Brochure Designing: Transforming Inspirations into Designs

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BrochureGetting your creative juices flowing to make a brochure simply needs inspiration. And with these simple brochure design tricks, you’ll see how quickly you can transform inspirations into tangible products:

Taking Paper One Step Further

Paper differs in brightness, matte, gloss, and weight, but common brochure designs use high gloss and paper of a heavier variety.

It makes sense, though, to go a step further and go for paper that does justice to your theme. For instance, select a “blue-white” paper with at least 90 per cent brightness for a modern effect. For a natural effect, select a recycled paper with a matter or low-gloss finish.

Bringing Text and Images into the Fold

Brochures have different gatefolds, such as z-folds and bi-folds, and possibly more. The fold you use should depend on the amount of text and images you want to include in your final product.

People expect tri-fold brochures which are 8.5 x 11 inch paper folded into three sections. If you’re not planning to use lots of text, however, consider folding an 8.5 x 3.5 inch size paper in half or using a gatefold which is any size paper folded into three sections, with the outer two sections enclosing until they meet in the centre section, making a gate.

For a brochure with more information, consider a z-fold which is an “accordion-like” fold that makes a “z” shape, or a bi-fold which is an 11 x 17 inch paper folded in half.

Getting into the Colour Mood

Colour combinations can set the mood for the brochure’s message, but not without having their own message. For instance, use earth tones such as tan, cinnamon, brown and light pink for a warm or natural feel. For a message with softer colour tones, use monochromatic colour combinations such as light, medium and dark blue.

A brochure is a fast and effective means to reach and inform many people in Brisbane. As such, keep your audience at the forefront of your mind, whilst using these design tricks to continue generating highly inspired products.

Booting Raccoons Off the Property

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Racoon ruckus

Raccoons may be adorable, but they’re also destructive and intrusive when they enter into human domains. In fact, they’re a major pest problem in Denver and other states.

Nocturnal by nature, these clever creatures frequently raid garbage cans, gardens, and even pet food. Once they’re successful in finding food, they often return for more.

Even though raccoon traps and home pest control products are effective, homemade raccoon repellents sprayed on and around your house can be as useful in keeping these little critters away.

To make your own homemade raccoon repellent, take these steps:

Follow the Recipes

  • Pepper Spray
    To make your own pepper spray, mix a small bottle of hot sauce or a can of cayenne pepper with a gallon of water that has a teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent added to it.
    The soap helps the pepper water adhere to the plants and the other items you spray it on.
    Once you’ve mixed the ingredients together, spray the mixture on plants and trees, around and on garbage cans, and other areas you want the raccoons to stay away from.
    To make sure the creatures will keep their distance, reapply the pepper spray after a rain or watering.
  • Hot Pepper Repellent
    To make your own hot pepper repellent, boil one tablespoon of cayenne pepper with one chopped Jalapeno pepper, one chopped yellow onion and two quarts water for 20 minutes. Once the mixture cools down, strain it through cheesecloth and spray it around your house.
    The hot pepper repellent is effective, but you must reapply it every three to five days.

Discourage the Pests

Raccoons enter human domains to look for food or nesting places. As such, make sure to secure the lids on garbage cans tightly, remove pet food and other food sources, secure pet doors and other inside home access, and trim tree branches away from roofs and chimneys.

In most cases, you’ll encounter baby raccoons. Under no circumstance should you remove the mother, as it causes further damage and destruction. Call professional pest control services instead to deal with the problem.

Icing is The Best Part of The Cake

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Some people call it icing, others frosting. Whichever name you want to use, it’s still the same sugary sweet top layer of cakes and pastries that make us want to eat them all day, have diabetes and die with a smile.

Marzipan in the Pan

Icing on cakeBefore you dash to the phone and have the freshest batch of cupcakes delivered to your door, have you ever wondered how icing/frosting started? Well, you’re going to read it anyway. It all began in 1494 people started squishing almond paste with sugar. The concoction turned into a gooey mess that stuck everywhere, it was called marzipan (march pane).Once people figured out it could be rolled in sheets and frozen, it was quite tasty.

