the contractors. Here you need a keen eye. Note the essentials and those that you don’t need, at least at the moment. Be attentive. There are contractors who will talk you into spending for something you don’t really need, so be careful. Also, be sure you are familiar with the materials to be used. Ask around for stores where you can get them at lower prices.

Don’t Ignore These Warnings: 5 Signs That Your Engine is in Trouble

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engine troubleLoud knocking? Wheezing sounds? High-pitched screeching? These are common symptoms of problems under the hood that car owners are only too familiar with. Drivers everywhere have a habit of simply ignoring them most of the time only to regret it afterwards when more complicated problems arise.

Still, those problems can still be solved with good engine reconditioning Perth auto repair shops provide. Here are 5 engine trouble signs to watch out for:

1. Warning Lights

Check. Brake. Oil. Battery. These are all there for a reason. Do not ignore them. While drivers can generally go through drives without minding them too much, these signs can be precursors to more complicated problems if you neglect them.

2. Rough Driving

Cars that jerk, stall, and even surge are in for trouble. Driving should always be free from all these issues. A problematic engine will exhibit these ailments, along with locking or popping. When you notice your car doing these things, have it checked as soon as you can.

3. Loud Noises

Another common problem among old cars is loud noises. Often, these loud popping noises under the hood are the result of premature combustion of cylinders. They can cause damage to your engine’s pistons, which are rather costly to repair. When engines make grinding noises every time you start them, you may need to have it adjusted or replaced.

4. Unpleasant Odour

Unpleasant smells are almost always clear indicators of engine trouble. The fact that you can smell them is a cause for concern because these are often toxic and can harm your health, as well as that of your passengers.

5. Smokey Exhaust

Blue smoke is indicative of oil leaking from its intended passageways, while white smoke is a sign of water condensation or antifreeze (coolant) mixing with the water supply. While you can still keep filling your reserve, it would be better if you have it checked immediately to avoid further complications.

These are signs you should never ignore. Doing so may only lead to engine complications. Watch closely for these signs and have your car checked as soon as you see them.

Energy Saver: Managing Expenses in Auto Dealership Shops

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CFL BulbAbout 17,000 dealerships in North America use more than 18% of energy per year than a typical commercial building. The Average Dealership Profitability by National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) reports that the auto industry is consuming $1.9 billion dollars annually. Around 45% goes to lighting systems alone.

Energy Star says if all auto dealerships in the U.S. decreased their energy use by 10%, then they could save at least $193 million. They could also prevent more than a million tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some ways to save more in auto dealerships.

1. Install Energy Star-labeled Products

Install compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diode (LED) instead of incandescent bulbs. LED lighting saves up to 75% energy. It lasts 50 times longer and produces less heat than incandescent. Look for electrical supply companies that offer Energy Star-rated products to be sure. Browse through their special offers to find which is more suitable and energy-efficient for your displays.

2. Turn off Equipment When Not in Use

Turn off, lower the settings, or put in sleep mode, everything that you won’t use for the next few hours. For instance, put your computers in sleep or hibernate mode during off peak hours. Be aware of your customer’s patterns, though, so their arrival won’t surprise you. By saving 1,000 kilowatt-hours, you save up to $100 in your utility bills.

3. Maintain the HVAC Properly

Install a programmable thermostat, so the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can adjust according to temperature. This keeps the interior cool during summer and warm at night or during cold days. Extreme temperature doesn’t only affect employees, but also the quality of the vehicles’ exteriors. In addition, your HVAC systems won’t have to work harder than they should.

Auto dealerships need to keep their location bright and welcoming, so many think that reducing energy costs might be impossible. A few small deeds can make a difference, though, like these simple guidelines.

Different Home Carpet Cleaning Solutions

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Carpets have many advantages as a flooring material, but dust and spills can leave stains. The daily traffic can take its toll, which is why it requires regular cleaning and proper maintenance. Learn how to clean carpet with methods of deep cleaning, stain removal, and vacuuming.

carpet clean serviceVacuuming

You need to vacuum at least once a week and more often in areas of heavy traffic. Draper pet cleaning providers explain that regular vacuuming can help prevent build up of gritty particles that can cut fibers. Take some time to clean around baseboards and radiators in hard-to-reach areas. Wall-to-wall carpeting means having to divide the floor into quadrants and vacuuming an entire quadrant before going on the next.

Water extraction method

Most carpet cleaning system requires water extraction or steam cleaners. First, you need to use a solution into the carpet pile, and then pull the dirty solution back into the machine. Look for water hose that does not require a clean-water hook-up to make it easier. On the other hand, use a steam cleaner moderately. Control the pressure of the water to avoid shrinkage and discoloration.

Dry extraction method

Some people use the dry extraction method. To do this, you need to spread a dry absorbent compound over the carpet. Leave it for a few minutes and use vacuum to clean the remaining areas.

Treat stains immediately

Treat stains and spills as early as possible. Use a damp cloth or wet rug to wipe off the stains. Blot it dry with a clean cloth afterwards.

If you don’t have time to clean the carpets, or you want to make sure everything is in order, you can always hire a professional carpet cleaning service. These professionals have the right tools to clean home carpets effectively.

Let It Grow: Suave Ways to Maintain a Stylish Moustache

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moustacheGrowing a moustache has become quite a form of art. This is a sentiment shared by men not only in London, but in cosmopolitan centres across the globe. It takes time and lots of effort to groom and shape it. With so many styling options these days, you can your facial hair to create a masterpiece and wear it proud.

Many of the best barbers in London say that men have become a lot more conscious about their appearance, particularly when it comes to their facial hair. A moustache can be quite difficult to maintain, however, if you do not know the basics. It might just dampen your style and make you look untidy.

Here are some pointers on keeping your ‘stache from looking messy:

Clean your moustache regularly

Grime and food particles easily get trapped in fully-grown beards. This is why it is always a good idea to clean your moustache regularly. Fortunately, there are facial wash solutions today tailored for cleansing facial hair and skin.

Hydrate your skin

It is normal for men to notice flaky patches beneath their moustaches. This is because facial hair tends to draw moisture from the skin, leaving it dry. One solution for this is to apply a moisturiser or use essential oils on the skin. Make sure to apply evenly and thoroughly so the skin can easily absorb the solution.

Use a moustache comb

Tangled hairs are the last thing you want. Free your moustache hair and keep it neat by using a moustache comb. These special grooming tools have smaller teeth, perfect for combing through the strands of your moustache.

Trim the edges

Finally, you may have to trim your moustache to get the effect you want to see. Not trimming will only make it harder for you to style it. If you are unsure how to go about this, it helps to visit your barber to have it trimmed or shaped the way you want.

A perfectly sculpted moustache is what separates suave men from the rest. With the right care and maintenance, you can have a stylish moustache that will surely look great.

Go Easy on Your Knees: 5 Alternative Exercises to Running

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Alternative ExercisesRunning isn’t for everyone. It is a form of exercise that can put great strain on your knees, and the problem only gets worse the heavier or larger a person is. This can make it frustrating and even dangerous for some people.

Thankfully, there are plenty of exercises out there that won’t end up ruining your joints down the line. Even
better, each of these is fun on its own way, so you definitely won’t get bored.

1. Cycling – To start things off, why not grab a bike and hit the road this weekend? Biking is one of the most joint friendly workouts there is, and everyone can do it. Not only do you get to explore, this is also a great chance to hang out with your other cyclist friends.

2. Rock climbing – While not everyone has access to a rock climbing wall, this is one of the most physically demanding, yet incredibly fun exercises you can try. You won’t be putting much pressure on your knees either, since you will be using your strength in slow, controlled bursts.

3. Trampolining – Ever had one of those small trampolines in your backyard when you were a kid? Take it to the next level by visiting one of the many free-jumping centres across Australia. Industry leaders, Bounce often states that their facilities, which house over a hundred huge, interconnected trampolines, provide an excellent way for people of all ages and capabilities to have fun while working up a sweat.

4. Ballroom dancing – Far from the relaxed image that you might expect, ballroom dancing can be a seriously intense way to workout. Apart from improving your cardiovascular endurance, you will also develop your coordination, balance, reflexes – and of course, your ability to impress your partner.

5. Yoga – One of the most popular ways to reduce stress and improve flexibility also happens to be a great method of exercise. Yoga is for everyone, and you can add it to your daily routine without an issue. Either sign up for a class after work, or learn at home with the use of videos or the internet.

Each of these options will do wonders for your physical fitness without putting excessive strain on your joints. There’s no reason to put your knees at risk when there are so many other options out there.

4 Questions that Determine the Security System That Suits You

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door alarmSecurity is perhaps the top priority for all homeowners when it comes to their house. To attain the utmost comfort and peace of mind when it comes to their safety, most people install multiple locks and use advanced technologies. High security systems keep burglars from breaking into the house.

These security systems play a key role in ensuring that the house is a safe zone, according to the experts from MyLocksmithMiami.com. There are two basic types of security systems: monitored and unmonitored. As individual houses have different security needs depending on certain factors, it is important to know which specific system is suitable for your home.