Keep it Together Frosting

By that time, though, marzipan was used primarily as a kind of specialised topping. It wasn’t essential in any way and most people didn’t bother because of the added work. It was only around 200 years later that icing became a staple in cake making when a French chef baked the first multi-layered cake in the 16th century.

Before then, practical multi-layered cakes were almost impossible to make as the layers keep sliding off when cut. The chef solved this problem by adding icing on top of the cakes after it cooled. The hardened layer of icing held the cake layers in place while getting cut, as well as providing a tasty aesthetic covering to the dessert.

White is the Old Black

Rebecca Price first recorded the first cake recipe that included icing in 1655, when she instructed her cook to ‘frost the cake so that it would ice’. This might be where those two terms first came about, but no one can confirm it.

An added historical tidbit, did you know that Queen Victoria started the tradition of white bride dresses? Of course, you did, but did you know why she picked white? The reason wasn’t for purity’s sake – as many other sites will tell you, but for economics. White was the cheapest colour available at the tailors, and it also allowed her to reuse the lace of her own grandmothers dresses. True to form, she also started the white multi-layered wedding cake. Again, the reason for the white colour was economics, white allowed her to judge the amount, quality and expense of the sugar used.

Cupcakes and Learning

The first cupcake icing and delivery first came in the 1950s, and buttercream frosting was the ultimate favourite. Did that make you hungry yet? Of course, you were hungry at the start of this, so you’re probably famished. Go get your cupcakes then, at least you’ll have learned something new in addition to eating something sweet.

The Three Secrets to Perfect Sleep

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AsleepFor plenty of hardworking people, a good night’s sleep is the most luxurious and relaxing thing they have time for within the workweek. Despite this, most people don’t exert enough effort to improve the quality of their rest. There’s more to sleep than closing your eyes and falling unconscious. A good night’s sleep has countless of health benefits while improving your waking hours.

You can have a perfect night’s sleep by following these few easy tips:

Invest in an excellent mattress

Most of the time, it’s not how you sleep, but where you sleep. Tempurpedic mattresses are designed to give you the best night’s sleep possible. They’re comfortable as they contour to the shape of your body. They’re even made to last for years. In addition to the mattress, invest in good sheets that will keep you warm and relaxed upon contact.

Train your body clock

When you’re busy, it’s impossible to sleep at the same time every night. What you can control, however, is the time you wake up every day. Train your body to wake up at the same time daily, even on the weekends. This tells your internal body clock that the body is supposed to be active by that time. Once trained, even with only a few hours of sleep, you’ll feel refreshed.

Relax and wind down

Try to relax an hour before you go to sleep. This means no strenuous activities both physical and mental. Read a book, watch a sitcom, meditate, or just lie down on your Tempurpedic mattress before you go to bed and leave the stress of the day behind you. This relaxes your mind and conditions it to slow down and prepare for bed.

Keep in mind that sleep is just as important to your physical health as proper diet and exercise. If you spend time, money, and effort on fitness activities and healthy food, make the quality of your rest a priority, too.

Working with an Offshore SEO Company: Reaching Goals More Easily

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people brainstormingClient-provider relationship is important in any industry, but more so in the SEO industry, where clients and providers may be continents apart. Having a good partnership with your service provider doesn’t come instantly. A relationship, in any form, is a two-way street. To reach your SEO goals, you and the company offering private label SEO services should work together harmoniously.

Here are some tips on working with an offshore SEO company:

Communicate Constantly

When working with an SEO firm, make sure you can get in touch with the company conveniently, especially when the firm is in a different time zone. Apart from emails, what other ways of communication are available to you and your provider? Will they always be available for support and questions, or do you have to wait for days before getting a reply? You can assess all these even before signing up with a company. If a company takes time to reply to your inquiries, it may also take them a while to meet your needs when you’re already a client.

Get in touch with your provider regularly – not just during the end of each cycle. Let them know that you’re not only interested in the results, but also in what they are doing or planning to do to achieve your goals.

Set Expectations

A private label company providing SEO services should help your business grow. To do this, let them know your expectations. How do you want them to handle your SEO campaigns? Setting expectations puts you and the SEO company on the same page. Tell them how often you want to receive reports so you can monitor the progress of your campaigns.

Ask Questions

Like other industries, SEO has many jargons. Don’t be shy to ask questions. If you don’t understand terms such as CPC, bounce rates, and CTR, you may not fully appreciate the progress reports. Ask about the developments in SEO and their effects your campaigns. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations.

Working with an offshore company is fun and fulfilling when you are both moving towards the same goal. Take time to look for reliable SEO specialists who can take your brand to the top of search results.

Countries Every Firework Fan Should Visit

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beautiful fireworks displayEveryone’s love for fireworks is palpable, as it is a regular thing for many to buy fireworks online. The most common occasion that deals with pyrotechnics may be New Year’s Eve, but people around the world have found ways to include fireworks in their celebrations. For fans of the sky’s rockets and lights, places that hold events which feature fireworks are must-visit areas.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is home to one of the grandest events that celebrate fire. This is the Guy Fawkes Night, or more commonly called Bonfire Night, in which the UK lights up the sky with a lot of fireworks and cheers around the streets. What is great about this event is its historical significance, as it is a celebration of King James I’s survival from a foiled attempt – known as the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 – to sabotage the government.

United States

Pyrotechnic lovers have a lot of places to visit in the US to see those lights in the sky. The most famous occasion, of course, is the fourth of July, which celebrates the independence of America. People in the country welcome the occasion with grand fireworks displays across all states. Apart from the awe-inspiring explosions of sound and colour, the fourth of July is one of the strongest symbols of patriotism in America.


When you go to Canada for the fireworks, you will not be there for a countrywide celebration;you will visit for the competitions. Home to events such as Vancouver’s Celebration of Light, Montreal Fireworks Festival, and Global Fest International Fireworks Festival, Canada is surely a treat for those who want to see bright lights in the sky and enjoy competitions at the same time.


Speaking of competitions, the Philippines is also a great venue for fireworks watching. The country hosts the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition and the World Pyro Olympics annually. The two events showcase the pyrotechnic prowess of different countries around the world through amazing displays.


Summertime in Japan means a lot of fireworks festivals – or hanabitaikai – throughout the season. Festivals include large fireworks displays, with some of the shows using as much as 100,000 to 120,000 rounds. The occasion attracts over 800,000 tourists. What is great about the occasion is that it is fairly easy to enjoy Japanese food on the side, especially with the lines of street vendors on alleyways and roads.

Around the world, there are several fireworks events worth watching. Know these places and visit them to enjoy the art of lighting up the sky with different cultural contexts.


Must-Haves for the Aussie Beach Bum

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SunshadeAustralia is home to many of the world’s most iconic beaches. It’s no wonder many locals and tourists spend their time at the shorelines during a hot day. If you’re planning to do the same, it’s important to bring some essentials for your fun in the sand.

Beach Bag

Buy a trendy beach bag that’s big enough for everything you’ll bring. Make sure that there’s an extra space, too. Clothes, towels, and blankets that get wet become bulky and heavy, so you might not fit them all by the time you decide to go home. Look for beach bags that are made of waterproof materials, like weave bags or those made of canvas.

Beach Blanket

The sand can get too hot, especially during the afternoon. It’s not a good idea to lie down and get a tan unless there’s a layer of protection. Choose a thick fabric and if possible, buy those that come with travel bags to make packing easier.


Bring a sunscreen to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This way, you won’t suffer from sunburn caused by UVB or long-term skin conditions due to UVA. The sun protection factor (SPF) number, ranging from two to 70,depends on how long you’re planning to stay under the sun.Be sure to read the label before buying to give you the best sun protection.


Protect the eyes by bringing a pair of sunglasses that blocks at least 90% of UVA and UVB rays. The tint (darkness) and colour doesn’t matter because these have nothing to do with the blocking properties of sunglasses. Ask the staff or read the specifications carefully before buying.