What type of resident are you?

If you are just renting an apartment, a wireless alarm is probably the best option. It can be easily installed and removed. You can place it on your own and take it out when you are moving. Homeowners, meanwhile, can basically install anything they want because they already own the property.

Do you often move from one place to another?

One of your concerns should be the contract that security companies offer. Some require long-term contracts that would not be practical for your lifestyle. Before getting a security system, make sure that you can fully utilize it. In addition, get a guarantee that you can bring all parts of a system when you move.

Do want complete control of your system?

With the advancement of modern technologies, you can now take control of your home security systems from your mobile phone. This allows you to monitor your house, even if you are away. This development lets you turn the security on and off using any web-enabled device. There are many things you can do with mobile systems, such as view live CCTV shots and set custom notifications.

Are security cameras necessary for your home?

CCTVs are probably one of the technologies gradually increasing in demand. Catching criminals on act prove to be solid evidence. Plus, you can keep an eye on your house and family if you are on a trip. Cameras enable you to get a full view of your whole property without the need to roam around.

Answering these few questions will help you get to know what type of security system would meet your safety needs. Installing the right one allows you to ensure the safety of your house and your family.

Don’t Be Left Behind: Popular Trends in Luxury Real Estate

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Luxury Real EstatePlanning to build a luxury home, but don’t want to miss out on the latest trends? As this is likely one of your biggest investments, it is smart to make sure that the place you live has a modern and universal appeal. Keep these in mind when designing and building your dream home.

1. Automate everything – From the shutters to the door locks, a significant portion of the upper class is now automating many aspects of their homes. The added convenience is an excellent way to simplify daily life, letting them save their time, attention, and energy for the things that matter most.

2. Unique styling – Gone are the boring and generic designs of luxury homes of the early 2000s; modern homeowners want something special. They build properties that are eye-catching, memorable, and truly one of a kind.

Having a house with a bit too much personality can affect the resale value, however, so most make a compromise. They start with a pre-existing design, and then work with experienced luxury home builders to make sure that their home is unique and perfect for their needs.

3. Going small – Who really needs eight guest bedrooms? The more practical elite know that an excessively huge house is good only for bragging, and not much else. Saving themselves the hassle by going with a smaller, but no less impressive and luxurious home is definitely a growing trend.

4. Various amenities – Of course, while the traditional swimming pool and home gym are still supreme, many luxury homes now include slightly less common amenities. Things like saunas in the master bedroom and private elevators are becoming increasingly popular among the more affluent members of society.

5. Outdoor entertainment areas – Why settle for anything less than the perfect outdoor party area? The distinguished and influential homeowner knows that a host is only as good as the entertainment they provide, so they do not mind spending more on creating an elaborate outdoor venue for their celebrations.

Considering how high the stakes are, taking the time to plan your luxury home is essential. Make sure that it not only suits your every need and preference, but will have lasting value through the years.

Get up and Move: Keeping Your Joints Healthy

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Most people don’t really think about their knees, back and shoulders until they feel pain that becomes reason for sleepless nights. Damages in the joints that result from disease or injury can affect the movement that even simple activities like sitting can cause teJointsrrible pain.

It’s important to keep joints healthy and strong not only to prevent pains, but to make sure the body is functioning properly.

Dietary Changes

Maintaining a balanced diet reduces painful strains in the joints. Leading supplement companies like Vida MD recommend following a diet plan so that you can better monitor food choices. Make sure to include eggs, vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts or cauliflower, and nitrate-free deli meat in your meals. Also, avoid eating processed foods as these contribute to knee joint pains.

Use of Supplements

Supplements contain ingredients that keep the flexibility and natural lubrication of joints. Most supplements have glucosamine, a substance that helps prevent joint pain. There are also products that have boswellia, an herb that eases occasional pains and joint swellings. Curcumin is also a common compound found in most supplements; it helps protect the cartilage from inflammation and relieves joint pains. Make sure that the supplements you take are proven safe and effective.

Active Lifestyle

Stand up and move around if your joints ever feel like they are aching. Experts say that standing or sitting all day can lead to joint stiffness. If your job requires you to sit in front of a computer all day, try to switch positions regularly and walk around for a few minutes every couple of hours.

Make sure to get regular exercise to enhance and maintain joint flexibility. Try water aerobics or swimming; these activities are best for the effective stretching of joints and do not cause too much pain.

Keep your joints healthy and strong by eating healthy food, taking supplements and living an active lifestyle.

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