Bring a durable beach bags so you can stuff in all your things –blankets, sunscreens, and sunglasses. But be careful not to carry too many items that might take your attention off the beach fun. Leave your laptops and big gadgets at home. Just bring your phone or small camera if you want to get some snap shots.

Equine Health: Keeping Horses Safe from Disease

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horsesHorse riding as a sport and leisure activity is popular throughout the UK. This is why trainers always keep their horses in good health and living condition. It’s also important to look into the horse’s overall health to prevent diseases.

An Overview of Disease in Horses

Equine disease results from the horse’s poor body condition or unclean environment. Genetic disorders and autoimmune diseases are inborn, while infectious diseases can come from the soil, flies, and other horses. Most horses don’t show signs of disease, so trainers find it important to check its health records. Afterwards, they’ll provide treatments like colloidal silver for horses to keep the animals safe from microorganism strains.

Protecting Your Horse from Diseases

Caring for a stable of horses require professional know-how. If you’re thinking of getting a horse for business or leisure, there are basic care protocols you need to follow:

  1. Keep the area clean. Sanitise the feeding and water buckets, grooming kit, and head collars every after use. If possible, disinfect the stables and field shelters every day to prevent the spread of microorganisms.If a horse becomes sick, you should isolate it immediately from others to avoid passing the disease.
  2. The clothes and boots that you wear can spread disease. Change clothing and disinfect your boots every time you’re mounted on horses that you don’t own, like those from different stables or during shows. This prevents the spread of microorganism through skin contact.
  3. An effective routine health care involves efforts to maintain a healthy body that fights infection. Schedule a vaccination programme for tetanus and flu, and worm control through faecal egg counts, dung clearance, and paddock rotation. A colloidal silver treatment for horses is also necessary for antibacterial and antifungal solutions.

Keep your horses in good condition inside and out. Consult with veterinarians and other experts for more information on keeping them healthy.

Flybe Aims At terrestrial Competitors With New Strategy

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Image by David Ingham | Wikimedia

Image by David Ingham | Wikimedia

British low-cost regional airline group Flybe comes up with a new marketing strategy aimed at rail and road competitors. The company unveils its campaign that puts emphasis on ways to save time when travelling. Media covered in the campaign includes television and website.

Strengthening Positioning

Paul Simmons, one of the company’s key officers, says that Flybe went back to their heritage to give the brand a strong positioning and personality. He said that it is essential, as very few people know what their company does. He admitted that the brand is what most people have heard about, but no one knows what they stand for.

New Tagline

The company’s new strapline is “From A to Flybe.” The new tagline is launched with a message that simply shows how fast Flybe airplanes can transport anyone to their destination. TV spots are aimed at business travelers and holidaymakers. The Corner spearheaded the campaign.

Copenhagen Zoo That killed Marius The Giraffe Puts Down Four Lions

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5547938362_98f55be132_nA Copenhagen zoo that received backlash and prompted outrage internationally over its killing of a healthy giraffe and dissecting it in public is again drawing flak, this time, as it killed two lions and their two cubs to make way for a new male, the zoo announced Tuesday, March 25.

New Lion King

“Because of the pride of lions’ natural structure and behavior, the zoo has had to euthanize the two old lions and two young lions who were not old enough to fend for themselves,” Copenhagen Zoo said in a statement.

The 10-month-old cubs “would have been killed by the new male lion as soon as he got the chance,” it said.

The four lions were euthanized Monday, after the Danish zoo failed to find a new home for them, according to a report from Agence France Presse. A zoo spokesperson confirmed to AFP that the four lions were all from the same family.

Pride of Lions

The zoo explained that there would be no public dissection of the animals since “not all our animals are dissected in front of an audience,” the spokesperson added.

In a couple of days, the new male lion will be introduced to the zoo’s two female lions, who were born in 2012 and have now reached breeding age.

“The zoo is recognized worldwide for our work with lions, and I am proud that one of the zoo’s own brood now forms the center of a new pride of lions,” Copenhagen Zoo CEO Steffen Straede said.


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